OCTOBER 16th 2014

Welcome to Metaltitans, Guardians of Metal entertainment worldwide. We are here talking with Adrian from THE HAUNTED of Gothenburg, Sweden.  Thank you for taking the time to do this interview with us.

1. The band has been around since 1996, what keeps you motivated?

The continuous feeling of loving the music we play and wanting to re invent our sound. There is always something that can be changed. If you ever make the perfect album, I suppose that this quest would end. We love playing and we love playing together.

2.  You are classified as “metal”-- does this really matter to you what genre they put you in, or you just play your music and people can think what they want about the genre?
We play the music that we like to listen to and like to play. Metal? Yes, for sure. But I think that’s as far I go with the categories and genres. If we wrote a passage that wasn't metal and yet we still liked it…. it would still be on the album. If it feels good its right.

3. You have a new album, ‘Exit Wounds’, about to be released by Century Media on Aug. 25 in Europe and Sept. 2 in North America. What can the fans expect to hear on this album?

A much heavier album compared to what we have done in many years. In a way its a return to our thrashy roots in a more modern version.

4.   You also have a new revitalized team now, featuring founding members Jonas Björler (bass) and Jensen (guitars) teaming up with former members Adrian Erlandsson (drums) and Marco Aro (vocals), together with newest member Ola Englund (guitars). Are you looking forward to touring together in support of your new album?

Yes very much so. The new lineup has given the band a real lift. We sound heavier than we have in years and the main difference is that everyone is really enjoying it.

5.  You have 14 tracks to listen to-- do you personally have a favourite, and why that one? Or do they all simply kick ass?

I love them all for different reasons and I keep having different favourites. At the moment its ´All I have´ But I also love to play 317 and Cutting teeth live.

6.  Breaking new ground, pissing people off, exploring unfamiliar territories-- is this what the album is basically about? It’s quite easy to piss people off these days.

People are more vocal these days. With social media sites and smart phones everyone has a public voice and they love to use it. Everyone’s opinion has to be heard. But there are a lot of people hiding behind pseudo monickers online which makes them more brave and cocky than what they would ever dare to say to your face. The album deals with different aspects of life, people talking shit but also getting shit back…Just normal life if you like. I guess it depends on what kind of life you lead.
7.  How long of a process was it to record/mix your latest CD? I imagine it must be faster and a little more easier when you work with someone who is a long-time producer (Tue Madsen).

It was done in a few different stages but I think in total it took about 2 months from the first drum hit to the last mix went down. Yes, Tue is like a sixth member of the band and he really adds some cool ideas to the mix and offered some very valuable ideas for the overall process.

8.  Who wrote the lyrics for ‘Exit Wounds’?  And was there any inspiration that helped the writer to create?

It is a mixture of Marco, Jensen, Jonas and Ola. The different people have different lyrical inspirations though. I think the overall feeling of being really happy with the brutality of the new material added some desperation to the lyrics. They all go under the banners of desperation, aggression and destruction of things that annoy.

9.  Absolutely love the album cover-- who designed it, and where did the idea come from to design such a unique cover?
**click image of cover to see review**

It was done by Diaz, who did our first three album covers. The birds symbolise the leaving members. The blood running up is a reflection of the upside down flames of the Eye of the storm EP. The flames return from the first album, and the grinning face shows that we have come full circle in a way. Not dead but rather evil reborn.

10.  I have to ask, there seems to be so many outstanding bands that come from Sweden-- do you find it hard to compete with so many, or do you have something different from the others that makes you stand out?  

There are indeed a lot of good Swedish bands. We however do not compare ourselves to any Swedish bands or any other bands for that matter. We just play the music we like to listen to and music that we like to play live. A lot of bands make the mistake to look and listen too much to what other bands are doing. There are however some really unique bands around and I love it when people try to do something new.

11.  Do you remember the very first time you got up onstage?  How was that experience?  I know I couldn’t do it.

I do it was at a local talent gig in 83. My band Berits Polisonger played two songs and we sucked so bad. But it was enough of an adrenaline rush to want to do it still 31 years later ;)

12.  Have you ever wanted to try to do something other than being in a band?

I have had so many other jobs but for the last 15 years I haven’t done anything else than play drums. I feel very fortunate to be able to live from my childhood dream come true.

13.  What would surprise fans the most about you? Or the band?

I love to play pranks on people. Prank phone calls, practical jokes on the road rules. But I hate having them back at me, so please don’t try it.

14. Do you have anything other than THE HAUNTED that you are really passionate about?

I run a photography studio with my wife called Murdermile Studios. http://murdermile.com
Photography is my favourite hobby together with scuba diving. I have dived in many places over the world and there is so much cool stuff to see in the oceans. I cant wait to do more of that.

15.  Where is the best place that you have played?
There are so many gigs that have been absolutely fantastic. One of my favourites was the At the gates show in NYC in 2008. Which had one of the craziest crowd responses ever!!

16.  What’s the most surprising thing a fan has ever done for you?

Bought me a little pink box with a bow on top of it… it contained a picture of his cat. I guess he knew I love felines.

17.  What’s next after the release of ‘Exit Wounds’ for The Haunted?

As many shows that we can fit in and due to the great vibe in the band, start writing the next album. There are videos for Cutting teeth and Eye of the storm already released.

Cutting Teeth: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RN7HMG4tVI0
Eye of the Storm: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uNAwrj1EUo8

18.  Is there anything you would like to add to this interview that I might have missed asking, that you want people to know?

Thanks for your support! Feel free to check out our new album “Exit Wounds”!!! come along and get into the pit if we are playing near your home town!! Stay Metal !!!

Thank you (Tack) for taking the time to do this interview with us here at Metaltitans, and we wish you all the success with ‘Exit Wounds’.