MARCH 28th 2015

Welcome to Metaltitans, Guardians of Metal Entertainment Worldwide, we are here with Ida Haukland, vocalist and bassist for the powerful melodic heavy metal band TRIOSPHERE. Thank you for taking the time to do this interview with us.

1. Back in 2004, the band formed, who had the idea to put the band together?

What happened was that Marius and I met for the first time late autumn 2004 in a thrash metal project that a mutual friend of ours had put together. We quickly discovered that we really liked each other’s style and almost immediately begun talking about forming a band of our own. And after pulling a couple of “brainstorming” sessions at his rehearsal place, we were convinced that we were on to something unlike any band or project we’d played in before. I called my longtime friend and drummer Ørjan (who was still living up in northern Norway) and explained that he just had to catch the first airplane down to Trondheim and hear the absolutely awesome stuff Marius was making. And so Triosphere was born!

After just two weeks of playing together we entered the studio and made a demo containing “Spitfire”, “Gunnin’ for Glory” and “Lament” (all of which are on our debut-album “Onwards”) and shortly after landed a record deal with Norwegian label FaceFront. It was all pedal to the metal from there!

2. Tell us how everyone came to be in the band....

Marcus Silver: Founding member.

T.O. Byberg: We always had a second guitarist with us live, and T.O. – who was a friend of ours - came in as a session guitarist in late 2005. Just after the release of “Onwards” we decided that we needed to have this cool and excellent guitarist with us as a permanent, full-time member!

Ørjan Aare Jørgensen: As already mentioned; I more or less «head-hunted» him to the band the moment that Marius and I decided to form Triosphere. I had been playing with him for several years before I moved from my hometown up north and down to mid-Norway and Trondheim, and could not imagine anyone better suited to hammer out the pulse in our new-born, ambitious band.

3. When you formed the band, did you ever expect to tour with such impressive names
as W.A.S.P., Kamelot, Arch Enemy, Sonata Arctica, Sebastian Bach, Mayhem, Evergrey,
After Forever, Enslaved, Soilwork, Volbeat and Dimmu Borgir. ?

He He, well, we had very high ambitions with this band, and lots of confidence, so even though we perhaps did not exactly expect to get on the road with all those amazing acts, we never thought that we couldn’t. We kept our eyes and ears open, and jumped with all our strength on every opportunity for good promotion, fun and experience that we found. And of course, networking! We have never taken anything for granted and always tried to make the very most of every chance and experience we’ve been fortunate to get.

4. Ida, you are the main lyricist, where do you get your inspiration from ?

Oh, wow…from life, haha! The lyrics are very often based on a single feeling, sentence or image that I get in my mind or just see, and then I focus and search for the story within it.

The feeling, image or sentence is always a result of something that I am – or have been - experiencing in my own life or life around me, or human relations on different scales, and things that intrigue and fascinate me in the world.

So in short; life is my inspiration, both good and bad.

5. When do you find you are the most creative when writing lyrics ?

Oh, there is not really a particular moment or setting, but especially on this album both words and melodies came into form several times when I’ve been out walking my dog and the mind starts to drift off, haha!

In general, smaller and bigger sections of a story can appear at any time and place, and completely without “warning”! But certainly; some of the best and most creative moments are when I’m sitting together with Marius listening to the music he is making, and “sensing” the story in the song!

6. Kenneth Tårneby is now your full time drummer after the departure of Ørjan Aare
Jørgensen, how did you find your new drummer ?

We had tried out several drummers, both from Norway and abroad, and they were all really good, but that something special that would make us just know “this is our guy” was still missing. But after putting it out on facebook that we were still searching, we received an email from a guy down south in Norway. He sounded like a well-grounded and nice guy, so after sending us a very convincing video audition, we flew him up here to Trondheim to see what it felt like to play with him. After just a couple of hours we all had the same, strong feeling; THIS was our guy! It felt like we had played together for years and years, his skills were impeccable and he is the kind of guy that we knew we would enjoy spending those many hours together with, packed tightly into a van or tour bus on the road from one gig to the next! So we almost offered him the job on the spot, and he accepted straight away.

7. Is this something you have always dreamed of doing, a dream since you were a
child ?

He He, when I was a child all I dreamt about was horses, haha. But for all of us the dream of doing this was born at the same time as we picked up the guitar for the first time, and for Marius and T.O. it was around the age of 12, and for me when I was around 15.

8. For you, what is the toughest thing about keeping your band going ?

I think we all face some of the same challenges when running an ambitious band; you want so badly to succeed in a way that allows you to get out there and share your music with the whole world, and ultimately be financially allowed to only work with you music. But we are SO many who strive towards the same, who struggle for the promoters’ attention and the listeners attention. On the one side we need to generate income to keep the band alive and on the other side the promoters and listeners want the music to be as cheap as possible. The conditions are tough, but we still believe in this!

9. It's hard these days to make a living in the music business, have you ever
wished you had chosen something else as a career ?

We all have full-time day jobs in addition to the band, so financially we’ll always manage individually. But of course; a better band-economy could give us greater liberty to make the band a bigger priority, and we will always hope that the music indeed could be our main career some day!

10. You have your 3rd album about to be released in December "The Heart of the
Matter", how did you come to choose this name as the title ?

The title actually came very late in the process, during the recording of the vocals in March this year! We had been discussing both the music and the lyrics for some time prior to the vocal-recording. Marius had talked about how he felt that the music really captured the essence and the core of the band, how the songs were stripped of all “unnecessary” elements and parts, and arranged more “to the point”. And I had explained how all of the lyrics – even though they were individual stories – related to matters of the heart, to love in some form, and how love as an immensely powerful emotion lies at the core of all the actions and decisions one takes, both good and bad.

So during a recording-session it suddenly hit Marius; the album presents the very heart of the matter of our sound and of life. So there you have it!

11. It's been almost 4.5 years since your last album, can you tell us why it took
awhile to put this one together ?

Well, plain and simple: We have done 3 European tours, several gigs and festivals that has demanded a bit of attention and focus, and we have never been that kind of band who shows up at the rehearsal place and just whip up a finished song before the end of the day. Of course, some songs fall into place a lot faster than others, but in general it’s a very thorough process where we might test out everything from different arrangements, melodies, solutions and keys on various parts, and then there is the final work with the strings, keyboards, piano etc etc.

We just won’t release an album until we’re 100% satisfied with all of the songs,- the goal is always to have all killers, and no fillers, He He. But we will certainly try to use less than 4 years on our 4th album!

12. Tell us what we can expect to hear with this album ?

That depends a bit on whether you’ve heard any of our previous albums; for those who are familiar with Triosphere I would say that they can expect to hear a band that’s matured and improved significantly since the last release when it comes to both songwriting and individual skills. And a Triosphere with more edge and confidence.

If you have never heard Triosphere before, I would say that you will hear a fresh metal-album consisting of uniquely honest and hard-hitting music; from the most heavy to the most calm, from intricate to classic, all led by intelligent melodies and passionate lyrics about the heart of the matter. No compromise, no single frame of genre. Just pure heart.

13. Do you yourself have a favourite song on this 12 track album, and why that one ?

Oh, that’s actually a bit too early to answer. I’m sure I’ll get one or two that stands out after we have begun playing them live, but right now they’re all equally important parts of the album.

14. What made you decide to use Espen Godø (piano, Mellotron, Hammond organ) on this album ?

Both Espen and Chris Pettersen (strings and orchestration) was brought “back” to contribute on this album after doing a perfect job for us with their skills on “The Road Less Travelled”. So we’ve worked with them before, they understand 100% what we want and need, and are just really, really talented musicians! Their contributions add that little extra “something” to the songs. In some places they enhance a melody, riff or part of a song, and in some places strengthens the atmosphere and “nerve”.

15. Where was the album recorded and mixed ?  What made you decide on that choice ?

He He, the album was recorded at several different places; for a large part it was recorded at home, the drums were recorded in Skarp studio in Trondheim, some parts were recorded in Top Room Studio that’s south in Norway, and for the vocals we even flew to Noisefactory Studio in Belgium. All this was a result of necessary facilities, available equipment, economics and practical surroundings.

For the mix, Marius had kept an eye on Fascination Street studio and Jens Bogren for a long time. Jens has a unique talent for understanding and creating excellent “tailored” sounds for each individual band he has worked on. So we believed he would manage to give the songs on this album the exact sound they needed to be optimal, and in our opinion he 100% did! We were present at the first few days of mixing to make sure we all were “on the same page”, and Jens just nailed the sound more or less straight away! A great guy who we warmly recommend to anyone!

16. Tell us who the artist is who created the album cover ?

Our awesome cover artwork was created by the very talented Katell Anna Vivier!

17. What made you choose this artist, and did you give them the idea, or did you
tell them a bit about the music and they created the image ?

We had been paying attention to the work she had made and shared on her facebook-page for some time, so when we began checking options for the cover it was natural to ask her for a suggestion. She and I talked about the lyrical content on the album and the album title, and she then made a design based on her own interpretation of it all. Just like so many other contributors on this album, she hit “bull’s eye” almost straight away, and I was just blown away by her design! It perfectly reflects the edge and the atmosphere of the album, in short: The whole content!

18. Do you plan on touring in support of your new album ?  Where would you like to
tour ?

We absolutely love to tour and play live, and it’s also one of the most important promotional channels in our time, so we do indeed hope and plan to be touring and generally be very busy with concert-activities in 2015!

We would of course like to tour Europe, but this time we hope to also perform live in both North and South America, and Asia! If the opportunity rises, we will grab it with both hands for sure!

19. Is there anything you would like to add to this interview, that I may have
missed asking you that you want people to know ?

He He, no I think you’ve covered everything at this point! A thorough and good line of questions! If I were to add anything it would be: BUY THE ALBUM! YOU WON’T REGRET IT!

Thank you for taking the time to do this interview with us here at Metaltitans, and
we wish you much success with your new album "The Heart of the Matter".

The thanks goes straight back to you for promoting us, and we certainly hope to see you and your readers next time we play at a place near you!