MARCH 15th, 2014

Welcome to Metaltitans, Guardians of Metal entertainment worldwide. We are here talking with Greg, bassist and lyric writer for TRUTH CORRODED a thrash/death metal act from Australia, who offer a vicious and confronting sound with strong lyrical content. Thank you for taking the time to do this interview with us.

1. How did the name TRUTH CORRODED come about ?

The band was named by the founding member, former guitarist Mark Lennard.

The name refers to the truth that is at the core of falsehood. The truth will eventually corrode away the falsehood to reveal itself.

2.  Tell us how each of your members came to be in the band.

As it stands myself and Jason the vocalist are the only original members. Mark, the founding member and main song writer, left after the recording of Worship The Bled due to an injury that made playing difficult to sustain.

Wayne Batters, joined the band in late 2010, and, as of last week we have had an amicable parting of ways. Trent Simpson is our new guitarist. Myself and Jason have known him for years, since we were starting out, so he is a great addition and look forward to working together.

Following Wayne joining the band in late 2010, Chris Walden came on board as our lead guitarist in early 2011, and Kieran on drums in late 2011. Wayne, Chris and Kieran are a few years younger than Jason and myself, and they each were in bands around our home state that we had shared the stage with over the years. Until we parted with Wayne last week, its been a solid line up and we have toured around the world together as a solid unit more so than any other previous line up. But over the years there have been several line up changes.

3. 2005 seemed to be the turning point for you, going from being more a local band to a national heavy music act….tell us what made this change occur .

We reformed in 2004 as a five piece and developed a sound that reflected our roots. In 2005 we released our first album as a five piece. It got a very good reaction, even though the recording is terrible. However, it led to our first overseas tours after we were signed to an Asian label and would establish the path the band has taken since.

In 2008 we released Upon The Warlords Crawl. This was a turning point for us. The album had stronger production value, we worked with Jonas Kjellgren of Scar Symmetry,  and the album had much more developed song writing and identity. It is the album that truly established our sound and the achievements we have had since its release. It opened our overseas market, received some outstanding reviews and exposure and we started to tour more actively outside Australia.

In early 2011 we released Worship The Bled, and this was a big step up for us. We were introduced to the European market through a small Belgium based label and toured alongside Krisiun, Malevolent Creation and Vital Remains across Europe in 2012.

4. In 2008 you were also the first Australian band to tour China .. Impressive, now is there a place you would like to leave your mark ?

China was an incredible experience for us, and we are looking forward to returning for the third time in April. On this upcoming tour we are playing Taiwan and South Korea for the first time ever, so looking forward to that.

But as far as where we would still like to get, the U.S is next, but very keen to get to South America. China was extraordinary for us, and it is incredible touring places you would not expect to. I really enjoy touring Asia so it will be cool to get to India at some stage also.

5.  You have also played along some heavy hitters, such as Behemoth, In Flames, Lamb of God, Arch Enemy, Death Angel and many more, is there a band that would be one of dream bands to tour with ?

There are several. Testament, Slayer, Misery Index, Kreator, Sylosis - could actually list a great deal more, but these are some that stand out.

We have been really fortunate to have shared the stage with some of the bands that we have. Its a humble career, and the chances we have received have been incredible.

6.  You now have a new album out that was released in Dec of 2013, how has the response been so far for “The Saviours Slain” ?

The response has been outstanding. The reviews we have received have been excellent, and could not be more pleased with the response. There is a marked progression for us, even with the significant line up change with Mark leaving. But I think we have followed on from our previous two albums in good form - maintaining the bands sound and integrity and while pushing forward also.

Having the album released through AFM is a big step forward and has offered us worldwide coverage, and great support.

7.  How did you come to choose the title for the album ?  What was the inspiration ?

The Saviours Slain was my title. I have come up with all our album titles and what the message behind the title is looking to communicate. The Saviours Slain communicates that we are increasingly losing our humanity, the powers that shape our day also strip away what it is that can save us.

8.  Tell us who wrote the lyrics for this album ?  

With this album I wrote all the lyrics. On our previous albums it was Mark, our former guitarist, and myself. We shared similar concerns, and the subjects we sought to confront. As such, the direction of our lyrical stand point has not changed with his departure, just that it is now solely me.

The lyrics offer political and social commentary, but also depict humankind at its lowest or most desperate, which sometimes goes beyond more specific subject matter. Its visualising ourselves at our worst.

9. I know that your lyrics are a strong political, religious and social commentary, what made you choose these types of lyrics ?

I think its a part influence of the times I have grown. The influence of the upheavals and bloodletting of the 90's, Rwanda, the break up of Yugoslavia, Somalia as some key influences in that growth and awareness. I have since gone on to study international politics at University, and that has also had a part in shaping my approach to lyrics and the subjects I look to confront. Behind the worst of what we do is the root cause - religion and fundamentalism, militarism, imperialism. As such, this is why I chose to write lyrics that confront these subjects.

10.  It took several months throughout 2012 - 13 to compose your songs before recording, did you have most of the work done before heading into the studio ?

We started writing pieces of music from late 2011, but did not fully focus on composing songs until late 2012 after we toured with Fear Factory and Thy Art Is Murder. By around April/May 2013 we had the album written and had Kevin start work on the drums in Texas. All guitars and vocals were recorded in our home state of South Australia, and the album was mixed and mastered at Audiohammer Studio in Florida by Mark Lewis.

The final version was completed by October 2013 and released in December, almost a year after we started working on it.

11.  You did the recording with Kevin Talley in Texas, guitars/vocals in your home state and then mixed and mastered by Mark Lewis at Audiohammer Studio in Florida, can you tell us why it is not done all in one studio? I would think it would be harder to go to different studios to get the work all done.

Actually its become what we are used to. The past three albums have been recorded and finalised in different locations across the world, with our previous albums being mixed and mastered in Sweden by Jonas Kjellgren of Scar Symmetry.

It works out fine for us, but had we wanted a producer on our albums, then it would have been best to record in one studio. For us it allows us to work with some experienced individuals in the industry, where as recording in Australia can limit some possibilities. It also gives us an environment in which we can try new ideas and have some space to work through those ideas, rather than have a deadline loom or budget restrictions. No doubt our next recording will be recorded in the same way.

12.  You also have a guest appearances on your album “Craig Locicero” (Legends Forbidden), and “Bret Hoffman” (Malevolent Creation). How did it come about that they performed on this CD for you ?

We met Bret while supporting Malevolent Creation, Krisiun and Vital Remains in Europe in 2012. He and MC is an icon for the original band members, and we are fortunate to have gained his friendship through touring together. Likewise with Craig, who we met while supporting Forbidden in Australia.

I reached out to both of them during the writing process for the album and asked if they would be involved. To have them on our album is a huge privilege for us, as they both come from bands that are very influential on Truth Corroded

13. This album also led to a new partnership with AFM Records, were you looking for a new label ?

I was negotiating with AFM for some time before a deal was reached. They are a great label who work with some incredible bands, such as Fear Factory, Solution .45 and Mors Principium Est. We are extremely pleased with how it has worked out.

We have had record deals with smaller regional labels in the past, but it was limited in the scope that the labels could offer. This is our first worldwide deal, and it feels great to have years of work achieve this opportunity.

14.  In 2011 you used German artist Bjorn Gooses (Killustrations) to create your album artwork for Worship The Bled, and you have once again used this artist, do you give him ideas of what you would like, or does he come up with his own creations ?

Bjorn comes up with his own creations based on the title we give him, the underlying concept and his take on the lyrics and sound of the material. As such, it is his vision of what the band is, and I think he has really captured that perfectly with Truth Corroded.

He is great to work with and we are big fans of his distinct style. He certainly doesn’t hold back with us, like the music, the imagery really goes for the throat.

15.  Now that the album is complete and it is released, do you have any plans to tour in support ?

We are touring Asia in April to May and will be supporting The Black Dahlia Murder, Fleshgod Apocalypse and Dew Scented on select dates. We have had some offers for Europe, but will not likely be there until August or September. The U.S is in our sights before the year is out, but there is nothing firm as yet.

16.  Is there anything that you would like to add to this interview, that you think the people should know about TRUTH CORRODED ?

Thank you for the interview and help spreading the word. If you are reading this and you have not heard of the band then please check us out. If it has you grinning and throwing the goat sign, then please pick up the album or a shirt and spread the word - we want to come and play for you ! Cheers !

Thank you so much for taking the time to do this interview with us here at Metaltitans, we wish you much success with “The Saviours Slain”.