MAY 30th 2015

Review by Metal Mom
Photos by Char Tupper


Great day to head into Vancouver to take in two bands that I will be seeing live for the first time. Looking forward to this adventure.

First up, after a long wait, only because doors opened at 8pm, and the show didn't start until 9:30, but I had to get in, and head straight for my favourite spot, so I can get the true feeling/sound of the show. So starting the night off is the band ART OF DYING, and start it off they did. I was really impressed, and surprised when he said "it's great to be home". I have been doing my reviews for 4 years, and never once have I come across Art of Dying. It took awhile, but I am glad that I had the chance to see them play, and really enjoyed their music. Their sound is rock, with a little twist at times, but a sound that you will want to headbang to. They have 4 albums out now and the 4th one "Rise Up" will soon be released. They played about 10 songs tonight, and each song had that beat that you wanted to move, you just couldn't help yourself. I think something else that really surprised me was the change up of guitars, every song, they changed. I have never seen a band do this before. Can't imagine travelling with all those guitars when you are on tour. Everyone around me was enjoying themselves too, it wasn't just me. Absolutely a band worth seeing and listening too, and hopefully they will come back home again and do some shows that I can review again. Exceptional job Art of Dying.

Next is a band out of Helsinki, Finland, and I just know that everyone that was there tonight, was there to see APOCALYPTICA. This is my first experience seeing them live. Lights dimmed, intro started to play with each of the band members coming out, starting with Mikko Sirén (drummer). I don't think I have ever heard such cheers for a band before. That made me even more intrigued as to what was coming. Oh sure, I have heard them on CD's, but live is a whole different matter. Next, all 3 cellists Eicca Toppinen, Paavo Lötjönen, and Perttu Kivilaakso  entered the stage, and finally vocalist Franky Perez came on to complete the line-up. They started the night with a high energy song from their new album, which, had the crowd reacting, singing, cheering. And it's done, Apocalyptica had the crowds attention from the start. Who would have thought that a band could come together with cellos and cover Metallica songs, come this far and create such a niche for themselves. Well after listening, you would have no doubt at all of their capability. There is nothing like a live performance, that’s when you can see/hear the talent behind the band, you know what you hear on the CD is what you get live, there are no tweaking or fixing, just pure talent. To actually hear classical transformed into what they have created is almost magical. They have created something so unique and refreshing, it's actually hard to do this review and give the band the review they deserve. I am just astonished at how classical can be incorporated with symphonic and it's so balanced, it's really an exclusive sound, and it will grab you, and have you in a trance for their whole set. There is no doubt about it, I am hooked, so nice to have a band that has gone far above and beyond to create what is truly their masterpieces. The crowd never wavered once, even with some slower songs, looking around the room, the fans were all eyes forward, amazed at what they were witnessing. It's pretty obvious that there is a need for this because they have been around now for 22 years, so it's not just a whim, its a incredible journey for band and their fans together. Let me just say, their music is weaved together with such complexity, inspired with an energy as tight as their horsehair bows, metal to the petal speed. Myself and the people around me, all, enthusiastically enjoyed every single second of their set. A show like Apocalyptica’s, you get so much more out of. Please, make sure to catch any one of the remaining dates.