JULY 1st, 2014

We are here talking with Adam Macleod vocalist of Until Dawn. Thank you for taking the time to do this interview with us.

1. Can you tell us how was the band formed?

The band got together a few years back when the Worrell brothers had a New years party where Steve and Luke started jamming. Deke and then bass player Luke 'Jarv" Davis quickly joined and Steve had a lot of material to work with. Stave later asked me (Adam) to join when the band had most of the songs done. I threw my vocals over top and most it became our first record. 

2. Your new video Roamer and Lurkers was directed by Barrett Klesko. What did he bring to the table as a director?

Barrett is an amazing guy to work with and we've done two videos with him so far. He just knows what looks good and can take a small idea and make it something huge. I love working with him because he's also a musician (ALL ELSE FAILS) and knows how to give us direction well.

3. Why did you lean towards the metalcore sound, instead of the more metal genre?

To be honest, we don't really focus on the labels. I guess it all just comes from what we're all influenced by at the time. When we write we do have a direction and always plan to be more heavy driven, but we also want to be able to expand and go in many directions. I'm thinking our future will have more speed, more thrash/death influence, and bigger vocals with the addition of Darren to the band, (dudes a monster behind a mic)

4. What do you think personal happen on your new album Horizon that made this album get its praised reviews?

I hope its the diversity. We tried to have a good flow  and groove through out the record in hopes to keep attention, and diversity with adding more of different writing styles like ballads. (who the hell does ballads.LOL.) We like to think its because there's a little something on Horizon for everyone and just are happy that people enjoy it. 

5. Did you have any particular challenges to overcome when making Horizon compared to your self titled album Until Dawn?

When doing a record there are many challenges and we had our share with Horizon. Time line was a huge one for us, we had to keep delaying the release due to a lot of schedule issues and trying to balance recording while still playing shows was a challenge. I had a personal challenge in recording the Vocals on DNR. This is a different side of Until Dawn and I wanted to make sure it was perfect. As well our then bass player had to leave with some family issues which left me to fill in on bass. We wanted to top our first record in every way possible. Steve hammered out some killer riffs and had great song structure. Luke added the rhythm depth and groove while Deke laid out some killer solo work and also engineered/produced Horizon as well.

6.How did you decided how many tracks will be on Horizon? We just wrote till we were happy with everything we had. But yes, there were I think one or two songs we stopped working on because we were comfortable with what we had. And I had a mini concept and fit that into the songs we had developed. We added Richard and WM3 as a bonus for our fans. These songs we're previous released and we wanted to give them a home as they are a staple in our live show.

7. Are there major musical influences on the new album and if so who are they?

Mostly a stew of all of the bands we loved growing up. Pantera, Slipknot, In Flames, Ect. Me, I stared listening to more death metal and it is something I tried to work on but hope to add more down the line. But I would say we we're all listening to SoilWork's The living Infinite during Horizon. We are are huge fans of them and are heavily influenced. 

8. On the live scene, are there bands you regularly get to play alongside that you want to give a shout out too?

All Else Fail, Leave The Living, DeathPoint, Without Mercy. These are all bands we constantly work with and love to hang out and play shows. Some great Canadian Metal right there.
9: Is there a bucket list of bands you want to perform with?

Im sure there is but it would be to huge to list. We just love to play and always get along with all the bands we play with so it would be hard to put something like that on paper. As I mentioned, SoilWork would be killer, or maybe Mastodon.

10. What is the best thing about being on tour and the worst thing?

The best for me is seeing people I haven't seen for a while and meeting new friends. The metal community is really open and they're some of the most Real people you will find. I love hanging out before and after the shows, having beers and talking music and shit. The worst thing I would say is the driving, which will lead to exhaustion. But its fucking fun,lol.

11. When you were growing up, what music did you really enjoy, music that got you excited?

I listened to everything growing up from classic, metal, punk, to indie and grunge. One thing that hasn't change is Ive always listened to local music. Growing up in Alberta we had great bands like The Smalls, SNFU, Belvedere, Choke Ect. Still to this day I listen to lots of great Albertan artist from Corb Lund to The Preying Saints and everything in between. I get excited cause it always reminds me of the local punk shows we'd go to and sometimes play when we were kids.

12. Whats the best thing about being in Until Dawn ?

Getting to play music and have people enjoy it. Its always great when someone tells me how a song of ours gets them going. 

13. What would be a surprise for people to find out about the band, something they would not expect ?

Luke Worrell's beard isn't real, its a clip on. 

14. Since we’re heading into the summer any tour plans for the band?

We just finished up a cross Canada spring tour and plan a few shows in Alberta over the summer. After that we will regroup and plan a Western Canada Tour hopefully in the fall. Then I think we will lock ourselves in the loft and write the follow up to Horizon. Big Thanks Metal Titans for this interview and all the support. Keep it Metal!!!!
Adam "Thunder Wolf" Macleod