APRIL 25th 2016

Review by: Metal Mom

Release Date: 15 April 2016

Label: AFM Records


Track Listing:

1. Veterans Of The Apocalypse
2. The Path
3. Fire And Ice
4. Through The Pain
5. Walk Away Free
6. Higher
7. Wounds
8. Days Of Our Lives
9. Barren Land

Thunderstone - The Path:

A Little History lesson first:

THUNDERSTONE’s self-titled debut album was released in 2002 via Nuclear Blast, presenting the band’s classic power metal sound, influenced by Stratovarius, Sonata Arctica and Rainbow. The characteristic voice of Pasi Rantanen has a huge recognition value and combined with the fine, tasteful song writing stands as a trademark of Thunderstone’s sound.

In 2004 the band released “The Burning“, followed by “Tools Of Destruction” the year after. Thunderstone’s fourth album “Evolution 4.0“ saw the band campaigning for Eurovision Song contest for Finland, but this bid was denied by a narrow and the band fell 2nd. Shortly after, vocalist Pasi Rantanen left Thunderstone and it took a while until a new line-up was found. Rick Altzi (At Vance) became the one to replace Rantanen and had his baptism of time with the album “Dirt Metal”, which the band produced in 2010. This alliance didn’t hold up for longer though, Altzi left and joined Masterplan, and Pasi Rantanen was convinced to rejoin Thunderstone. Enter - “Apocalypse Again“, finally the band is back with new music.

And what a return, you get a small glimpse of what is coming when you listen and watch the video I posted above. WELCOME BACK for sure.

The Finnish power metal act is back and presents its new album Apocalypse Again in April. It is not the only return of the band after almost six years, Pasi Rantanen re-unites with Thunderstone. The band’s original vocalist, who left after 2007’s Evolution 4.0, has been an integral part of the bands characteristic sound ever since, and was sorely missed after his departure back then. The pieces have all fallen into place, and Thunderstone will definitely find it’s place in the heavy power metal realm of things.

Listening to the whole album and you welcome Thunderstone back with open arms, the first track “Veterans of The Apocalypse”, has a fast and furious catch, “The Path” is without a doubt catchy with its enriching chorus, and let’s not forget the epic “Barren Land”. Definitely shows they have something really fine to offer, especially with having Rantanen back.

Thunderstone has returned and picked up right where they left off with Rantanen. I really recommend you head out and grab yourself a copy of their new album “Apocalypse Again”, you won’t regret it. Just listen to that link above, it should be enough to convince you. It has me.