JUNE 10th 2015

Review by: Metal Mom
Photos by: Char Tupper

Photos: http://www.metaltitans.com/concertpics/summer-of-doom-2015/

Another trip into Vancouver, so many tours coming through, it’s hard to keep up and cover them all. Also a phenomenal day for this drive, sunny, windows down, and blasting some Metal.

Again, my only complaint for this show was doors opening at six, it’s pretty hard to get down there when you are off work at 5:30pm, have to go home, get gear, put on some metal wear of course, and then drive down, oh and don’t forget parking. By the time I arrived I sadly missed the first 2 bands tonight, Without Mercy and Bog, sorry guys.

First up for the review is TERRIFIER, a Vancouver based thrash metal band, I haven’t seen them for awhile, but have to say, they sound had improved a lot since the last time I saw them. There was some great riffage, blasting drum beats along with some brutal vocals, and all to their own unique style. They really have pulled everything together to make their own sound. I have now discovered as well that being up front for the full assault is great, but at the back you can hear a much more finished sound. Either front or back, they guys nailed it.

Next is LORD DYING, WOW!! It has been a long time since I saw them last, and really I am speechless, what an accomplished sound. Everything just melted together, and personally loved the beat, really uplifting (if you can say that about metal). There wasn’t a song I didn’t like, in fact they caught my attention from the first beat, and held it until the end. They have been making a name for themselves, and you will understand why once you see/hear them play. Great set, everyone played to perfection, just a phenomenal job. In fact, I got too hot inside and had to go get some fresh air, but that didn’t last long, as soon as another song started, I was right back in there up front. Also, what held my attention the most was the drummer Joe Mandigo, because … it’s all I can do to get ‘my’ feet going at different times evenly, but watch him, speed, this is the meaning of it, feet blasting, arms plummeting and then lifting an arm to twirl the stick, and amongst all this, doing some head banging, how on earth he can be that coordinated to do all that at one time, just amazed me. Everyone on stage, did an incredible job, just too bad there was such a low attendance to this show. I will definitely be there in the front again when they return. In fact, for me, they stole the show, hands down.

BATTLECROSS steps out onto the stage next, after some difficulties crossing the border. Seems they didn’t have enough seat belts. But they made it, and we enjoyed a full set of some cross-over thrash/classic American heavy metal from Detroit. Now many of you know Battlecross, they have been on some mighty tours and they are not ones to let obstacles get in their way. Listen closely and you can hear the aggression, the diversity, the full on metal assault, with the band having non stop energy. They draw you in and your captivated, and when it’s over, you are left wanting more. An incredible set. The crowd that was there, even though there were not many, were head banging, horns high, and just a tiny mosh pit, but let it be known, Battlecross gave us everything they had and more.

Last but not least is CROWBAR, and I am pretty sure you all know this name in Metal, if you came for some metal, sludge metal, doom metal, and doom core, then this New Orleans band delivered it full force. What they handed us, on a silver platter is deliberate , low-keyed, heavy and pondering elements that also contain accelerated hardcore punk tones. Really a band you need to see to really appreciate the sound they have. At least the crowd had gathered more, but still sad to see so little people attending. Every band member did an impressive job, great musicianship here. It got to hot for me, so had to go to the back, and once in awhile hit outside to get fresh air. But I could still hear them and appreciate what I was hearing. Make no mistake Crowbar knows what they are doing and they do it well.