MARCH 19th 2015

Review by Ruben Mosqueda

In 2015 German rockers Scorpions celebrate their 50th year in existence. It was just five years ago in 2010 that the band issued one of the best albums since ‘Crazy World’ with ‘Sting in the Tail.’ That record received rave reviews by fans and critics alike. Shortly thereafter the band embarked on a world tour and announced that they would enter retirement.  As the band wrapped up their 3 plus year tour supporting the album they reconsidered riding off into the sunset.

This brings us to the present where we find Scorpions issuing their latest effort titled ‘Return to Forever.’  After ‘Sting in the Tail’ the band would have to release an album that would match or better that effort after pulling the ‘retirement card.’ If you’re familiar with Scorpions post-‘Crazy World’ then you have an idea of what ‘Return to Forever’ sounds like. The songs have great hooks, polished production, but what’s extremely frustrating is that fact that at 50 years into their career Klaus Meine and Rudoph Schenker haven’t tightened up their lyrical delivery. Some of the lyrics on ‘Return to Forever’ are absolutely cringe worthy. Tracks like; “Rock My Car,” “ Hard Rockin' the Place” and Rock 'N' Roll Band, and “Rollin’ Home” are evidence of this. Scorpions are masters at hooking you in with a pronounced choruses and commanding melodies. In the end you wind up forgiving the lyrical faux pas of the aforementioned songs because of that.

The clear gem in this crown is the ballad “House of Cards” which is on par with ballads from the second half of this band’s career like; “Send Me an Angel,” “The Good Die Young,” “Eye to Eye” and “You and I.” Klaus Meine and Co sound great on this album, the record itself is inconsistent at times, unless you’re a die-hard you might want to pass this one up.