FEBRUARY 8th 2014
Review by Metal Mom
Photos by Char Tupper

It’s been awhile since lasting attending a concert, too long in fact. But it is a Monday night, Feb 3rd and what a way to start the week then with SOULFLY. I missed their show last time around, so was anxious to catch the live act. Another great part of this show was that it was held at the Venue in Vancouver, a fantastic place for a show. I have my own special spot to stand so I don’t get nailed by the whacked out moshers.

But before we get to SOULFLY, we have to get through Nihilate, which is a local Vancouver metal band. Everyone who knows me, knows that I write reviews for the shows I attend, also knows, I hate, really hate to write anything negative about a band. But I tried, really I did, to find something good. Well I did find one thing, the drums, yep, they had a great beat, one that I could get into, and that’s pretty much what I focused on during their set. Sorry guys, but for me, the guitars didn’t fit into the drums, the vocals just were not what it took to go along with it either. I didn’t see much movement on the floor, so not sure if others were enjoying it. But I will say this, everyone has different tastes, and Nihilate, was just not mine. But do check them out, it could be one that you enjoy.

Next, is SOULFLY, I did expect a more enthusiastic roar when they came on stage, so I was a little worried when I didn’t hear the screams I expected, so would I enjoy it or not. . But there really was no reason to worry. Damn they are good. They played a variety of songs to some wild jumping up and down, horns high and just all around enjoyment. I really enjoyed the music and the vocals fit right into place, making for a fantastic show. These guys know what they are doing, and the drummer, Max’s son Zyon totally kicked ass. Everyone I am sure knows that Max is the former front man for Sepultura, but after leaving the band in 1996 created SOULFLY. Since that time, they have released 9 studios albums/one tour EP/18 singles and 1 DVD. Their latest album Savages, just goes to show you, they know exactly how to create and please the crowds, and it’s exactly what they did Monday night.

Some of the songs, the crowd went crazy for, especially when it was the older songs.  Max had them jumping. In fact I couldn’t even tell you how long they played, that’s when you know you are enjoying, you aren’t looking at the watch and going is this over yet. I could have stood for much much longer. There is nothing better than watching a band that can execute an all surpassing set. The only thing I did laugh about was the fact Max asked for a circle pit….well I think the fans need to figure out what a circle is…., but that’s it, everything they did, was pure pleasure. I know for sure that next time, I will be there again, and if you missed it, I suggest you get yourself out to one of SOULFLYS concerts, you will walk away from it knowing you got your moneys worth that night, and you will probably be singing one of the songs for your drive home.