JUNE 7th, 2014

Welcome to Metaltitans, Guardians of Metal entertainment worldwide. We are here talking with Flo Laurin guitarist for the band SINBREED. Thank you for taking the time to do this interview with us.

1. You are the founder for SINBREED, what was it that made you think I want to form a band ? How old were you when you thought that ?

I think around the age of 14, I really felt that longing to form a band, and to play power metal in a way to bring my "vision" of power metal to life. I grew up with Scorpions and Deep Purple, since this was what my Dad was listening too, and it had a huge impact on me. I will never forget Blackout, or Sabbath's Dehumanizer, which got released when I was ten yrs old, haha. You know this great riff had Impact on me, even as a little kid!

2.  When you started Sinbreed what made you pick the melodic power/speed metal
style of music ?

Like mentioned, I started with Purple, Scorpions, and I quickly came to Judas Priest. Those bands were the beginning of Power Metal / Speed metal like we know it today. So I believe every young musician adopts what he likes and transforms it into something new. Not totally new, no, but with a very own and sometimes unique style. I believe with Sinbreed we managed it to put our own style to power metal.

3.  You have 5 members to SINBREED, tell us how each of them came into the band -

Flo Laurin - Big Boss haha, founder, Producer, Guitarist.
Herbie Langhans - I knew Herbie from Seventh Avenue, and i listened to their records when I was 13 yrs. I knew I always wanted only him to sing my songs, I am so happy that it really happened so may years later.
Frederik Ehmke (Blind Guardian) - We grew up in the same town, so he had already a name in the local scene. I asked him to play on the first record and he joined right away, fortunately.

Marcus Siepen (Blind Guardian) - We welcomed Marcus in 2012, obviously the first contact was made through Frederik. We were looking for a second Guitarist and Marcus was interested. The chemistry was so good and we asked him to join as a permanent member and fortunately he accepted.
Alexander Schulz - Alex was also well known in the local scene where Fred and i grew up so in search of a bassist he was the first one to ask.
It all started in 2005, with Marcus in 2012.

4. Do you find it hard with a couple of your members being in a different band, to get together and work on songs, or to do the recordings ?

This is no problem. It's all a questions of time management and we do it right, so this is no issue.

5. When you were growing up in school, did you take lessons or anything to help you with your guitar work, or did you learn on your own ?

I took some lessons in the beginning, and I completed Metallica's justice for all Songbook with my guitar teacher, but after we finished it in its entirely at my age of 16, he made me to leave, haha. After that I did practice on my own.

6.  You have a new album, your second coming out in North America on April 14th, will fans get the sound similar to the first one, or have you done some changes ?

Well we got rid of the keyboards. Since having Marcus on second guitar, we wanted to put songs on the record we were able to reproduce live later on. Removing keyboards also helped us to underline our aggressive and heavy approach, so yes, this is a small difference to the first one. I am also very happy with the sound and the mix, so in total I'd say its a complete improvement, haha. Song wise the people will get what they expect, and even more. E.G. check out the title track SHADOWS, a songs which really kicks ass and yet isn't predictable at all.

7.  Who wrote the lyrics for this album “Shadows” ?

We work on the Lyrics with a friend of mine, Thomas Nöller, who most often comes up with an initial idea to a song. He writes the most lyrics and the storyline, and later on I tune them to fit to the music.
8.  How did you come to the name the album “Shadows”  ?

In this meaning, Shadows represent different personalities we all may have inside. Like on the cover, those demon heads represent different personalities, and we have to decide which one we want to show to other people surrounding us. Like in the video BLEED, the different characters also represent different personalities.

9.  Where did the inspiration come from for the lyrics ?

The inspiration is widely. We are influenced by religions, history or things that happen in our lives. I'm proud that Sinbreed does not feature only fantasy stores with dragons and stuff. We have a approach to write valuable lyrics, and I think we manage to do so.

10.  You have some guest artists on this album, how did you choose each of them, was there a specific sound or ability that each of them brought to the album ?

It was more personal thingy. Andi Gutjahr of Tankard played a Solo on the Song that Herbie has written, Standing Tall. They are old friends, I like Andy very much and so it was a cool thing to happen. Kai also did a Solo. He was on the first CD, so we welcomed him again, haha.

11. Was it an easy process for you to get the songs onto the album, or were there changes to be made along the way ?  

The writing process took about 2 years. Now with Marcus on second Guitar, it was complete different feel to write the songs, we were much more guitar oriented. I am super happy with the result. Also to get rid of keyboards was a clear and good decision.

12.  For you, do you have a favourite song on “Shadows” ? And why that one ?

I like Black Death a lot, a song that Marcus wrote. You know WHEN WORLDS COLLIDE was composed by me all alone, and in Shadows the five of us did write songs. It was great for me to see how we developed as a band, and that we managed to keep the Sinbreed-style.

13.  I imagine that you will be touring in support of your latest album ?  Have you got that in the works, or something you are still planning ?

Still in planning. We are very hot to promote the record and play the new stuff live. As I said before, the new songs are completely arranged for two guitarists, so we can easy reproduce the songs in the live situation, so we really wanna do this.

14.  Tell us with this album what we can expect from it ?

 SHADOWS is a brutal piece of power metal. If you like fast and aggressive power metal, with strong vocals and tons of guitars, you should check us out.

15. What do you hope the reaction will be from “Shadows” ?

Currently we get nothing but super reviews, fans and media is very interested in Sinbreed. I am very happy and thankful, since it was hard work to get the album out. I hope shadow I spooning doors for us so that we are able to continue releasing albums for many years.

16.  What would surprise people the most to find out about SINBREED ?

We do NOT sound like Blind Guardian :-)

17. Is there anything that  you would like to add, that I might have not asked, but you think people should know ?

I'd just be very happy if people check us on youtube or Facebook, Sinbreed is a growing band and not a all star project, we started very small and we are making our way. So give it a chance, you won't be disappointed. Thanks for you support!

Thank you ( Danke ) for taking the time to do this interview with us here at METALTITANS.

You are very welcome, thanks for your interest! All the best, Flo