FEBRUARY 8th 2016

Review By: Metal Mom
Photos by Char Tupper

PHOTO GALLERY: http://www.metaltitans.com/concertpics/trivium/

This show was held Monday night at the Venue in Vancouver. When arriving there was quit a line up waiting for doors to open, haven’t seen that in a long time.

Up first is a band called MERIDIUS, they are from Ladner BC, and they classify their genre as thrash/groove metal. I know what thrash is all about, but had to check into the groove metal, thought it might be like a power metal, but I am way off, it describes groove metal as Pantera/Exhorder type of metal. I didn’t really get that feeling while listening, I did enjoy their sound, and especially the guitar, and I even got to stand right up front for Meridius. The venue wasn’t full but was filling up, and people were enjoying. Good start to the night.

SAINTS OF DEATH, a band out of Vancouver which is all death/groove metal. They nailed their set well. They had the crowd going wild, and so that meant I ventured to the back of the room. There was some pretty heavy hitting moshers in the pit, and the music just egged them into more of a frenzy. I am pretty sure band and fans worked off each other. But I am curious, not being a musician, I am really wondering why the use of a 8 string, or 5 string bass, can you not use a guitar and tweak it to the heavy sounds. That will have to be for an interview to learn more. They sure warmed up the crowd for Trivium though. Great set guys.

Headlining tonights show is TRIVIUM, it has been awhile since I have seen them play live, so wasn’t too sure what to expect, it was strange though, last time I saw them was at the Commodore Ballroom, a much bigger venue. The way the crowd was shoving to the front, I was going to remain at the back. Well the crowd went crazy went the lights dimmed, but that was because they played Iron Maidens “Run To The Hills”, and who doesn’t get excited for Iron Maiden. Then lights came on, band members came out one by one, and they got into their set. I don’t remember them being that good last time, but loved the choice of songs, very upbeat, and flawless. The crowd of course went crazy at each and every song. But there was something familiar sounding about the songs, not that I had heard Trivium play them, but they sounded like something from another band. Don’t get me wrong, they played a phenomenal set, you just had to look around the room to see that. I stayed for awhile, but had to leave early.

First time though, that I was totally disgusted with the washroom, I guess they don’t have anyone clean them during the show, trust me….they need to change that. Also the first time ever since covering shows that someone asked if there was cocaine to be had.

Was a good show, with all 3 bands giving their all. Vancouver got a good night of metal for sure.