JANUARY 24th 2017

Singer Stephen Pearcy best known for his tenure in Ratt is set to issue his latest solo effort [his fourth for those keeping count]; the album is titled ‘Smash’ [on Frontiers Records] is due on January 27th, 2017. In addition to promoting ‘‘Smash’ Pearcy will be busy throughout most 2017 with Ratt. Pearcy along with [bassist] Juan Croucier, [guitarists] Warren DeMartini and Carlos Cavazo [formerly Quiet Riot] have reconvened to begin work on what will be the follow-up to Ratt’s 2010 ‘Infestation.’ This is following Pearcy, Croucier, De Martini, Cavazo along with drummer Jimmy Degrasso [Megadeth, Suicidal Tendencies, Black Star Riders, Y &T]  playing a ‘surprise’ gig on ‘The Monsters of Rock Cruise’ last fall.

MetalTitans readers are probably aware that drummer Bobby Blotzer had been touring under the ‘Ratt’ moniker however; he has recently been barred from using the name any further. Stephen Pearcy sat down and spoke with MetalTitans about his solo record ‘Smash,’ the upcoming tour behind ‘Smash,’ ‘real’ Ratt, Bobby Blotzer’s Ratt and the probability new ‘real Ratt’ music.

MetalTitans: You have a new album ‘Smash’ coming out at the tail end of the month. “I Can’t Take It” was the first song you released last fall. Initially you planned to release songs individually then eventually release the album as whole. What changed?

Stephen Pearcy: Well, originally the idea was to release four E.P.’s with four song each. I was in the studio moving along at my pace; I heard from a friend of mine that works at Atlantic [Records]. He mentioned that Frontiers wanted to hear the music I had recorded. I spoke with them. I liked what I heard from them, the liked what they heard; I scrapped everything I had and started from scratch. That was about six months ago; I kept “I Can’t Take It” which was mixed, mastered by [former Ratt producer] Beau Hill. I move ahead into “A Whole Other World.” I took the titled of the album ‘Smash’ from that song. We were so meticulous song selection and with the sequencing of this album.

When we went into the studio; we wanted diversity, we wanted grey, dark and light. I wanted different subject matters. My co-writer and guitarist Erik Ferentinos was very helpful. He took this concept and went to town.  

MetalTitans: The line-up that played on ‘Smash’ was it the same as the line-up that played on the music that was going to make the E.P.’s?

Stephen Pearcy: Absolutely. It was [drummer] Greg [D’Angelo], [bassist] Matt [Thorn], [guitarist] Erik [Ferentinos] and myself.

MetalTitans: You still have Top Fuel [Records]. I imagine before Frontiers came into the picture you were going to release the album independently?

Stephen Pearcy: That’s correct. I or I should say Top Fuel Records; licensed the album to Frontiers.

MetalTitans: Is this deal with Frontiers a one shot thing or will there be more records?

Stephen Pearcy: I believe there will be two albums.

MetalTitans: There will be upcoming solo shows to promote the album?

Stephen Pearcy: Oh, yeah. Absolutely. We start March 11th all the way through July 2nd. That’s nice string of dates thatn we have been putting together. We hope to make it out to Portland. I love Portland. I remember having a great time there with Ratt. We always made a bit of a ruckus when we played Portland.

MetalTitans: You’ll have your work cut out for you as far as the setlist; with the new music, the previous solo stuff, Arcade music and Ratt back catalog.

Stephen Pearcy: That’s right! It could be anything. We are hoping to do four songs off ‘Smash’ at the moment. Like you said we’re doing some Ratt hits and a couple Arcade songs we talked about playing a [Led] Zeppelin song maybe a [Judas] Priest song. It really depends on what goes on out there [on tour]. We have a good time out there with the solo band. It’s unlike Ratt as you can imagine; we don’t have to stick to a format. We don’t have to play ‘the hits’ because that’s what people want to hear.

MetalTitans: So how much pressure do this put on you in terms of your solo album, promoting it and your reunion with...the ‘real Ratt’ guys? Ratt also has dates scheduled throughout 2017.

Stephen Pearcy: It’s actually easy my friend. I just don’t let one disturb the other. A far as Ratt live appearances they are festivals which will work around the solo stuff and vice versa. I actually have a handful of solo festival appearances myself. We make it work. Ratt has something in the works in 2017 but we’ll see what’s in the pressure cooker later in the year.

MetalTitans: When you say ‘in the works’ is it safe to assume that you talking about new music?

Stephen Pearcy: Absolutely, we’ve already started demoing songs for ‘Ratt.’ Juan [Croucier] will get into the mix later in the year. As far as what we’re doing? I don’t know. We could do a tour with someone...there’s just a lot of stuff going on.

MetalTitans: ‘Ratt’ still has deal with Roadrunner [Records], correct?

Stephen Pearcy: [long pause] I really don’t know if that’s the case. It’s been six years since ‘Infestation.’ I just don’t know if that still a valid thing.

MetalTitans: Continuing with Ratt if that’s cool? Because ‘Ratt Lives Matter.’

Stephen Pearcy: Sure. I’m familiar with them! [laughs]

MetalTitans: Would you have been ‘okay’ had [former drummer] Bobby Blotzer would have moved on with ‘Bobby Blotzer’s Ratt Experience’ and not hijacked the ‘Ratt’ name?

Stephen Pearcy: That would have been smart. That would have been more respectful and less deceptive.

MetalTitans: It’s incredible as I rifle through the Ratt CD booklets; that a guy that has like 7-8 co-writes on Ratt songs that aren’t even the hits and winds up with the name?

Stephen Pearcy: [pause] In actuality on all the ‘real Ratt’ records he only got credit on like three songs. In the latter records he got co-writes; we didn’t even know these other people who were co-writers. That has nothing to do with the reality...

MetalTitans: Out of curiosity do you know any of the guys that are in Blotzer’s band?

Stephen Pearcy: I don’t know any of those people. That’s Bobby’s world...I try to stay out of that.

MetalTitans: Robbie Crane was a member of Ratt for several years he left and Juan [Croucier] came back. Crane surfaced last year in one of the several incarnations of Blotzer’s band. How do you feel about Crane working both sides of the fence?

Stephen Pearcy: I don’t have an issue with Robbie? Not at all. I’m not one to stop someone from making a living. I’m sure that’s all it was, it was about making some money. I have zero issues with Robbie Crane. We’re good.