APRIL 18th 2016

Review by: YouFO


Jason X Carpenter - Lead vocals
Randy Toten - Guitar and backing vocals
Keith Fitzgerald - Guitar and backing vocals
Ivar Forkbeard - Bass and backing vocals
Jackson Coffey- Drums and percussion

Genre: Metal Agro Hardcore Punk

Hometown: Portland Oregon

A little background for you, because I didn't know a thing about this band before this review. Established in 2007, Separation Of Sanity is a collection of some of the most brutally innovative musicians in the Portland area. A mix of metal, aggro, progressive, thrash, and anything else they decide to throw into the mix, S.O.S. prides itself on its live performances and high standards of song writing.

Separation Of Sanity has shared the stage with acts like Soulfly, Prong, The Accused, As I Lay Dying, OTEP, Butcher Babies, One Eyed Doll, Witchburn, Proven, Ditch Digger, Dirtnap, We Have Guns, Lidless Eye, FallRise, Kingdom Under Fire, as well as numerous other acts over the years.

After dropping The Decimation E.P., the music has taken flight with various spotlights on podcasts such as “The Mothpod,” “The Midnight Spookshow,” and Scott Siglers, “Friday Fix...” the song, “Pandemic” has also become the intro for Siglers podcast, “Tuesday Terror.” The song, “GRINDER” has become the theme song for the podcast, “The Astral Audio Experience.”

With a new album on the way, "The Crucible" due March 17,  the bands current incantation is only gaining momentum by playing bigger shows and bringing sharper and more ferocious performances to the fans! 

(available for bar mitzvah's and birthday parties!)

Track Listing for "The Crucible":
01. End of Days
02. Pandemic
03. Armed
04. Greed
05. Pain
06. Grinder
07. The Pact
08. Afterlife
09. Drift
10. Justified
11. Vengeance
12. Flesh & Bone
13. Bag of Blood

Well let's get into it shall we. I was pretty impressed by these 13 songs, they obviously know what they wanted to put out there, and made it happen. What they call themselves in the genre realm of things, is exactly what they are, nothing else thrown in. Guitars had some great riffs, the bass laid down some good thundering lines, and the drums kept the whole thing pulled together. But what makes or breaks a band, is the vocals. I will tell you right now, they fit, they are a complete package, and one well put together. This is just my first impression after listening once. So when the time comes for the release, get yourself out there, pick up a copy and enjoy.