NOVEMBER 28th 2016

Review by Metal Mom
Photos by Char Tupper

Are you ready, it is a Monday night after all, the start of the work week, and The Invisible Orange brings us yet another show at the Venue.

Starting the night off in style is CELESTIAL RUIN, one of our very own who exudes some amazing talent. I have seen them a few times now and they always amazed me, when I watch and listen, truthfully you can't pigeonhole them into a genre, they are not true metal (just not quite heavy enough), then too heavy to be rock. Either way these guys crank out their very own style, something they have worked hard to create. I will say that there were many fans up front, and not just family and friends. Many were showing their true appreciation for Celestial Ruin. This was a great choice to start off our night. Amazing, incredible, impressive, wonderful, and stupendous, I think you get it. Whatever you do, DO NOT miss when Celestial Ruin opens.

Next is Finnish band - OMNIUM GATHERUM, okay, after the first song, these guys are the one that held my attention out of the bands on tour, they stole the show without a doubt. When I checked to see what genre, they were it said ‘Death Metal’, which really was kind of a shock to me, I wouldn’t have put them into that. Why, because to me listening to them I think they are more of a metal, with some progressive style and the melody that streams along with it is truly amazing. They are a band that stands alone in their own style, whatever it might be. I stood up front and was continuously nodding my head, tapping my fingers on the rail, and enjoying every single minute. WOW!! I never took my attention away, I was fully focused on OG, not too many bands can do that for me. These guys knew what they were doing, they put together their sound with an amazing ability. Then tonight, they gave it full force. I am hooked, and I could have listened all night. It was disappointing when their set ended. But come back, and I will once again be up front.

Next .. LEAVES’ EYES, now I haven’t seen this band since they were here last with Liv in 2014. The band seemed to pull the fans up to the stage. They played a great set, but I found I missed more of Alexanders vocals, the combination of his and Elian’s I think would have been a perfect combination, he seemed to be doing more of the getting the crowd pumped up. He did come out near the end with the Viking armor on, and that seemed to really get the crowds attention. Elina has a great voice, and range, but I did prefer Liv’s because her voice seemed to flow majestically, a lot more melodic. Don’t get me wrong, they put on an amazing show, and the crowd was showing their approval. They did great, and it is just my opinion. Now I don’t know if it is because there was Epica just before them, with another female front singer. A variety of songs were played, and everyone around me was enjoying. So, I think I can safely say, that my opinion is just that, mine.

Headliner comes up next, and we are all anxious to see Finnish band SONATA ARCTICA, who also was last here in 2014. They held my attention for a while, but they also had many slower songs, which made me lose interest. Again, my opinion, looking around the room, people were enjoying, singing along, and that’s what it’s all about, the fans. They did a kick ass job, what we all expected they would do. Many songs were played to the cheers of the audience, they really do have some dedicated fans. It was great to see them play, to give the audience 100%, making it a memorable night for all that came out. What is really nice, is there was no crowd surfing, or moshing (well a little for the drunks), but everyone stood up front, listened, swayed with their hands in the air, completely letting go. These guys cranked out their songs, and everyone in the venue enjoyed, yes, I did, just not the slower ones. (I could have just been tired and needed to be pumped with faster songs). But they nailed their set.