FEBRUARY 18th 2018



 Spotlight Feature By: Metal Mom


Welcome to Metaltitans, Guardians of Music Entertainment Worldwide, we are here with Dani of Brazilian metal band SHADOWSIDE. Thank you for taking the time to do this interview with us.

1. Tell us how each of your members came to be in Shadowside...

Raphael, Fabio and myself have been playing together as a band since 2007. Raphael didn’t record the first album, but he joined us before we released it worldwide, so basically the three of us have been in the band since the first international tour we did. Magnus joined us in late 2015. The initial plan was to have him record the new album, Shades of Humanity, but we all got along so well that we decided to invite him to be a full-time band member and for our luck, he said yes! I consider him to be one of the best bass players in the world and it’s awesome to have him on board.

2. Were any of you in bands before this?

We were all in several bands before, Fabio used to play for Pastore, who did very well in Japan and Magnus is the former bass player in Hammerfall.

3. What made you pick Metal over other genres?

The energy. Nothing compares to the energy of Metal.

4. When you were in school, is this something you had always wanted to do?

Yeah, pretty much. I would write lyrics during classes and drive my teachers nuts because I couldn’t care less about what they were saying, all I wanted was to write lyrics and humming melodies (laughs).

5. Who was your inspiration that let you to this decision?

I don’t think I can bring it down to just one thing or person. My family is very musical, we don’t have any professional musicians in the family, but everyone loves music so I grew up listening to my mom playing the piano, my dad listening to The Beatles, and our idea of fun always involved listening to music. Then singing became a passion and suddenly I just couldn’t think of anything else that I wanted to do.

6. Who writes the lyrics for your songs?

I do… not because I want to, it just happens that way. I think the guys just trust me with the job and never really wanted to write lyrics. They have the freedom to do it though, they just haven’t felt like it yet. We do discuss the lyrics I write though, I always ask for their input on subjects and on the finished material. Everything we do in the band, be it lyrics or music, is always discussed and we don’t consider them finished until everyone is totally happy with the result.

7. There are a lot of things to write about, but what made you decide to write about depression, abortion, the Mariana dam disaster in Brazil and mankind's moral values? Good subjects by the way.

Thanks! The song about the Mariana dam disaster in Brazil is Stream of Shame, and I just had to write about that. It’s something that shocked our country and is completely linked to what we are going through right now when it comes to greed, power and the corrupt political system. Basically, that dam failed and it’s the worst environmental disaster that has ever happened in Brazil. Hundreds of homes got destroyed, people died, toxic mud got spilled in the local river which destroyed wildlife all around it… it was awful and it could have been avoided. And it’s all linked to money, power and politicians that received donations for their campaigns from the company that was responsible for it. All that says a lot about our moral values and about what humans are capable of.

We prove every single day how much we can ruin our only planet, but even though we have such darkness in us, we are also capable of noble acts so there are many, many shades of grey in all of us, which is the concept behind the “Shades of Humanity”. I wrote about depression because I went through a very complicated period when I was depressed and I didn’t even know it. Sometimes people associate depression with sadness, but it’s not always like it. Sometimes you just feel dead inside, you feel nothing, absolutely nothing. And I began to realize something was very wrong when I would walk off a stage after an awesome show and I just couldn’t feel a thing. Nothing could make me happy, but then again, I wasn’t sad… It was weird and it got to a point where I started thinking I could just die since it was all pointless. I never attempted suicide, but I think it might have gotten to that point if I hadn’t gotten treatment. People shouldn’t feel they’re crazy or that they can just “try” and get better. I hope that song shows a little bit of what it’s like to try finding a reason to live for.

As for the song about abortion, that one is called “What If”. Basically, it’s about possibilities. It’s not meant to be judgmental. I’m not pro or against abortion. I don’t think I can form an opinion since I’ve never been in that situation, so it’s not fair for me to judge from the outside. I just wanted to play around with the idea of a different point of view… the baby’s. I can imagine how many women out there are unsure about what to do, wondering if they should have an abortion or not, so maybe wondering “what if” might help them decide.

8. You have a new album about to be released, can you tell us why all different dates, especially since you are from Brazil and yet it is released last?

We have a lot of issues with piracy in Brazil unfortunately. Not only digital, but physical piracy as well, with bad quality copies being sold in the streets. So, we had to delay the release in Brazil a bit, that way those people don’t profit from the money the labels in North America, Europe and Japan are spending on promotion and our Brazilian fans will still have access to the CD just a few weeks later.

9. What can we expect to hear from this album compared to your last?

Shades of Humanity is a bit heavier and more balanced, in my opinion. We focused a lot on melodies and making the arrangements interesting, while keeping everything heavy and intense so we could head bang and make the album sound exactly like what we do live. We wanted to capture that energy and I feel we did it. Our previous album, Inner Monster Out, was already a step in that direction but I feel Shades of Humanity is our best material to date.

10. You have 11 songs on this album, along with a bonus track for Japan, do you personally have a favourite?

1. The Fall
2. Beast Inside
3. What If
4. Make My Fate
5. Insidious Me
6. The Crossing
7. Stream of Shame
8. Parade the Sacrifice
9. Drifter
10. Unreality
11. Alive
12. Haunted (Bonus track for Japan)

This is like choosing a favorite child (laughs). I really like all the songs, but if I really had to pick one… some (laughs), I’d go with The Fall, Beast Inside, What If, Make My Fate and Alive.

11. The cover artwork designed by Douglas Jen is amazing, and great representation of your music on the album, did you supply the ideas, or did he come up with his own thoughts?

He worked with our ideas but he came up with his own as well, it was a cooperation and it turned out much, much better than what I originally had in mind. Basically, we gave him the concept, the idea of the unfinished drawings, sketch/painting like images and he created his magic. He works a lot with surrealism and he’s the one who had the idea of representing people’s flaws with “defects” in each of the drawings, such as the skull nose, the stitched mouth, a blown-up head with a tattoo in the forehead and things like that.

12. What made you have the album produced and mixed by Fredrik Nordström and Henrik Udd, who are amazing producers?

They are amazing producers, that’s why! (laughs) They really know how to make us perform that best that we can possibly offer as musicians and the guitar and drums sound they are able to get is completely fantastic.

13. “Unreality” was written by Magnus Rosen, a partnership with guitarist Andy La Rocque of King Diamond, how did this come about?

Magnus used to have a band with Andy La Rocque a while back and they wrote some songs they never had the chance to use, and Magnus felt they would fit Shadowside. We all loved the songs, so we worked on them together, I wrote the lyrics and melodies, Magnus and Andy wrote the riffs and harmonies, Fabio and Raphael changed some structures and arrangements. It was an awesome team effort!

14. “What If” is your first video for the album, how did you decided to pick this as your first?


“What If” isn’t the first video, it’s just a sample that we released because we really like that song and just couldn’t wait to show something to the fans anymore (laughs). The first video is Alive and it’s on our YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EF9Tv5USAYg

15. It really is tough being in a band these days and trying to make a living at it, have you ever had any regrets about your decision to be in a band?

None whatsoever. It’s tough and the money is short, but I have no regrets. I’ve seen the world and shared my music with thousands of people. Every single day is a challenge, but I do love it.

16. If you couldn’t be in the band for some reason, what do you think you would be doing?

Something related to the music business (laughs). I don’t think I’ll ever be able to really step away from music, even if I couldn’t be in a band anymore.

17. After your release dates, do you have a tour planned to support the album?

We don’t have a tour booked yet, but we definitely have plans to tour! We hope to play as much as we did on the last tour. We played about 60 shows so if we can do the same to support Shades of Humanity, we will.

18. North American dates by any chance?

I hope so! It’s been way too long since our last North American tour. We haven’t had the chance to play in Canada yet, so I hope we’ll be able to make that happen this time.

Thank you for taking the time to talk with us, and we wish you much success with your new album “Shades of Humanity”.

It’s my pleasure! Thank you so much for the support and I hope you guys like “Shades of Humanity”. We released the video for “Alive” on July 17 so check it out, either on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EF9Tv5USAYg or our official website www.shadowside.net . See you guys soon!