DECEMBER 11th 2017



Welcome to MetalTitans, Guardians of Music Entertainment, worldwide. We are here with Tanner Crace of Sorxe, who plays guitars, synth player, and vocals. Thank you for doing this Written Interview with us.

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Interview By: Metal Mom

1. Why the band name Sorxe?

It has to do with finding the center. Channeling creativity and whatnot.

2. Why did you decide to form Sorxe?

I had been playing in other bands for a few years. Around summer 2012, I decided I wanted to start my own band and really focus on working on my own material again.

3. Were you in a band previous to this one?

Yes, I was singing and playing some synth in a band called Woodsplitter and before that I was playing guitar in a band called Tintype. Way before that, I was in a band called Magnetplan - all Phoenix area bands. That takes you through most of the 2000's right there!

4. What would you classify your music as, you know people always want to put a label on it…

Yep. I guess putting a label on things is what we do to compartmentalize things for easier consumption. For Matter & Void, you can lump us in the Sludge/Post Metal realm but with a side of experimental music. Down the road on future albums labels will change, I’m sure. 

5. Tell us how each of your band members came to be in Sorxe?

Shane and myself had been friends and started jamming in the summer of 2012. When we were starting to talk about adding a bassist, my bud Christopher Coons had come up because I had played with him in Tintype and he actually was trying to start a band with three bassists, so a seed was planted right there. Also, Shane had a buddy, Roger Williams, whom he suggested. We couldn't decide on just one guy so we said fuck it and went with both! Later on, we wound up parting ways with Roger on good terms and that’s when Jonathan Portnoy came into the picture so we could continue the double bassist onslaught! Plus, Jonathan plays guitar so we can possibly have more two guitar songs down the road as well. We like options.

6. Have to ask, why two bassists, most will have two guitarists...

We like the way it sounds and it’s just the way the band chemistry came to be. It kinda became our thing.

7. You have a new album out now,  “Matter & Void”, how did you come to choose that name for the album?

I was reading a book called "Zen Guitar" and saw it in a chapter about yin and yang energy. It felt like the right fit for this batch of songs.

8. There are six songs on the album, why not have more?

Our songs tend to be pretty long and realistically we would have needed to do a double LP if there were any more. Plus, we hadn't really 100% worked out any more tunes by the time it came to record.

9. Do you have a favorite among the six? Why that one?

Lately it’s been "Never to See". It's different than the others, more experimental and very open with space, sometimes it’s nice to a break from everyone playing full volume non-stop! 

10. Tell me, I see that you mixed, mastered in different studios, why, can that all not be done in one studio?

Well, Matt Bayles wanted to mix the record at his own studio in Seattle, WA, I assume because he knows the gear inside and out there and is more comfortable with getting the right sounds and mix there. As for mastering - we don't really need to be there as all that can be done by sending files via the internet nowadays and it was the right place for the budget.

11. Christopher Coons did the album cover design, did you give him some ideas to work with, then he came up with the idea?

Yeah, kinda like that. It was a collaborative effort. I had taken the photo and was messing with the idea in a more rough format. Then I sent the files to Coons who further manipulated things. We worked on it together one night to get the right color scheme and some other nifty final touches.

12. Tell us what we can expect to hear from the album?

Thick riffs, Meaty stereo bass, smashing drum grooves, pterodactyl vocals and a lot of ups and downs!

13. Do you hope to go on tour after the release in support?

Yes we do. We are working on that currently

14. Do you have anything planned yet, or is it still in the works?

Currently working on setting up about 4-5 dates through Arizona and California. Then later in the year, a more formal tour which will hopefully take us all around the states!

15. What kind of music do you enjoy when not working on Sorxe?

That’s like asking me what kind of food do I like - all of it!

Lately I’ve been enjoying building up my jazz vinyl collection with some Bill Evans and Wayne Shorter, The new Fever Ray album is really growing on me too. Also the new Roger Waters album is amazing! Everything Mark Lanegan. Mike Patton and Dave Lombardo's new band Dead Cross. New Depeche Mode. There is so much amazing music to digest and absorb its overwhelming to say the least.

16.  What would be a guilty pleasure in music listening?

Sometimes I’ll put on some super cheesy stuff like Tim and Eric Awesome show great job tunes or Weird Al.

17. Do you have anyone you look up to in the industry? And why?

Yeah for sure. Neurosis have been a major role model for me since I discovered them in the mid 90's. Their unending well of creativity and passion and DIY approach is really inspiring. Plus, they write some of the heaviest songs known to mankind.

18. Tell us something about Sorxe that no one would know about.

For a brief moment we were almost going to be a two piece band.

19. Is there anything you would like to add to the interview, in case I missed something you want people to know.

 We appreciate anyone reading this and hope that you all dig the new album and hope to see you out on the road! Cheers.