JANUARY 31st 2017

1: Can you give us a bio on how you guys formed?

All four of us have known each other for some time and have played in groups together. During these years the three (Alex,Cam and Rob) of us where putting together and recording songs and ideas on the side with the intent on putting together a project such as touch the sun. Cam unfortunately moved from Vancouver to Montreal during the recording process for our record. Russ was invited in to take care of all the bass duties in the studio and has stuck around to round out the trio we are at present.

2: Where did the name Touch The Sun derive from?

Touch The Sun came from track 1 bearing the same name on our record.

3: Your new album Above The Dark took 2 years to complete. Can you tell us the writing process of the album and the struggles you might have come across?

The 2 year process was by choice in that we didn’t want to rush the recording and put any unnecessary pressures on ourselves. Writing the record was pretty painless. We just took our time and kept only what we felt was our best. We fed all the ideas into Robs garage studio, put all the songs together then took 10 tracks into the studio and recorded the final deal. As mentioned, Cam leaving for new job opportunities was the only adjustment we had to make. Late nights in the studio and early to rise day jobs kinda stung a bit as well lol.

4: What was your source of inspiration in creating Touch The Sun?

We’re all big music fans so overall our goal was to create music that we wanted to make, play and listen to.

5: Who are your key influences in the music industry past or present?

Our influences are all over the map. We tend to draw from classic rock to prog and metal. and even pop music but 80’s pop not the current stuff!!! To list a few bands: Boston,Eagles,Rush,Pantera,AIC,Opeth,Zeppelin.......so many!!!!!!

6: Next week you will be on board 70,000 Tons of Metal. How did that come about?

The Skipper Andy Pillar Heard our record and invited us onboard the boat. Pretty cool!!

7: Are you guys focusing on a solid playlist for this trip? What could fans expect while on board?

Were playing songs from our debut album. As well as a new unrecorded track. So yah we have the set dialed in and People should expect to walk away not hating us lol.

 8: On Feb 25th you be in direct support with Uli Jon Roth at the Red Room. He is a legend in the neo classical metal genre. What sort of excitement do you guys when you do perform om that night?

Its an honour to be opening for the Legend and look forward to meeting him on the boat. Hopefully he doesn’t hate us lol.

9: What has been a highlight for the band since you formed?

So far the hi lights we’ve enjoyed are the creation of our first record. Getting the 700000 tons of metal invite and a support slot for the amazing Uli Jon Roth. More to come lol.

10: In performing live what do you believe is the key to keep the audiences/fans attention?

Passion in the performance. Each of us believes in what we do and are such music fans ourselves that we put that energy into delivering a performance that our audience will deem believable and walk away thinking that was unbelievable. Creating moments and leaving it all on stage is key to insuring a satisfied audience

11: What do you find is missing in the metal scene today. How could you guys change it?

So much music is out there.....our only hope is to stay true to our thing and hope that people will dig it and come to the shows!!!!

12: Some bands do pre-show rituals before they hit the stage. Some say a prayer or have a shot of JD and the list goes on. Is there anything you guys do?

We usually just pray for a shot of JD and hope for the best lol. As a band we haven’t really adopted anything over the top. At this point we wish each other a good set and hold on for dear life.

13: How would you describe Touch The Sun in one sentence?

Lol How would you describe Touch The Sun in one sentence? Were having a hard time with that one lol Our answer could either be super cheesy or over the top philisophical that honestly would just make us sound like a bunch of d- bags lol. So the challenge is on to describe Touch The Sun in one sentence.......thank you!!!!