NOVEMBER 11th 2014
Review By: Natalie Smith
Photos By: Peter Ruttan


How many bands from Vancouver can say that they’ve successfully toured all over the world for 12 years and counting? Not many. We’re not exactly a huge city or in a country that’s known for their talent.  However, Theory of a Deadman have defied the odds. A crazy number of years later and they’re still going what they love.

Their current tour, ‘Savages’, in support of their 5th album by the same name, kicked off at none other than the Commodore Ballroom on November 11th. While it wasn’t a sold out show, there was still huge support for the band as people from a wide range of age demographics were in attendance. The crowd had been pretty quiet for the two opening bands and most people stayed at the bar rather than join the small gathering at the stage.

That all changed when Theory took the stage. There was hardly any floor space left and the crowd got right into the music from the second the first note was played. Playing a solid mix of new songs and older fan favourites, they guys clearly knew what people wanted to hear. There was never a dull moment the entire show which was fantastic to see.

Whether they asked the crowd to choose the next song or if they wouldn’t play the next one until everyone in the room was doing what they asked, they had fun with it. Maybe it’s a hometown show thing or maybe that’s just how they always are. Theory is a prime example of how you don’t have to run around the stage to have stage presence, they hardly moved at all yet they had a lot more than most bands. With an excellent combination of talent, honest moments with the crowd (hockey anyone?), and passion for the music, it’s clear that Theory of a Deadman aren’t disappearing anytime soon.

It’s rare to have a band that sounds almost better live than on record, but these guys prove that it is possible. Don’t believe it? See for yourself.  You can catch Theory of a Deadman on their ‘Savages’ tour throughout Canada until December 2nd.