OCTOBER 19th 2016

Review by Metal Mom
Photos by Char Tupper
Gallery: http://www.metaltitans.com/concertpics/spend-the-night-with-alice-cooper/

Oct 19th at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre, a rainy day, but who cares, after all this is Alice Cooper we are talking about. I still can’t believe this will be my first time seeing him as Alice Cooper, at my age, you think I would have seen him at least once, my daughter has seen him more than I. So growing up with this legendary singer songwriter, you can just imagine how thrilling this was.

Everything went smoothly, getting the tickets, (review) and entering the building, now this is how it is done. It went so fast I couldn’t believe I was already inside. I had a few minutes to wait as they didn’t open the theatre until closer to 8:00pm, show was at 8:15. It was fun to watch all the people come in, from oh so young, to the elderly. The doors opened, and I scooted down to grab my seat, which was just 4 rows back … oh Yahoo!!! I was going to be up close. Yes, I was excited because they are ‘all seats’, no room up front like my usual.

The time now is 8:15pm, and the lights dim, the show was about to starting. I was surprised though; most were still seated in their seats. No way was I going to sit through my first Alice Cooper show, I was on my feet, and cheering when the curtain came down, and the legend himself entered, with his extremely talented band members. Where do I begin. This was a show not to have been missed. Even if you didn’t know who Alice Cooper was, you should always make a point of going and seeing for yourself the talent behind this man and his music. There is so much showmanship on stage, and all coordinated perfectly. You are definitely getting so much more here. There weren’t many songs I didn’t know, so I sang along with most of them, and had a spectacular time. The members all moved around, and performed an immaculate show as well.

Okay, I am going to say it, who caught my eye most, was Nita Strauss. She is an incredible guitarist, she played some breathtaking solos, and these, were true guitar solos, ones that you almost held your breath while listening and watching her work her magic. There is a lot of talent here, and I can say, I have never seen a woman play like that before. I am speechless.

Tommy Henriksen, he looked really familiar when he came to my side of the stage, then I realized he also plays in Hollywood Vampires, that’s where I had seen him before in July. Fantastic player.

Glen Sobel, who has worked with many different bands, but best known for his drumming skills with Alice Cooper. He is really remarkable to watch sitting high up there and twirling those sticks like it was nothing. Totally mastering the kit, you could see it first hand when he did a drum solo to “Halo of Flies”.

Ryan Roxie, another guitarist extraordinaire, was fun to watch, as he looked like he was thoroughly enjoying being up on that stage and playing for the fans. He also played with a double neck guitar, which is always impressive.

Chuck Garric, thundering bass player, who also has a lot of bands behind him, but he is also well known for his band Beasto Blanco, who will be releasing a self-titled album November 25. That bass thunders under his direction.

This truly was quite the concert, all Alice Cooper, no other bands, making for an exceptional night. There were lots of antics on stage, time for some fun, when balloons came out, and when they broke they contained confetti, streamers (red/white/blue) were blown out into the audience, which I came home with. I didn’t manage to catch any picks though. ;) A couple of fellows came out and put Alice into a strait jacket, then Nurse Sheryl, who in her own right got a lot of cheers and attention, proceeded to come out and give him a giant needle, then to finish it off (and Cooper), the old guillotine came out, and off went his head. Wonder if that scared the little ones there half to death. And let’s not forget the Frankenstein that showed up after Mr. Cooper was strapped onto the upright table, electricity shooting through the fog and disappeared.

At a point in the show there was so much cheering and clapping when this happened, a banner was dropped one by one, in brackets is the song they dedicated to each, Keith Moon (Pinball Wizard) - 8/23/42 - 9/7/78 / David Bowie (Suffragette City) - 1/8/47 - 1/10/16 / Lemmy Kilmister (Ace of Spades) - 9/24/45 - 9/28/15. Masterfully done, and I will say, Alice Cooper did a magnificent rendition of Ace of Spades.

If you are a fan of Alice Cooper then you know all his classics, the classics that we played over and over, the ones you grew up too, like “I’m Eighteen”, “School’s Out” a few words were changed here, from “we got no innocence’ to “we got no intelligence”, “No More Mr. Nice Guy”, “Billion Dollar Babies”, and oh so many more, I think the total of songs were about 25, but the funniest one had to be “Elected” with Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton taking part, and beating, slapping each other, then ending with yuk, a kiss, until they dragged each other out of there. Mr. Cooper stated that “We’ve got problems all over America, and I personally don’t care.” The song “Another Brick in the Wall” brought out bubbles, yes bubbles, and I for one was having a blast trying to catch some.

This concert will be in my memory for a life time. Thank you to each and everyone in the band that made this possible. I will be there next time you come through, I am not missing any more.

Remaining tour dates:

10/25- Grand Sierra Theatre - Reno, NV
10/26- San Francisco, CA @ The Warfield
10/28- San Diego, CA @ Harrah’s Resort SoCal
10/29- Indio, CA @ Fantasy Springs Casino Resort
10/30- Los Angeles, CA @ Pantages Theatre
10/31- Bootleg Theater, Los Angeles, CA