FEBRUARY 17th 2015
Review By: Metal Mom
Photos By: Char Tupper



I am sorry, I am not impressed with the door time for this show, it’s a weeknight, most people get off work around 5-6pm then head home, change and try to get down there for a 5:30pm door opening. I was definitely not a happy concert goer tonight, as I really wanted to catch Black Crown Initiate, especially since I have caught their performances a few times, and really enjoy it. So needless to say the first two bands I didn’t catch at all since I need to travel an hour from out of town, and was off work at 5:30. Sucks big time. So put me in a foul mood.

I still managed to squeeze my way into the front for IRON REAGAN, who are Hardcore Punk Metal out of  Richmond, VA. Now as most of you know, I am definitely not a hardcore fan, or punk, but for whatever reason tonight, they killed it, I really enjoyed their set. Fast, quick and done well. The only thing, they have such short songs, I don’t know why, but I guess it’s great though, gives the moshers time to catch their breath only to do it all over again. The floor was pretty full too, a good variety of songs for everyone’s enjoyment. Great job.

Next, is EXHUMED from San Jose, California. These guys I never miss, they have their set down to perfection, they carry it out so well. Yes, I know they are death metal and grindcore, I just ignore the grindcore and enjoy to the max the death metal. First time though I have seen them without Rob Babcock, for me he was missed, he had a lot of energy on stage. They all do actually, which makes for a more enjoyable time, but I missed Rob all the same. When they first enter the stage though you do notice an unfamiliar smell, and you wonder what’s the matter, what is that. But it’s not too long before a crazy guy comes crashing out with a chainsaw, yep, a chainsaw, he fly’s around the stage, up on the speakers to a room full of cheers, all the while swinging the chainsaw around, narrowly missing hands/heads. Is it real, I have no idea, but I took some steps back when he was on the speaker above me. It’s also what makes Exhumed stand out above the others, just having something different added to their performance, gives us the fans so much more. He also came back out to chop off a head in a guillotine. Such a fantastic performance. Professionalism all the way. In fact, I will say it, these guys stole the show for me. Come back soon guys.

Whether you like heavy metal, progressive metal or thrash, or speed or alternative for that matter, this band has something for everyone.  VOIVOD, they are a new experience for me, I have never seen them play before, have not heard their music. They are a Canadian band out of  Jonquière, Quebec. They played for about 45 minutes, and the crowd went crazy for them. The songs they played, I can’t tell you if they were old or new, but they had my attention. I was impressed. The crowd was just a little too brutal for me to stand up front, which is where I enjoy my shows, but if I can’t stand up front, it takes away from the bands performance (for me). I know that the music was executed well, and I could see that everyone was enjoying Voivod, and I am really happy to have had to chance to witness them for the first time, I will be watching them.

NAPALM DEATH, do I even need to explain what type of music they play or say where they guys are from, probably not, this band is well known around the world. I saw them last time on Barge to Hell, and a show the night before the cruise. So I am well aware of what they are capable of putting out. They did a superb job, especially considering that Barney was singing with a cast on his arm, but that didn’t slow him down at all, he still had that unbelievable energy he lets off on stage. The crowd was filling up that floor to capacity. Even moshers had a bit of trouble getting the pit going. They played some songs off their new album Apex Predator - Easy Meat, and a great selection of their older songs. What can you say, this is Napalm Death, everyone that was there, was getting full force grindcore/metal, and you know that these guys have been around for 30 years and by now know exactly what they are doing. A great show.