JANUARY 5th 2015

Welcome to Metaltitans, Guardians of Metal entertainment worldwide. We are here with SOULBURN from The Netherlands. Thank you for taking the time to do this interview with us.

1. For those of us who do not know, how did you come up with the name SOULBURN?

The name SOULBURN was found in 1996 by Bob who came up with this name. Burned souls is the meaning, dark, grim, evil and it reflects perfectly our music we play.

2. SOULBURN originally developed after the dissolution of Asphyx in the mid 90's, and now 16 years later the return is upon us, what made you decide that now would be a good time to make a comeback?

Actually it happened in the rehearsal room. Bob and I were composing new songs and ideas just to start something fresh besides the traditional death metal we played. Suddenly the riffs flew, and when we sat down together after a break during rehearing, I said to Bob, I have an idea like to reform Soulburn cause the material we have right now suits perfectly for Soulburn. We both got excited for this idea and the re-start happened. Spontaneous, not having a strategy or plans before. The music speaks for it, the time was perfect and for the songs too.

3. I read that Soulburn also came about because Eric and Bob were looking for a different outlet to express their obsession with Bathory/Venom/Celtic Frost, making a dark, doomy primitive death metal twist sound, is this correct?

Yes that’s absolutely correct. Those influences and bands had from our youth a special meaning to us. We like that music so much that it become part of us in our minds, so it isn’t that weird we like to compose with the touch of the bands we like so much during the years. Now time is perfect to let people show how much we appreciate those bands and with our own style and sound spreading around in the new album.  

4. Eric Daniels (guitar) and Bob Bagchus (drums) were originally in the band, and still are, but now you have some new members that have joined, can you tell us how they came to be in Soulburn...

Yes that’s correct, Bob and I joined together giving Soulburn a new start. We wanted to have Wannes Gubbels (original vocalist/bass player) to join us but he couldn’t make it through private matters. However it was Wannes who came up with Twan to do the bass and vocals. We heard music from him from Flesh Made Sin and we were hopeful we will have the right person for the right job. After Twan did his vocals on the demo for the new song we were thrilled and excited we said yes we have found our vocalist bass player here. Remco, we knew him from GSBC project and he also plays guitar in Nailgun Massacre, so asked him if he would join to form the guitar wall of sound together. The band was complete, ready to strike and give the word Soulburn.
5. You have also signed again with Century Media, why is that? Great deal you couldn't refuse?

We work a long time with Century Media almost from the beginning of their existence. We have good contact together and we know the people who work there. They were very interested when we let them know we wanted to start Soulburn again. We sure are glad we are together working again and the company is solid and with the right interest. Both ways its perfect. It makes a big deal knowing the people to work with and CM was and is always good for us, this relationship is important. They were the first really got interested and kept on the connections between us. To us as persons that’s important to know the feeling is samewise.

6. You have a new album “The Suffocating Darkness” that will be released on November 17th of this year, what can we expect to hear on this album?

Heaviness, Evilness, Darkness, Atmosphere. The right environment we composed and completed the songs. It was 16 years ago after our first album “Feeding On Angels”. This new album is the continue of the rawness we have and like to play. However it’s a bit different, more the black side approached but see at our influences it cant go wrong on this part. So far the reactions are very good, and we also did 3 live shows as opener for the Bolt Thrower shows, and it feels great to be back, back with the right band.

7. Who wrote the lyrics for this CD and what kind of inspiration did you find for creating them?

Twan wrote all the lyrics, inspiration from the first album and his own inspiration to provoke the dark side and the evilness his personal interest goes too. The lyrics fit 100% together with the songs and riffs. It all is about the burned souls, grim and dark side of life.

8. Do you personally have a favourite on this album, and why that one if you do?

That’s a tough one, all songs we like very much equal. The all independent have their own atmosphere and the right vibe. We like Claws Of Tribulation very much, this song all has the ingredients of the whole album. But we say all songs are equal in our favorites.

9. I saw that the album was recorded with Harry Wijering of Harrow Productions, how did you come to make the decision to record here?

We liked to record the drums and guitars the old way, set up the equipment and record analog way, just the reason for getting connected with the first album we did in 1998. Nowadays all is record digital, but we believe and still believe for this kind of music it’s best to do the old fashioned way. Mics before the speakers and the whole drums wired with mics. Cause of our former work with Harry we asked him if he could record again for us. He was very excited and thrilled to make it true, and it was awesome working again together. The bass and vocals are recorded in two other studios. All bring together.

10. The mixing and mastering was done by Dan Swanö at Unisound Recordings, why here?

After the recordings were done, we had in mind to do the mix and master by Dan, cause we knew him with releases before and to work with him is always nice to do. He understands what our sound will be and he can realize that. It’s working on a very relaxt way, and the result for this album was awesome. Perfect the way we wanted it, and Dan himself was very satisfied too.

11. For those of us (Me), can you tell us why 2 studios are used to complete the album, why it is not done just in one place?  Thank you.

Actually in total it were 4 studio’s included the Unisound with Dan. The basic recordings drums and all guitars we did with Harry at the Harrow Productions studio. Than we got an message from our record company saying we have to do one extra track on the album. Although the possibility and time to do it with Harry wasn’t possible so we called Frank from Sonic Assault studio if he could record that song. He said of course so we did there the extra song and all bass guitar parts. Twan did his vocals nearby his homeplace also he knew the engineer Marco there very well and they worked as a team for the vocals. All recordings were melt together and Dan give it the final mix and master. True this album was swept away in different recording studio’s but the end-result is awesome.

12. The artwork was designed by Timo Ketola and Roberto Toderico, how did you pick these two to create your artwork for the album?

Bob and Twan and our record company had already many contacts with Timo and Roberto, they asked if they wanted to do the artwork for the album. Timo did the front cover and Roberto did the lay-out artwork. They are the masters of Art. We wanted to have the album like black and white lay-out and the drawings are magnificent. Best I have seen so far from their artwork and we are very proud they took the time and interest for Soulburn.  

13. Did you give them ideas, or do they come up with an image and you approve it?

We gave ideas but enough space to let the artist do their job, what they thought would fit with the songs and album title. The whole album is there, connected between the visible artwork and the music we made. It’s like a book with start and ending story.

14. Can you tell us what the image represents on the cover, I may have this wrong, but it looks to be the devil with large skeletal wings at the helm...is that right, or am I way off?

It represents evilness yes indeed with the wheel provoke the words reflecting on the album. The evilness falling down from hell on earth like the side creatures. The head of the devil is in a way connected to the first album Feeding On Angels where the devil also reflects the dark music cover wise. Its all connected together.

15. Do you have plans in the works to tour to support your new album?

Yes we certain have plans and already 4 shows are confirmed for 2015. To support the album and spread the word and music through heaviness and brutalness. More shows will be confirmed. We made a good re-start and glad to be back at the front.

16. What place or places would you really enjoy touring?

Doesn’t matter to us. We like to play all over the planet, we aren’t that picky concerning that, we have wide vision and very excited what will face us and which places we gonna play.

17. Do you have any bands that you would like to tour with?

Also that we don’t have particular interest. We just play and don’t matter which bands it will be. Playing live is what we like to do.

18. Since Soulburn was absent for 16 years, can you tell us what you have been doing during that time?

After that time we did reform into Asphyx, did the On The Wings Album and than there was a time of pure absence, the environment for death metal was low, the interest gone. We kept on with our social lives and picked it up later since 2007, from that period the need for making music again was there. We just had to found each other to complete the songs and the ideas for the new album. The story is simply too long to describe here for 16 years what happened to all of us.

19. Do you ever regret being in the music industry?

No, we both need each other the industry needs us as musicians and we need them to get the proper attention. That never changed during the years. Besides that we have our own private lives filled with the interests besides playing music. However like everyone will experience, we all have bad moments, bad times, but that’s life. Playing the music you like is a gift, and should be precious. Although the music industry also has to be flexible in the needs for get the right things done.

20. If you could not be in a band, you had to find another job, what would you enjoy the most?

Probably nothing. I just need to play music, be inside a band, just to ventilate from current daily businesses. Besides music we all have jobs, and that’s ok, that mix is the needs we have.   

21. Tell us something that would surprise people about SOULBURN.

Good question, but….I think the new album will surprise people enough, we sure ourselves were surprised by the songs and the short time we had to record the album and make all possible we liked to do. We had the deadline for 17th November and we worked very fast to reach that, and we did the job so that’s the biggest surprise of all !!

22. Is there anything that you would like to add that I might have missed asking, but you want the fans/people to know about Soulburn?

Thank you very much for this interview, good points of view and to our fans I say, check the new album, dig it, give it a spin, and when we play in your area we give it all the brutal dedicated way YOU deserve !!. Cheerz & Greetz

Thank you so much for taking the time to do this interview with Metaltitans, and we of course wish you much success with the release of "The Suffocating Darkness". We also hope that you are able to find your way over to North America for a tour.

Thank you very much, it was an honor to do this one and wish you very much good luck with your Metaltitans mag. We sure hope to visit America some day to spread the Soulburn notes around. Greetz Eric Daniels

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