OCTOBER 20th 2016

Review by Metal Mom
Photos by Char Tupper
Gallery: http://www.metaltitans.com/concertpics/slayer/

Tonight, some heavy hitters came to the Abbotsford Centre to create some thrashing chaos. I truly enjoy this venue, room to move around (I was not on the floor for this one, are you crazy, this is a thrash show through and through), with exceptionally clean washrooms, which may seem random, but very important to me (and I’m sure the drunks appreciate it too).  I had excellent seats, 4th row up 4th seat in, I could see and hear this show at its best.

First up tonight, was DEATH ANGEL, the ultimate thrash metal band coming out of California. As many of you know, I do not like thrash, but as soon as Death Angel started to play, they changed my opinion showing me that there are good ones out there after all.  This band has gone through some lineup changes, and obviously, it was for the best. These guys are killer on stage, tons of energy, and the crowd reacted like you would expect for such a talented band. Why do I like these guys, well it is not all about the speed, it is also about melody and not sounding the same from one song to the next.  It was also great to hear each of the instruments, they were not all mashed together.  They had my attention from the get go. They played some great songs, which I had my horns high for, can you believe that, me. Death Angel stole the show without a doubt. It was amazing to see these guys play, and I enjoyed every minute of it. The only problem, it was way too short, and they only played one song from their new album, but it was so worth the wait to hear.

ANTHRAX out of New York, is next and they stepped up to the plate nicely. If you know these guys, you know they are one of the “big four”. Every one of the members played to the fullest, vocals were extremely brutal, they had great sound, great lighting, and the crowd went insane for them. Security had an issue with a couple of the fans, where the medics also came out, but the show went on. Probably some dufus getting too rough in the mosh pit. There was not a lot of interaction from the band with the crowd, which I always appreciate since I just want to hear the music. They put on an excellent show, again, old Metal Mom enjoyed Anthrax. It was not the fast and furious type of thrash, well maybe it was, but it was done extremely well. I am impressed, I thought tonight was going to be a night where I had to step into other shoes to review this show, this wasn’t the case.

Up next is SLAYER, a band that everyone knows, I wasn’t too sure what to expect this time around, saw them at the last Mayhem Festival, and people were leaving during their set. There was not a lot of fans bellowing “Slayer”, which is the case at most metal shows, but that just isn’t happening anymore. I don’t know if it is because Dave Lombardo and Jeff Hanneman are no longer there.  I heard lots of people around me talking and saying that Slayer are just not the same. I enjoyed Slayer long ago, but soon grew tired of the “play as fast as you can” style, and it all sounded the same. Yes, I am sorry, but this is just my opinion. They cranked out their songs, and the floor went crazy, the mosh pits, I wouldn’t even want to get close to. There were some big angry guys in there. I know lots of people love Slayer, and that is fine, if you are a fan, you are a fan for life. It just isn’t the same anymore. I do enjoy the vocals of Tom, a fantastic voice making it the true Slayer experience. Gary Holt, a man with endless energy, I think I probably watched him the most up there on stage. It was strange though, that with the Slayer name, and how everyone usually reacts to them, I found it odd that people again were leaving. Although I know at a certain time the buses shut down, so maybe that was why, especially if you lived outside of Abbotsford. They put on a show that most enjoyed, I enjoyed a few songs, then that was it. I was done, I stayed for about 6, then I went home.