FEBRUARY 27th 2015

Review by: Metal Mom

Genre: Death Metal
Hometown: Trollhättan
Record Label: Century Media Records

Band Members:
Johan Lindstrand - Vocals
Marko Tervonen - Rhythm Guitar
Robin Sörqvist - Lead Guitar
Magnus Olsfelt - Bass

Track Listing:
01. Reign
02. Headhunter
03. Iblis Bane
04. Eternal
05. Struck by Lightning
06. Speed Kills (Full Moon Ahead)
07. Herd of Swine
08. Horrid Ways
09. Ride to Ruin
10. Meduseld
11. Godeater

Nothing better than getting a review when it's a band I am not familiar with. So after numerous listens, I have to say they have their sound down to an art. For those that enjoy the death/thrash genre, then this is one for you. It's dark, brutal, with a little of the old melodic death metal added in, giving it an all round headbanging experience. You will also find (strange as it might sound) a Paradise Lost cover, and yes, they conquered that as well. You are going to find some variety on here, it's not the punch in the gut that you might expect from death metal, but, that's what I liked best about it, I get tired of the newer death metal bands, the same drums blasting through, the all so familiar guitar riffs. This is different, and something you need to experience. Whoever gets tired of the well executed guitar solos, not me, and you will find some here. This album "Death is Not Dead" is original, well planned, and carried out.