MAY 3rd 2014
Review By: Ayako Mayumi
Photos By: Peter Ruttan

Showbox Sodo was the place to kick off the first (SOLD OUT) “All You Can Eat Tour” and by 9pm the lights went out and glammed up and ready to go was Michael Starr, Satchel, Lexxi Foxx and Stix Zadinia. As they took to the stage they immediately launched into ‘PussyWhipped,’ which quickly set the tone for the evening. The band’s raw energy and sense of humor was felt by the packed crowd with everyone in the house singing, swaying and rasing their horns high into the air. Some critics have bashed this band for being fake or over the top but how are you supposed to take a band seriously when they themselves don’t? Part of the fun in seeing Steel Panther is the leopard print and spandex and to see them live is something you don’t want to miss!!

What makes Steel Panther's show work so well is that their songs are catchy and really good. Both of their 'Feel The Steel' and 'Balls Out' CDs contain the same Poison meets Motley Crue with a mix of Van Halen type of material with over-the-top sexually charged lyrics and catchy choruses. With the release of there new album “All You Can Eat” they continue this trend like no other.

One of my favorite members is Lexxi Foxx as he playfully makes the crowd laugh with his larger than life impersonations of the “closeted” band member. Throughout the show he brought out his pink sparkly hand mirror to apply lipstick and hairspray while attempting to pump up the crowd by shouting odd remarks. This would lead to taunting and chauvinistic jokes from the other two members of the band. 

Lead Guitarist Satchel showed shows he an extremely talented during his solo performance mid show. He ignited the crowd by playing popular riffs from idolized 80’s metal bands such as Slash and Guns N Roses. Lead vocalist Michael Starr supplied the Showbox Sodo from beginning to end with energy, great vocals, obscene gestures and womanizing jokes.

The band closed out their show with 2 encores: "Death To All But Metal" and “Community Property following with “17 Years Girls” and “Party All Day”. For good measure, after the show was over, lead vocalist Starr came out one last time to warn the audience that if they had drank too much (or taken too many drugs) and were going to drive a vehicle -- they should make sure to stay awake by taking some cocaine... This night is not for the prudes. All the jokes and the whole show is below the belt. Literally. Metal is not dead!