AUGUST 28th 2014
Review By: Metal Mom
Photos By: Char Tupper

First up at the Rickshaw Theatre is "The Hallowed Catharsis" a Vancouver based metal band. They are one of two bands that took the place for Black Crown Initiate. A young band that seems to have their set down and can express their metal ways. Crowd seem to enjoy, there were plenty of people on the floor.

Next is a progressive metal band with a ton of energy, again out of Vancouver, "Neck of the Woods". Seems to be more technical a band, but the floor was filling. Some moshing was also happening. They put on a good show, and were enjoying themselves up on the stage.

“Fallujah” is up after the locals, they are an Atmospheric Death Metal band out of the San Francisco Bay area. Again the crowds went a little crazy with these guys. Seems to be just what the fans wanted. Once again, they played an excellent set.

 Moshing at this point was a little more intense, just wish people knew how to mosh. Then I could enjoy the band more. It was a little hard to do when you are constantly looking over your shoulder because someone is pushing another so hard into the people in front. PEOPLE, MOSH PIT STAYS IN THE MIDDLE. This is also when the security guys came in, 3 of them to fill the space between fans and band.

“Archspire”, well no words need to be said really about this local band that is more than local now. If you came for some Brutal Technical Death Metal, then you got it with this band, plus much more. There is nothing better than playing in front of the home crowd. Fans were excited to hear Archspire play their set to perfection. I am not a huge fan of the tech death metal, but these guys, I will stand up front, and truly enjoy. They execute their songs with such bad ass control. Each and every one on that stage did an outstanding job. It's no wonder they are moving up in the world of metal. The only thing I did miss (sort of), was the comments between songs from Oliver. But other than that, Archspire did a first rate kick ass job.

Headliner tonight is a band you might also recognize .. "The Faceless". Their hometown is Encino, CA and death metal is what you are about to get, full on. I know I have seen these guys play before, but I forgot just how exceptional they are. I think what I did enjoy the most was the fact there are two vocalist, both with such distinct vocals, and adds such a flavor to their set, it really caught my attention, along with many others in that room, it was packed. They too executed a exemplary set.

The only problem I had with this lineup .. sorry everyone, most of you will hate me for this, but if you took the breaks away (the time for take down/set up), most of these bands you wouldn't be able to tell who was who on stage. With the exception of course of Archspire and The Faceless, those 2 bands, yes they are tech, as the rest of them are, but brought a little more to the stage. They have something unique, it is what makes them stand out. I would prefer to have seen a little more genre variety. At least that way, the great bands stand out more. Some I talked to were bored because it was all the same style. Just a thought.

And don't get me wrong, all the bands did play well, no one sucked, its just too much of the same on one bill.

I would also like to mention that “Black Crown Initiate” could not make it due to van problems, which is a real shame, they would have brought something totally different to the show. I have seen them on recent tours, and they kill it every time they play.
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