AUGUST 23rd 2014
Review By: Metal Mom
Photos By: Char Tupper

METALTITANS (Char and Rita), for the first time, had the honor of covering a really worth while cause, “Fundraiser for the North Fraser Therapeutic Riding Association”  at the Haney Public House.

The person behind this fundraiser was, Anthony Nadeau who last year had an idea, around March he started organizing the concert fundraiser and he utilized all his contacts. Since he is a blogger for 31 labels/movie studios, you can guess he had many contacts. So with that and knowing many of the people in the community, asked some for donations, and it wasn’t long before things started to come together.  With much consideration Anthony decided on The North Fraser Therapeutic Riding Association (NFTRA), which provides therapeutic horse riding for physically, emotionally and developmentally challenged people.  The NFTRA has almost 100 volunteers, 10 part-time staff and about 90 riders. The association has a $300,000 budget, which comes from various government grants, donations, charity events and user fees.

For a Saturday night, you could not go wrong, for 20.00 your ticket included 6 bands Brad Curtis and the SOME X 6 band, The Ruskin River Band, Dahlmers Realm, Warrborn, My Own Chaos and The Rappists. But that is not all, you also got fed, you had a choice of meat/chicken/veggie burger with fries or salad plus a drink. There was also a silent auction, which many contributed too, including an autographed Sarah McLachlan CD, sculptures, 6 CD’s from Century Media, White Caps tickets, a fire pit and an autographed book by Rick Hansen. The silent auction went well with the majority of it going home with the winners. There was also a 50/50 draw. You can’t beat this deal, considering most concert tickets are in the range of 20.00 but there are only 4 bands and no food. The most important thing was the fact this was a fundraiser, money going to a good cause.

The event was held at The Haney Public House in Maple Ridge, BC and started about 4:30pm. Basically it is a bar with lots of seats to sit and enjoy the bands. I sat up front, as my usual at most shows. Char had her gear, and was ready to shoot. (photograph).

The first band tonight was one called Brad Curtis and the SOME X 6 band
I was a little worried, after all most of you know I am “Metal Mom”, but … I was pleasantly surprised, they are more a blues/rock band out of Vancouver, BC, and I will admit, I had my feet tapping and hands drumming on the table. I enjoyed their set, they were very accomplished.

The 2nd band was The Ruskin River Band
When I first read the name I was thinking, cowboy, oh well, I can give anything a listen. But I thought wrong, this 4 guys rocked their set, they had a few cover songs, but looking around the room, looked like everyone was enjoying, they are different, still rock, but with a twist. Really enjoyed their performance, they nailed it. Trust me, live is so much better, gives you the atmosphere.

3rd Band is Dahlmers Realm
Now these guys travelled all the way from Edmonton to do this show. That is pretty admirable I would say. But something even more incredible, WOW!!, was their sound. This was the first time I had heard these boys play, and I am amazed, stage performance was first rate, the energy level was high. Musically/vocally, well it was pure enjoyment. Nothing better than listening for the first time to a band and really appreciating the music. Make sure to check these guys out.

The 4th tonight is a band called Warrborn, they call themselves stoner metal.
I am never sure about the genre of bands, all I care about is whether I enjoyed it or not. And I definitely did. Lots of energy, pretty amazing set. And this band was the only one who happened to have a headbanger up front. Another new band worth listening to, and spreading the word. Their set rocked, and live, they were amazing. Check them out.

And the 5th band this evening is My Own Chaos
Now this band out of Vancouver, I have seen only once. But I will be changing that. I am always amazed when the band is fronted by an extremely talented female singer, and she can do a multitude of vocals, especially those deep down guttural ones. Outstanding. Each and every member executed their set to perfection. I personally don’t understand why they have not gotten more recognition, so talented. They are a thrash/melodic band with so much more. You just have to check them out, and don’t miss them if they happen to be an opening band. All bands started out as openers. Can’t wait to see them again.

Okay, in all fairness, we didn’t stay for the last band, we had something we had to go and take care of.  I will say though, that I might not have had anything positive to say, other than bands do what they enjoy doing, and well for me, I AM NOT one to listen to rap, no matter how hard I might try, but I won’t boo them either, like someone in the audience. They only had a short set, so go outside, get some air, but don’t be disrespectful and BOO.

All in all, I heard that this was successful, and that is what it was all about. Everyone supporting a great cause.  

I do have one complaint though, which I usually never have, but it was a concert, and sadly there was a complaint about the noise (only for the metal band), figures, but there are no houses around there, and I would have hoped that whoever made that complaint, would have been put behind them because it was a fundraiser. Think about it, holding a fundraiser, participating in a fundraiser, only looks good for you. Besides, it was not for long. The show ended on time.

Thank you Anthony for giving Metaltitans the opportunity to come out and cover this advent for you. If you should hold one next year, we would be more than happy to help out again. And a huge thank you to all the bands, for being so professional, and giving it their all for this event. We really enjoyed covering this.