MAY 21st 2016

Review by Ruben Mosqueda

Sunflower Dead that’s the band’s name---seriously? So the name doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue; it’s hard not to have a prejudgment with an act but the name doesn’t seem to ‘pop.’ What Sunflower Dead does possess is a unique sound that culls from modern metal, nu metal and avant-garde acts like Faith No More, Tool, Dog Fashion Disco and the like. So out of the box is Sunflower Dead that they use unconventional instruments (for rock music) such as; an accordion, hurdy gurdy and violin in their music. How is that for diverse? 

The band hails from Long Beach, California and has been a staple in the local circuit since about 2012. Sunflower Dead formed from the ashes of the band Droid as guitarist Jamie Teissere joined up with former Two-Hit Creeper singer and accordionist (is that a word?)Michael Del Pizzo and guitarist “Jaboo” for a casual jam. The end result was the formation of Sunflower Dead. The band went on to release a debut album produced by former Fear Factory bassist Christian Olde Wolber and was distributed by KoRn’s Munky Shaffer’s Emotional Syphon Recordings.  Their latest offering ‘It’s Time to Get Weird’ was produced by Dave Fortman and Mikey Doling. The album was issued independently in 2015 but it will be reissued by Bloody Bat Records .  The standout tracks on the record are; “Through The Blackest Eyes,” “I’ll Burn It,” “It’s Time to Get Weird” which features Johnathan Davis and “You’re Dead to Me.”

There’s no question that if this band lands a support slot major tour they will raise eye brows; not only in terms of the band’s imagery but as well as with their own spin on modern hard rock genre. And trust me Sunflower Dead take you on a strange yet fascinating journey on ‘It’s Time to Get Weird.’ I’m not kidding—it’s definitely worth checking this album out.