MARCH 6th 2017

Las Vegas metal band SICOCIS' upcoming record, Requiem of the World, which will be released on February 24th from M-Theory Audio.  We have joining us Ernie Rodrigues : Vocalist/ Lead Guitar and Rafael Ortega: Lead Guitar

1: Can you give us a quick bio of the band?

Las Vegas’ premier metal band, SICOCIS blends influences from the melodic death, epic power and dark progressive scenes to create their own unique and modern sound - a grandiose and theatrical mix of power, progressive and thrash metal with symphonic melodies, conceptual themes and dramatic hooks. Over the past six years, the group has earned extensive regional acclaim (including being named “best local metal band”by Vegas Rocks) and shared the stage with the likes of Dark Tranquillity, Insomnium , Devin Townsend, Amaranthe, Dragonforce, Unearth, TesseracT, and Kamelot.

2: Since forming in 2008 what has been the biggest obstacle(s) for band?

Ernie: I believe our biggest obstacle has been getting the word out about who we are and what we are all about. We spent endless nights brainstorming what we wanted SicociS to be. We wanted this band to have  meaning and purpose. We wanting to make SicociS the band that we always wanted to see come out of Vegas.

3: Requiem of the World is your second full length album and i wanted to know what did you guys have in mind when making the recording?

Rafael: When we made our first EP back when we first started we were sort of limited with how we wanted it to be. When we started on Requiem of the World we wanted the songs to evolve from the previous sound we started out with and bring more melodic dynamics to the overall sound of the band. Create a bit of a timeline with all the songs that flow within each other but also show the unique different styles within each song to show SicociS can do much more than straight heavy music.

4: How long did it take from writing up the album to getting in the studio to record it?

Ernie: It took a few years for us to complete Requiem of the World. At the time we went through some member changes, so we had to find new members to not only learn our older material, but to help finish Requiem. It is such a good feeling to see that it made the light of day. We are extremely proud to be able to share the music with our fans.

5: Anything you would change or are you guys pleased with the results?

Ernie: I am extremely pleased with the album, and have no complaints whatsoever. We really captured everything we wanted to with each song. We got all of the sounds that we wanted to. I think we really found ourselves and our sound when we completed the record. If I had one complaint, it would be waiting so long to finish it.

Rafael: A faster, more powerful computer to handle all the tracks haha……….in the end we are really proud of it as everything was done ourselves.

6: You guys have released lyric video which is popular in the metal scene. Do you see yourself to continue that trend in video making?

Ernie: I think lyric videos are a great way for the listener to connect with the band. When I was growing up, I enjoyed reading the lyrics in the cd booklet while listening to the song. It really helped me form a deeper connection with the song. Now we have lyric videos where we can capture that same instance. Only now, we can add so much more to go with that experience such as pictures and images that help bring fourth the emotions we are trying to portray with each song. I definitely see that trend growing in the future.

7: SICOCIS hails for Vegas NV. Can you tell us what metal is like in Vegas with that area being populated with millions of tourist per year?

Ernie: There is such a diverse music scene here in Vegas. From Death Metal to Hair Metal, and from Industrial to Melodic, it is definitely never a dull moment. I think that Vegas could definitely use more metal/local music venues to expose all the great bands though.

8: What is your favorite venue in vegas to hang out or perform at?

Rafael: For me it’s a toss up between The House of Blues stage at the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino, and LVCS which has now sadly closed its doors. LVCS was a place put a huge finger to the city and played what it wanted, when it wanted anything from Rock, Hip Hop and Rap groups to Folk Metal and Black/ Death Metal shows. Majority of National acts we had the pleasure to play with played at LVCS. Bands like Dark Tranquillity, Alestorm, Nile, Insomnium, Exmortus, the list goes on.

Then of course the House of Blues stage, how could you not say no to an iconic stage.

9: In May of this year you'll be on the road with Arkona, Sirenia, and Mindmaze. How did you guys get involved with this tour?

Rafael: When we signed on to M-Theory Audio our goal as a band and label was to get the band out to the masses. We got a phone call from the creator of the label Marco Barbieri (ex Century Media / Metal Blade) and told us we have a killer opportunity to kickoff the band on its first official tour and that would be with Arkona, Sirenia, and Mindmaze. With a killer oppurtunity like that we couldn’t pass it up.

10: How do you promote your band and shows?

Rafael: I’ve done everything from online promotions, creating online events, to old school flyers and placing them on cars and telphone poles all around the city. I used to print small flyer cards with our name, website info and with it came a cheap cd sampler of some of our stuff and placed them anywhere they would allow public flyers. From the record shops in town like Zia Records to the music shops like Guitar Center and Sam Ash.

11: What inspires you to do what you do?

Ernie: I am inspired by the bands that came before us. Like many musicians, I always dreamt about being in a band and sharing my music with the world. Watching bands perform live and listening to their albums really fueled that passion to the max.

Rafael: If I knew I could answer that question haha. I wish I knew the answer to that so I could be inspired all the time. Some days are tougher than others when it comes to music, especially when that music is Metal, and when that Metal music is in a tough entertainment city that makes no room for it.

12: If you didn't play in a metal band what alternate music would you play?

Ernie: That is a tough one to answer. Metal has been such a large part of my life, and I have never imagined myself playing anything else. If any other form of rock is prohibited, I would definitely choose something unexpected and weird. Something ethereal or along the lines of Lycia or Enigma. Like I said, that is a tough one to answer haha

Rafael: On my free time I like to make small film/ video game scores, which eventually get used in SicociS anyways.

13:  Any last shout outs to family or friends?

Ernie: As always we want to send out love and thanks to all of our fans, friends and family. You are truly our backbone, and without your support we would be nothing. We will see you on tour, and until then grab your copy of Requiem of the World(available exclusively through M-Theory Audio). Learn the songs, and come sing with us on he Arkona/Sirenia Tour!