MARCH 28th 2015

Welcome to Metaltitans, Guardians of Metal Entertainment Worldwide, we are here with Sweden’s Marko Tervonen, guitarist for ‘THE CROWN’. Thank you for taking the time to do this interview.

1. You are well known as Swedens death thrash masters, and you are about to release your 8th album, in January of 2015, “Death is Not Dead”, how did you come up with the title for the album ?

Well we wanted a good punch line title that sums it all up. Death Is Not Dead is a statement that we are still around even though we should have been dead and buried by now. And also that Death metal is still around and that not every band is commercial posers! And deeper still, that Death is still around as the absolute condition of life.
2.  For those of us who don’t know, can you tell us how each of the members came to be in The Crown:
Johan Lindstrand (Vocals):  He is the original singer, 1990-2000, then he left us and we got Tomas. Then he came back and we did a new album before we called it quits. When we resurrected The Crown again he had his own band and did not want to make new albums with us. So we did the last album with Jonas. After that he changed his mind and wanted to come back again... Phew! Anyway we are happy to have him back and also grateful to have had the honour to have worked with Tomas and Jonas who are also awesome screamers.
Marko Tervonen (Rhythm Guitar): Joined the band in a really early stage. Has been a driving member ever since.
Robin Sörqvist (Lead Guitar):  Joined the band when Marcus prioritized his other band in 2013.
Magnus Olsfelt (Bass): Original member since 1990.
Janne Saarenpää (Drums): Original member since 1990. Now out of the band for unknown time because he has moved to California.
3. This album will be the first full length to feature original frontman Johan Lindstrand, is Johan now a permanent member ?
Yes he is! I hope ! He is really dedicated and has really stepped in writing lyrics and stuff like never before.
4.  What made the band decide to put melodic death metal with aggressive old-school death metal tendencies and considerable thrash metal influences together ?  Great combination by the way.

Thank you! We did not plan it. I think we just want to make honest music and it reflects our influences. I was really inspired hearing bands blasting great melodies in such a brutal way back in the days like Morbid Angel for example.
5. A lot of people have said that it’s more of an American / Scandinavian sound, do you agree with that ?

Yes I agree. American bands like Metallica, Slayer and Morbid Angel have been close to our sound always. But we also have the Scandinavian heritage like Bathory, Entombed, At the gates etc.
6. The band originally started out as a garage band, and now after 25 years, are you happy to be where you are ?
Yes very happy! It is actually awesome to have such a long history and it is still feeling exiting. Every new song we make feels fresh and new.

7.  You have previously been on tour with such names as Enslaved, Morbid Angel, Nile , Cannibal Corpse and many others, very impressive, is there a band out there that you would really want to tour with ?
Yes we've been gigging with some great bands for sure. It would be awesome to tour with Metallica or Slayer or Danzig.

8. This album seems to show that you guys are still on top of your game, for those wondering, can you tell us what old/new fans can expect from this album ?
It is a new album and it means new songs that is a reflection of what we are now, not us trying to sound like this or that album from the past. That is important for old fans to know. And also that this is honest good music from a real band doing it because we love it. Not some product "band" analyzing how to make a selling image or whatever making other people write music for them and telling them what to do.
9. Who wrote the lyrics for “Death Is Not Dead” ?  What was the inspiration behind it ?
Me (Magnus) and Johan wrote the lyrics. For my part I was inspired by real spiritual concepts like esoterism and Traditionalism. Death, Judgement, Eternity. And as always the subcreation of Tolkien which has been a source of undying enchantment and inspiration ever since I was 6 or 7 years old.
10.  Do you yourself have a favourite song on this album, and why that one ?

It changes. First my favourite was Iblis Bane, then it was Headhunter. Now I think it is Meduseld, because it has a great atmosphere and really the first time that we successfully has done a real instrumental track that is not an intro/outro/interlude.
11.  Tell us about the album cover, who created it ?
It was made by Björn Gosses of Killustrations.

12. To me, it looks to be a pinball machine, with fire/blood , what was the idea behind it, how does it relate to “Death Is Not Dead” ?

Yes it supposed to look like a nightmare pinball machine. We had that idea and Björn made it come true. You can say that it relates to the title by being brutal but with a playful twist to it. Life is like a game where you will lose your life sooner or later!
13. Will you be touring in support of your 8th album ? Has it been planned yet, or still in the works ?

We will play a few chosen special shows. The release party, The Close-up boat, Japan and Hellfest.  We won't do any long tours anymore.

14. When did you get your first guitar, and was it acoustic or electric ?

My first bass guitar I got on my 15th birthday. And it was electric!  We had already started the band but I had borrowed a bass before I had my own. I was of course a great feeling!  I am still searching for that perfect bass that will end the hunt.
15.  Did you take lessons, or are you self taught ?
You can say that I learned by rehearsing and playing with the band. That was my lessons. I got some books and tapes but it did never appeal to me. I have always ONLY been interested in playing my own songs.

16.  Is there anything yet that you haven’t done that you would like to do, band or otherwise ?

Yes I would really like to do some more extreme stuff with the band. Experiment more. Have the freedom to do awesome and amazing stuff. Like a really brutal album like the new "Scum" or "Kill em all" or something like that - something that really gives you a kick in the brain. Or a really doomy album. Or just some super quality stuff. We will see - maybe a mix of all that...
17.  When you are just relaxing, what kind of music do you enjoy listening to ?

 No music or anything. I can relax to super brutal or super mellow stuff.
18.  With your music experience, what over the years, do you see as the most harmful thing for musicians these days ?

I guess that whole talent show mentality is really harmful. Or any music based not on expression but on greed and the need for fame and attention.
19. Is there anything that you would like to add to this interview that I may have missed asking you, that you want people to know ?

I think you have done a great interview, thank you!  I want people to know that Death is Not dead!
20. I have one personal question that I would like to ask, can you tell me how Sweden has so many talented musicians, every time I turn around to review a CD, or do an interview, it’s a Swedish band, and a talented one at that. Is it the water ;) lol

No it' s in the beer! He he!
Thank you ( tack ) so much for taking the time to do this interview with us. We wish you much success with “Death Is Not Dead”.
Thanks again for the interview and for your support! Cheers!