SEPTEMBER 21st 2017

Review by Metal Mom

What a privilege to review this, something so totally different from anything else you will find. First let me tell you a little bit about the goth pop duo, “The Haxans”, Ashley Costello is the very talented vocalist (New Yeas Day), and Matt Montgomery, who contributes his vocals and guitar riffs (Rob Zombie). Matt had started the band back in 2012, and released a couple of singles but just couldn’t find the right partner to fit the balance. He eventually did just that, enter Ashley Costello.  

2016 saw them debut their first song:

How do I even begin to explain to you, just how much fun this was. This is an extremely out of this world CD to review, all I wanted to do was get up and dance my fool face off. It is one of those CD’s that you will put in your car, crank it loud, and sing along, whether you can sing or not. It’s just that enjoyable. It almost has a Halloween, mad scientist feel. I can’t imagine trying to put this album together, because for me, I wanted to run the house, maybe even dressed as Frankenstein and pull out all the Halloween things and decorate the house with these songs blaring away, keeping me motivated. These songs, are extremely well thought out, executed to perfection and so much fun to listen to. Their videos are amazing too, there are quite a few to check out, like this one:

“Black Cat Bone” -

I do a lot of interviews and I always ask do you have a favourite, well now I know what they mean when they say “No, I like them all”. That was it for me too, everyone one of these songs takes you to a different place, a spooky place, but with a fun party atmosphere. Boy, this was just so much fun to review. If you want something totally different from all the stuff out there these days, and you enjoy fun and originality, then this definitely is a must listen.

It is pretty obvious too that these songs were well thought out, they just didn’t put something together to throw out at us. You can hear it, well you will if you can stop partying long enough. I am really impressed. You are going to enjoy it, without a doubt. Talent galore with these two.

Party Monsters is going to turn you into a real party monster. So, want to have a delightful enchanting time then get ready, their album comes out Friday, October 13th, great choice for the release date. And just in time for Halloween. Open the doors to the little trick or treaters. Or close the door and party hardy Halloween style, Thanks to The Haxans.