APRIL 17th 2016

Welcome to Metaltitans, Guardians of Metal Entertainment Worldwide, we are here with Flo Laurin, shredder of Sinbreed, who are about to release a new album "Master Creator" February 26 through AFM Records. Thank you for taking the time to do this interview with us.

Moonlit Night: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1CaWevXJ6ho&feature=youtu.be

1. You are about to release your third studio album, Master Creator, previous albums, When Worlds Collide (2010), Shadows (2014) what can we expect to hear on the new album compared to the previous two ?

Yes that’s right. You can be sure that we did stick with our own style that we developed on WWC and Shadows, however we did some changes here and there. Most important is that this is the first record where all four of us contributed to the song writing process and delivered full songs. This obviously influenced the record and gave it a different touch.

2. Who came up with the title “Master Creator”, and what was the inspiration behind it ?

Master Creator was born by my friend Thomas who was writing lyrics with us since the first record. In master creator it’s about you and me. Everyone of us is it’s own master creator. I mean it in that way, that we are responsible for our own life, we are in the position to create our own life, no one else can to this for us, so we have to be good in this. You and me, we are master creators (of our own life).

3. Your trademark sound is pretty much upbeat, fast, melodic power speed, but you have added a little something more to this album, explain to us what made you decide to put in something different on this album ?

Agreed. This surely has to do what I mentioned earlier. Since all band members wrote songs for the record, it was to expect that it will gain variety. AT THE GATE for instance, was written by Frederik. I would have never come up with this but since the song is cool and we made it fit Sinbreed, it’s a great contribution to our sound. Same as for Moonlit Night. Clean guitars in Sinbreed? Herbie did put them in. I really enjoy seeing the other guys coming up with those cool songs.

4. Do you yourself have a favourite among the 10 tracks ? If so why that choice ?

I’d choose Master Creator. The opening riff is like 15 years old, and the temporary song title was “Japan“ since I wanted to use it for the Japan bonus. But while working it out the song became cool and finally was the title track. So with this history, I am very proud of that song and how it turned out finally.

5. Who designed the artwork for the album, and what does it represent ?

The cover, like all Sinbreed covers, was created by Felipe Machado Franco. It looks awesome on the gatefold vinyl. It represents the MASTER CREATOR , but not like a machine or something like one may think. No like stated, the master creator is you and me and the cover just shows that something is currently been created, but no one knows what or where this place is.

6. So where did you learn to play guitar like you do ? Or are you self taught ?

Yes absolutely. At young age I focused on Metallica like so may do, when I found Yngwie Malmsteen and was blown away. Since this day I worked hard to become faster, and still do, hahaha.

7. When did you first pick up a guitar ? Do you remember what kind it was ?

I believe I used my mothers acoustic guitar just for fun and pretty soon got interested in a electric guitar. It was a so called starter-set, with a fender squier, amp and belt you know. It was crap, but it sparks the fire in me to get better on guitar so it was totally worth it.

8. Do you come up with all your own riffs ? Is that hard to do, only because I think there are only so many riffs to play .

I am sometimes concerned myself, but then I realize how many bands are out there and how many cool songs exist. Yes some riffs, and especially styles, are alike today. But there is still plenty of room for new riffs and new melodies. I am sure there will be heavy metal the next century, hahaha.

9. What made you decide to become a guitarist over, say drummer, bassist or even vocalist ?

Hmm, I am interested in those instruments also. Since I am the producer of Sinbreed, I also take care of those instruments and vocals, so my interest and my love for other instruments like guitar I take care of. Me personally, like I said earlier, wanted to compete with Malmsteen. I learned it soon and the hard way that this is impossible, but I stuck with guitar and I am pretty happy with this decision, hahaha.

10. When you recorded the album, did it take long or did everyone have things perfected before stepping into the studio ?

Since we record in our own studio, it was plenty of time for this but this also makes it more complex - when to decide what’s good for a song and what is not. So this really took a long time. Usually we are all well prepared and a lot of things, like bass and parts of rhythm guitar get recorded in each members home studio. So the most complex thing is mixing, when all is coming together.

11. How do you feel about this album, do you think it’s the best that you have done so far?

Haha I believe every musician is telling this about his last output? Let me say so, when I believe fans and media, then yes, MC is Sinbreed best output to date.

12. Will you be touring in support of the album ?  Do you have plans in the works already?

We do have a hard time with the blind Guardian tour, and since Herbie was joining Avantasia, it’s only getting harder. But there will be shows in promoting Master Creator 100%. We cannot wait to play them live.

13. For the years you have been in the industry, what have you seen in changes that is the most harmful to bands ?

Legal Streaming. You know yes, there are legal streaming services, that pay the label and the musician. But, this salary is so low, what actually is coming back to the band, that it’s no difference when the songs get downloaded illegal. If a fan will make sure that he is supporting his band, then he has to stick with the CD or vinyl. And this is what I do on my own, too. I want the artwork and the booklet because there is so much value and information inside. This is just my personal view, but I really believe in it.

14. Tell us something about Sinbreed, that people may not know .

The first two albums got finished December 24th, which is in Germany the same important holiday like December 25th, haha. You can imagine how cool Markus Teske, the mixing guy, and my family is to accept this, hahaha.

15. Is there anything you would like to add to this interview that you would like people to know ?

I thank all your Metaltitans readers and I welcome them to check out Sinbreed. If they are into fast, melodic yet aggressive power metal, they won’t get disappointed. Thank you!

Thank you so much for taking the time to do this interview with us here at Metaltitans, and we wish you much success with your third album “Master Creator”.