MARCH 23rd, 2018


Welcome to Metaltitans, we are here with THE CROWN who on March 16th will be releasing their latest "Cobra Speed Venom" through Metal Blade. Originally forming in 1990, the band started out as a "garage act" band, that quickly changed that to established death metal band by performing and touring with acts like Cannibal Corpse, Nile, Entombed, even The Ramones back in the early 90's. To learn more about The Crown, check out our interview below: 

Interview By: Metal Mom

1. You are about to release your newest album "Cobra Speed Venom", how did you choose this name for the album?

The title was actually pretty old like back from the Hell is Here/Deathrace King era, when I brainstormed up some cool titles. I had all forgotten about it but somehow it stuck with Marko and he brought it up and everyone seemed to think it was a kick ass title! If you remember it 20 years it must be worth something...
2. Tell us what we might expect to hear?

Well, It’s our brand of straightforward No-Bullshit, High energy Metal. I think it is also catchy and songs that you can actually remember, even though it is Hard and brutal it is still kind of listenable in a way...

3. You have 13 songs on the album, do you personally have a favourite? If so why that one.

I think all the songs are Very solid and make a great package. Personal favorites change, right now from the top of my head it is ”in the Name of Death” because it has that special mix of brutal, rocking, punk style riffing but also with Nice melody and arrangements.

4. Where did the inspiration come from for this album to write the songs?

Me on this one I had a lot of new inspiration from the old Swedish band Anti Cimex, you can hear that inspiration in tracks like Iron Crown. Also, I listened to Venom 2 first albums, Wildfire album by Deströyer 666 and List by Martyrdöd. Plus, all the usual old inspirations like morbid angel and Metallica.

5. Who, and how did you come up with the album artwork?

I had the Idea of a Big wave filled with skulls and demons in the foam. I contacted Christian Sloan Hall who is a great Metal artist and actually a fan of the band since back in the days, to make it happen. And Yeah, he Did make it, he spent 2 months doing absolutely awesome details. It’s also great colouring with the sundown. It’s kind of like a mix of master of puppets with altars of Madness!

6. After 27 years of doing this, how do you still come up with ideas to write?

I don’t know! I have been trying to get out of this, But, it keeps Pulling me back in! So, I guess it’s just my destiny to be doing this. And I love it more now than ever almost!

7. Did you expect to still be around after this time?

No, I guess I thought that I would be a ’Grown up’ by now. Not doing this teenage shenanigans anymore. But Life does surprise you sometimes doesn’t it? And now I really cherish and value the fact that I am still playing this stuff in the same band as when I was 14. It kind of turns into a lifework in a way, all the work that has been put into this band by all the people and fans over the years, its making it bigger and bigger for every year that is passing.

8. What has been the best experience so far for you in the music industry?

I always liked doing albums the best. The making of it, and it is turning out great.

9. You have been in the business for a while now, what has been the worst thing that has happened to bands over time?

Worst things are probably that you get to a point when you feel that you have Sacrificed too much. and it is not worth it anymore.

10. When did you first pick up a guitar?

13 years old. and we started playing as a band at 14. So, I learned to play in the rehearsals.

11. Was it a gift, do you still have it?

Yeah. I got my first bass as a birthday gift when I Turned 15, before that I had borrowed a bass at the rehearsal.  I loved it. It was a black Hohner The Jack, it had a body But. it was headless so it was a pain in the ass finding strings for that in Sweden at the time.

12. Did you take guitar lessons or are you self-taught?

No Never took lessons, Maybe I will do that in the future. Learn the music theory and all the proper way to play the bass like a real musician, that would be fun. I don’t even feel like a proper musician, just a thug with a bass trying to make something Good without really knowing how.

13. What guitar brand do you use, and why that choice?

I have tried out a lot of different bass guitars But. the last years I have found out that the Precision Bass, which actually is the first electric bass, it’s the way to go. It is a punchy, beefy tone, one pick up, so it’s simple and it sounds just right in the mix and it Feels right playing. No bullshit just the fundamental, archetypal electric bass.

14. How do you go about picking the right guitar for you?

I like playing it without amp. If it Feels Good on my hands, and sounds Good acoustically it usually is also with the amp plugged in.

15. What music do you enjoy when you are not working with The Crown? Do you have music that no one would ever expect you to listen to, I know I have some.

I like all sorts of music, it goes in periods, I am listening mostly to Metal nowadays, Bathory, Marduk, and Black Sabbath are favorites right now. But there are other occasions when I put on something completely different. Avantgarde, kraut, indie, rock, jazz, croon, tango, classical, movie soundtracks etc. all genres have jewels

16. Is there anything you want to add to this interview, that I may have missed asking?

You have forgot to ask about my favorite book and graphic novel. The answers are The Lord of The Rings and Watchmen. If you haven’t read those you are missing out!

Thank you so much for taking the time to do this interview with us here at Metaltitans. We wish you much success with your new album “Cobra Speed Venom".

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