MAY 15th 2016 

Review By: Metal Mom
Photos By: Char Tupper
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Well on Sunday, May 15 I got into the car and travelled down to Seattle, WA to cover Soulfly, Suffocation, Battlecross, Abnormality and Lody Kong at Studio Seven, and I started counting down the days as soon as I heard of the tour.

Studio Seven is good at having local bands play, great, but come on, they played for a long time it seems, maybe it was because it was overbearing in loudness. I could stand outside and the walls were vibrating, very high pitched and loud excruciating noise, I didn’t enjoy it at all, and I was not the only one, even with plugs in the ears, it was overbearing, so I didn’t stay to review the two locals, how can you when you can’t even stand in the room to listen. Did they have a sound check, I have no idea.

First up tonight is LODY KONG from Phoenix, AZ who are known as Sludge Grooves. I have seen them before when they came to Seattle’s Studio 7 with Cavalera Conspiracy, Death Angel, C.O.C. Blind May 7 of last year. There are two new members to the group this time around, Travis Stone on Guitar, and Noah Shephard on Bass, and to complete the band are Igor and Zyon Cavalera. I don’t know if it is the two new members, but this time around, they nailed it, such an amazing sound from this band, great energy on stage, giving me and everyone else at this venue something to remember. These 4 are solid, and played an excellent set, they should have played longer, in fact take off the two openers, and give Lody Kong more time. Listening to Lody was such a great experience for me, being able to compare the previous show to this one, they exceeded all my expectations this time around. Excellent set, and if they come to your town, or anywhere near, don’t make the mistake of missing them, these 4 strong musicians are going places.

Next up tonight is ABNORMALITY, whom I have not had the pleasure of listening to, in fact I have to say, I had not heard of this band until the tour came together. Abnormality is an extreme metal band hailing from Massachusetts who consist of Mallika Sundaramurthy on vocals, Jay Blaisdell (drums), Josh Staples (bass), Sam Kirsch (guitars), Jeremy Henry (guitars), okay, wow, I am impressed, especially with Mallika’s vocals, if I had to compare her singing, it would be to Angela Gossow of Arch Enemy, totally amazing considering she is of such small stature, you just don’t expect such a voice. Theirs was a brutal and intense set, so if you want some aggressive, technical, yet atmospheric death metal, this is the band for you. Great set of songs too.

BATTLECROSS, four regular dudes rising out of Detroit who melt faces around the world. Who makes up this thrash metal band, let me tell you, it is Kyle Gunther (vocals), Tony Asta (guitar), Hiran Deraniyagala (Guitar), Don Slater (bass), and Alex Bent (Drums). Tonight they brought their own assault of fire, energy, and dynamics to Seattle. Now the most energetic here is Kyle, and he looks like he was thoroughly enjoying himself up there on stage, (although I am not sure if Game of Thrones had something to do with that). There is no disappointment here, they played an excellent set with fans enjoying every minute. How can you not. Mosh crowd was a little crazy for them.

Next of course is extreme metallers SUFFOCATION, out of Long Island, New York. On this tour Disgorge drummer Ricky Myers took over vocals, and did a phenomenal job. As did the rest of the crew: Derek Boyer (Bass), Terrance Hobbs (Guitar), Guy Marchais (Guitar), and on drums Kevin Talley. I have never yet had a bad experience with this band who are unique for fusing the technical with the percussive brutal older style of death metal. They always seem to be pushing the boundaries and making their sound their own. The band formed back in 1988 and have made a mark for themselves in this industry. They played a variety of old / new songs with the crowd thoroughly enjoying themselves. Damn they are good.

Well the best was saved for last .. SOULFLY. These musicians who make up this well renowned band have left their mark around the world, and have their own Tribe followers, hit the stage amongst a lot of cheers and horns.  They have been non stop on this tour since April 22nd, and they finish in San Diego on May 21st. So get ready to sell your soul to metal and get a kick in the face at the same time. Sunday night and there was plenty of Soulfly Tribe members in the crowd, throwing their horns, singing, and let’s not forget moshing. I am pretty sure that the energy the band gave off went straight into the crowd and returned like a boomerang. Every musician in Soulfly did a superb job, but of course they have an amazing amount of talent. Nothing better than watching a band that is so well tuned together. This was a flawless performance, and really, would you expect anything else from the masters. Of course the songs they played were old and new, and no matter which ones, the crowd were going crazy for each and every song. I am always amazed at the expertise/talent of Soulfly every time I see them. Always, always, no matter how many times I see them, I walk away with my mouth open and a smile on my face. Not a second can I say, well that wasn’t so good. After all it is Soulfly. There is also something special that happens, a phenomenal surprise, a sign that things are going well between all the bands on this tour, Max invited members of the other band onstage for a guest spot. This is exactly what happened Sunday night, the band members came up on stage to do a metal classic, a cover song from Motorhead's - “Ace of Spades.” And of course what would you expect, the crowd went nuts, with the song being executed to perfection I might add. Amazing to watch all these musicians crowded onto a small stage and belt out this song, and everyone in the crowd was singing right along as well. They are almost at the end of the tour now, only a few days left. Don’t worry, if you didn’t catch this tour, Max Cavalera is expected to hit the road later in the year with his brother Igor celebrating the 20th anniversary of Sepultura’s influential Roots album. No dates have been announced as of this time, so keep your eyes open for the dates.

Remaining Dates:
May 18 – Boardwalk, Orangevale, CA
May 19 - Phoenix Theater, Petaluma, CA
May 20 – Whiskey A Go Go, W. Hollywood, CA
May 21 – Brick by Brick, San Diego, CA

I am going to put a negative comment here, but has nothing whatsoever to do with the tour, but with the security guard who attended the photographers pit. Seriously, if you are going to have someone stand guard, tell them the protocol for photographers, every photographer. That pit is for photographers who have a photo pass, there were many in there that didn’t have one, and they tend to get in the way of ones who do, (who are working for the bands/labels). When a band hands out an ‘ALL ACCESS’ pass, it is so the photographer can get some special shots that happen throughout their set, meaning they are permitted in the pit for the whole set. But seriously security guy, you let some girl come in and stand in the pit, who doesn’t have any cameras, who doesn’t represent a label or band in there, to dance around. Everyone has a job to do, do yours. There had to say it. Don’t mean to sound like a “B” but it did cause a photographer to miss some shots.