JUNE 3rd 2016

Welcome to Metaltitans, Guardians of Metal Entertainment Worldwide, we are here today with TYR guitarist Terji Skibenaes, talking to him about his first solo/instrumental album.

1. You began playing guitar at 13 years old, do you remember the first guitar you owned ?

Yes it was a cheap Stratocaster style guitar, I think it was called Probe or something. I originally wanted to play drums but he bought me a guitar instead, cause it was less noisy.

2. Was it a gift or did you buy it?

My dad got me it, cause I just wanted to learn some instrument. I originally wanted to play drums but he bought me a guitar instead, cause it was less noisy.

3. Do you have more than one ? If so, do you have a favourite ?

I think I have around 12 guitars right now that I use. Not really a favourite, they all have their own charm.

But favorite guitar to play live is one of the custom made Ibanez I have. A single cut relic guitar.

4. I read that you have had a few lessons, but mostly self taught, who would have been your influences for this ?

My brother gave me a few lessons in the beginning, but after that I rented tablature books of Metallica, Pantera and so on. Just listened to the songs and tried to play along.
And got a vhs of Yngwie Malmsteen, which taught me a whole lot!

5. You are also in the band Tyr, what made you step out and try something different ?

I had the time off from TÝR and I have always wanted to release a guitar oriented solo album.

6. Was there anyone or band that was an influence on you to try this ?

Yeah, Marty Friedman, Steve Vai, Yngwie Malmsteen and so on.

7. You now have a full length instrumental debut album that was recently released, I have read good things about it, did it turn out exactly how you wanted ?

I did not really have any expectations, I just really wanted to finally release a solo album. But it’s nice to see positive things about it. So it turned out better than I expected I guess.

8.  Do you have other musicians as well that helped pull this all together ?

Only a guest guitarist on the song Secrets Of War, where a Faroese guitar player I know contributed with a solo in the middle of the song.
I put everything else together by myself.

9. What kind of inspiration did you have putting this album together ?

The guitar is always the biggest inspiration. There are so many things you can do with it.

10. Was it a long process from writing the songs to where you had the finished CD in your hands ?

Yes cause some of the songs are many years old. The oldest one is probably close to 10 years.
But from when I started recording them it took maybe half a year.

11. Did you have any issues while recording ?

Not really, everything went quite smooth.

12. Now that the album is out, will you be doing any kind of touring to promote it ?

No tour as of yet, but hopefully there will be.

13. You also do tattoos, amazing ones I might add, how did you get into that ?

Thank you. I have always been into dark art, so it was pretty natural that I became a tattooist.
I was offered an apprenticeship in 2009 from the tattooist that did most of my tattoos and from there I started my own company and opened the very first tattoo shop in Faroe Islands.

14. Where do you go for yours ?

Nowadays I go to my work partner Fjølnir Geir Bragason when I need something new. But it’s not very often anymore that I get tattooed.

15. What is next for you ?

Next is to record the new TÝR album and then tour to promote that. And after that I am going to start recording my second solo album, which I already have many songs ready.

Is there anything you would like to add to this interview ?

Check out my album, you can get it at http://www.terjiguitar.com/shop/
And I hope that I will be able to tour the album.
Thank you!

Time for Change: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lIpcwoRabz8