JANUARY 18th 2017


Welcome to MetalTitans, Guardians of Metal Entertainment worldwide. We are here with September of the American dark pop culture transmedia project, SEPTEMBER MOURNING. Thank you for doing this interview with us.

Your latest record, “Volume II”, quite a variety of hard rock and metal sound mixed with great imagery, it’s amazing. Is there is track on the album that you are attached to more than others or no? If so, which song and why?

Angels To Dust is one of those stand out songs on the album just because it has such a unique feel to it… with edm influences… and the lyrics hit me hard in the gut.

20 Below as well… with it’s more alternative feel brings something different to the landscape of rock right ow… and i think different is good.

This is your first full length album, (which “Volume I” was your first release), what changes from the first release to the current release, can you describe to us? Does the theme of both comic and album change drastically from the first? Or do they still connect the previous story?

Everything connects because it all stems from the same storyline that I have created. There isn’t anything drastic just an evolutionary process that will continue into new works...

For September Mourning, back in 2010 when forming the band, what made you decide that the hard rock genre was the right sound to accompany the comic book and storyline of “September”?

Because thematically (death and reapers and what not) it needed a playing field in which it could be  dramatic and hard hitting at times as well as soft and lyrical… and the costuming and presentation is more for that genre than any other.

Are there any musicians in the industry (dead or alive) that heavily inspired you to pursue a life in music?

Siouxsie, Annie Lennox, Kurt Cobain, Bowie, The Cure, Glassjaw, My Chemical Romance, The Dillinger Escape Plan… various from various genres…. but all very much instinctively honest about their sound and craft which makes it truly unique with vocals and music

What inspired the image and look of September and the other members? Did you and Marc Silvestri (who became involved with the ideas behind the comic) come up with the image together, or did you have her character planned out before his involvement?

We threw ideas around… I kept developing the idea until it reached this point… I wanted a warrior, a fighter for humanity, a Valkyrie of sorts, beautiful but haunting and frightening at the same time

The live outfits for September, did you personally come up with the designs or did someone else help inspire them? Also, did you make the outfit, or did a designer make it?

I worked alongside my designer friend Eirik Aswang and together we came up with the designs and crafted them based on my imagery

What motivated you to push for the transmedia project, versus doing the whole “regular touring band” idea?

I wanted to stand out…. I wanted to do something completely different than what’s out there.. I wanted our theatricality to have a very distinct purpose.

You mention in previous interviews that you enjoy theatrics in live performances, and that September Mourning is about bringing more than just the music to the stage. Growing up, did you personally perform in the arts or theatre? Or do you simply enjoy theatrics in music?

I was a professional ballerina before i became a musician full time and I studied at a performing arts school. Dance and theater has been a way of life since i was 3 yrs old.

Has there been a show or performance that stands out the most to you over the years? Any memorable experiences from past shows? Do you prefer festivals, or small clubs?

I love festivals… there’s something about performing outside for thousands with the wind and the sun and the energy… It can be so inspiring and freeing… I love it. I also like club shows as well because they are personal and I love meeting each of our fans afterwards

You express to your “Children of Fate” positive vibes and energy, pushing hard and living your dreams. Has there been a positive experience with a child of fate, that you remember?

There have been so many… The last tour we were on, a girl approached me with a tattoed lyric on her skin of mine and said that my words helped her battle her suicidal thoughts. Anytime we help someone with our lyrics and our music is such a win. There is so much negativity in this world…. you have to do what you can to fight against it.

Thank you for doing this interview with MetalTitans, is there a message you would like to send out to your Children of Fate?

Thank you so much for your support… your love and support are the inspirations behind all of what we do. We could not do this without you.