JULY 25th 2015

Welcome to Metaltitans, Guardians of Metal Entertainment Worldwide, we are here with Stoney Stone, guitarist for STORMWITCH, thank you Stoney for doing this interview.

1.  Can you tell us how STORMWITCH came to be the name for the band ?

The first name was Lemon Sylvan. Shortly before the first release "Walpurgis Night", the band change the name to Stormwitch. It was more a spontaneous decision.
2.  The band's line-up consists of vocalist Andy Mück, guitarists Ralf Stoney and Volker Schmietow, bassist Jürgen Wannenwetch and drummer Micha Kasper, tell us how each came to be in the band …

I myself came by a fan of Stormwitch to the band. Jürgen was the first Bass player of Stormwitch, he was in the Band 1979 1984 and Harald Spengler kick them off, shortly before the first record was released. Volker comes from the same town like me and was brought by me to the Band. With Micha I’ve played in 1990 in a Band called Lyon and I found him again on facebook. It was perfect because at this time we are searching for a new drummer to record “Season of the witch”.
3.  There have been a few changes over the years, do you feel that the line-up you have today is the right combination of band members ?

Yes, it is the best whatever happened.
4. Has it been a hard process to be recognized in Germany , or is the heavy metal genre well liked over there ?

No, we have here in Germany for about 5 years the trend that the fans are interested again more in the classical Metal.
5.  The new line up has been together since 2010, is that correct? Obviously it is working well or changes would have been made. What is the best part about STORMWITCH for you ?

The current line up is since 2013 together. Now, I believe it works perfect.
6.  You have a new album, 10th called “Season Of The Witch” about to be released, Feb. 17, though Massacre Records, what can people expect from this album ?

They really get a strong Stormwitch album. It is back to the roots, a typical Stormwitch album. I think the old fans would love it and new fans will be more interested for the Band.
7.  It will be available as CD,  limited edition digipak with exclusive bonus tracks and gatefold vinyl LP, how did you decide to release it in these forms ?

This was not planned and the idea came from Massacre Records. But it was a good idea!
8. Recording, mix and mastering was done by yourself at your own studio, was that a long process?  What made you decide to do this yourself ?

Yes, it was very long process but we want to do it because we had a vision how it has to sound.
9. Did you go to school to learn to process of recording/mixing ? I have been in a recording studio and am always overwhelmed by all the buttons, gadgets.

No, I didn’t go to school to learn the process of recording and mixing. It was a learning by doing over all the years. I starting with recording and mixing in the 80’s and do a lot of them.
10.  Did each member create their own music and come prepared, or was it all done, and they learned the music ?

Me and Andy have written the songs. I showed the other their parts.
11.  You also helped to create the cover artwork along with Minz Meyer, how did you come up with design, what kind of inspiration did you have ?

Simply, it should symbolize the resurrection of the witch.

12.  As a guitarist, do you have a favourite guitar you prefer to use when you play ?

Yes, I love Fender Stratocaster and Gibson Les Paul Models both with Seymour Duncan Pick up’s
13.  If so, why that choice over any others ?

As I was a child, I always wanted to have one of this. Both have a great tone and works perfectly for my playing.
14.  Do you remember your first guitar ? What was it, and who did you get it from ?

It was a Stratocaster Copy. I got it from my mother when I destroyed my classical guitar, ha ha ha.
15.  Did you go to school to learn to play guitar or did you master it on your own ?

Yes I have to learn classical guitar with 6 years but I always want to play Rock music. With 12 years I changed to E-Guitar and master it on my own. Later in the 90’s I was on School for Rock Guitar to learn more the technical playing.
16.  Who writes the lyrics for the songs ?

Andy and his Girlfriend.
17.  Do you personally have a favourite song on your new album, and if so what makes that one your choice ?

Yes, Las Warrior. I like them because there a so many things that reminds me to Judas Priest and Iron Maiden.
18.  Do you have plans to tour after the release of “Season Of The Witch” ?

No, we don’t want to tour, because we all have jobs and family.
19.  Tell us something about STORMWITCH, that people may not know .

There are some rumours about unreleased album “Poems Of Death” which was done in the 90’s but never saw a light of day. If you listen to Hammerfalls " At The End Of The Rainbow " . It is one song that was planned for the " Poems Of Death " album.
Is there anything you would like to add to this interview that I might have missed asking you that you want people to know ?

Yes, we want to thank all our fans in the USA for all the support over the years and I really hope to see you one day when we are on stage!

Best Regards,
Thank you (Danke) for taking the time to do this interview, and we wish you much success with “Season Of The Witch”, and maybe your tour will bring you over to North America so we get the chance to see you perform.

Last Warrior: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L1faLpxZc2g