APRIL 5th 2017

1: Can you give us a quick bio of the band?

Sure, we are a six piece Blackened Metal Outfit from London UK

2: With She Must Burn that uses elements of deathcore, death metal, black metal and symphonic metal can you tell us what brought these together to solidify the sound you have?

I guess it's because of the diverse taste in music we all have. People tend to stick to one genre of music these days or limit their influences. Sometimes things can get messy that way, I suppose. We just started writing and this what came about and we didn't want to put a limit on what was going into the mix. I wouldn't say what we are was intentional as such, We just had a great mix of influences that really defined us and sculpted what we are.

3: What was the main inspiration for creating Grimoire?

Grimoire, by definition, is a compendium of spells and hexes. For us this Album has been the compendium of the last year and half. We were inspired by the events that we were going through at the time of each song. They were almost written chronologically as opposed to writing several songs at once. Each song contains its own characteristics that define who were are as a band and as people.

4: What is your greatest strengths of the band?

The chemistry between members. We are a family and we do as families do. We share our ups and our downs and we stick together through thick and thin. We write well together and we perform well together because of this. The strength of the relationships within the band really shape the way for us in every other aspect.

5:How long have you all known each other? How did you meet?

Some of us have known each other for years now. Others through friends of friends. We have known each other a group for about 2 years now. Some of us were in other bands and heard about this project and that is how we all came together. We were all active musicians in other projects looking for something special.

6: Can you tells us being from London what the metal scene is like?

Central London is great for music. Lots of venues of all sizes for all forms of music. You can get the smallest venues with the biggest bands playing there up close and personal. This is where most of the seeds were planted for our own aspirations as musicians. If you want to play in a 300 year old venue that has some real character and play in the faces of people that live for music then London is the place to play.

7:What are the main themes or topics for most of your songs? Do you think these topics will change over time?

Our songs are real life struggles and situations often portrayed in a fantasy-like setting. Perhaps in the future this will change but at this time we love what we are doing. When we get started on the next album we may be inspired differently but for now we have been really getting creative lyrically and musically, I think the style of lyrics and instrumentation really go hand in hand. We are looking forward to seeing what the future holds, though.

8: What do you like to do outside of music that contributes to the band?

To be honest we don't have much time outside of music. We have been writing for a year and in that time we have toured a few times and got writing some more. When we aren't playing or writing we seem to be planning on the next time we are going to play or write! which is fine by us of course. We have a bit of a break now between our next shows since getting back from the US and the album being released. We feel a bit of a loss of what to do with ourselves. If I had to pick an answer though, it would be reading or watching movies. It gets the imagination fired up, it's perfect for musical inspiration.

9: What can you tell me about your instruments? (i.e., Are you subject to brand loyalty or will you play with whatever's available?

Our guitarists are Schecter and ESP fans, our bassist plays Ibanez and ESP too. We tend to stick to those brandings as we know they are reliable and sound great. I don't think anyone intends on changing brand any time soon. unless of course we get the opportunity to tinker with an alternative.

10: Which songs do you perform most frequently? Do you ever play any covers? Do you have a set play list?

We perform the EP tracks most frequently as they have been around the longest and the songs people are most familiar with. We added Gloom and After Death for our US run as they are two new singles. We will definitely be adding more from the new album over the next couple of tours. We don't play any covers, it's not something we have wanted to do. Not with the set times we get as support acts anyway, we just want to get our originals to as many ears as possible. Perhaps in the future though? I like the idea of covering a song in our style. Could be interesting. As for the set, it actually changes with every tour. We swap songs around and see what works better in what order. Each tour we play is in a different setting with very different styles of bands, meaning different fans. So we just adapt based on who we are playing to and with.

11: How can fans-to-be gain access to your music? Do you have a website with sample songs or a demo CD?

I would recommend going on spotify as it is a free service, it has our full EP and 4 songs from the new album too for a good taste of what is on there. You can also use YouTube as we are on there too. If you visit our facebook page you can also get a free track via our record label, Artery's, website. In fact you can get a full compilation album of all of their bands if you want a list of new music to check out!

12: Is there anyone you'd like to acknowledge for offering financial or emotional support?

We want to thank our label and our mangers for helping us out throughout our musical careers. Also family members and the friends who have supported us but most of all we want to say thanks to the fans, the people that come to our shows, the people that interact with us online and share our music around. Without you guys we wouldn't be doing what we are doing. Thank you all so much for your continued support!