FEBRUARY 27th 2015

Review by: YouFO

Genre: Melodic Tech Metal

Kai Giritli - guitar/vocals
Jay Shields - vocals
Ben Atkinson - drums
Sean Moxom - guitar
Rich Lawry-Johns - bass

Hometown: London/Kent UK

Track Listing:
01.Born of the Sun
05.Illusion of Eternity
07.In Order to Live (pt2)

Subversion is a five piece melodic tech metal band from Kent in the UK, forming in early February of 2008. Before reviewing this album, I tried to find some information about the band and their music, but not much could be found. I just like to have a little back info going in.

Technical is kind of hard to describe, I find it a little brutal and made for the hardcore types. Melodic gives it a bit more, something I can enjoy. So aggressive and a little melody. I am not really a fan of tech, but I will give it a whirl to review, always willing to give an open ear.

Guitars seem to add some atmosphere, giving the album some great riffs. Drums are brutal and unforgiving. The vocals on Animi are diverse, and all tech, something I am sure that the tech fans will appreciate.

Okay, I will tell you honestly that I am not a fan of tech, but I know that many out there are, and I can tell by listening that fans will enjoy these 10 tracks.  After all the band did what they do, captured it on CD and is giving it to the fans, after all they are not going to waste their time putting it all together if it wasn't good.


So if you enjoy Tech with some Melody, give this a listen.