APRIL 18th 2016

Review by: Metal Mom

Band Members:
Bobby Cathers - Vocals
OCD Adam - Drums
Joe Damage – Guitar
Logan Romanowicz - Guitar

Genre: Philly Based Groove Injected Industrial Metal

Hometown: Philadelphia

Look up Tenth Amendment and this is what shows up:

The Tenth Amendment, or Amendment X of the United States Constitution is the section of the Bill of Rights that basically says that any power that is not given to the federal government is given to the people or the states.

Well let’s just say that the Tenth Amendment band gives their music to the people around the world.

A style often referred to as groove-injected industrial death metal, Tenth Amendment brings a new element to the metal scene, a definite unique sound.

Originally a solo side project for drummer, OCD Adam, the band has grown to something beyond their expectation. With a foundation in heavy metal and a love for electronic music, Tenth Amendment combines elements of these genres in new ways to create something distinctly metal, yet refreshingly new.
In late 2010, Cory stepped up the mic and became the voice of Tenth Amendment. His aggressive style brought life to the lyrics written by Adam. In a few short months, ‘Self Evident' was born: a concept album that combines powerful rhythm, aggressive vocals, and intelligent lyrics to create a brutal album from start to finish. 'Self  Evident' reception has been nothing less than amazing.

2011, brought in Joe Damage and Logan Romanowicz to complete the lineup by donning the strings and adding their own style to the live show and bringing the music to the next level. In less than eight months, Tenth Amendment went from opening at small local venues to headlining at major event centers. With this happening, you know they have found their niche in the metal music realm of things. If you listen closely you might here the bands that had some influence, like Fear Factory, Pantera, and Machine Head. But you will hear, their style, what was great, was that they gave me something different to listen to and thoroughly enjoy. It is great to see a band step up and crank out 10 songs with their own twist to it.
I know all you heavy metal fans will enjoy this, check it out, you won’t be disappointed. Everything with this band, obviously well planned and thought out, there wasn’t too much of any one instrument, it is like a puzzle, a metal puzzle that is complete and well put together.

Track Listing:
1. Against All Enemies  01:34
2. Defiance  03:35
3. Impact  02:24
4. Conviction  04:49
5. Cold and Calculated  03:31
6. Ghosts  03:43
7. Liberty Weeps  03:39
8. Call to Arms  04:11
9. Dead to Rights  04:54
10. The Pledge  06:25

Cold and Calculated:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sHzYh6Dyxmk