JANUARY 12th 2015

Welcome to Metaltitans, Guardians of Metal Entertainment Worldwide, we are here Nick Workman, vocalist for British melodic rockers VEGA. Thank you for taking the time to do this interview with us.
1. Tell us how you came up with the band name of “Vega” ?

Dan came up with that. We had so many names bounding around but none of us agree to the same one. Choosing a band name is not fun haha.
2. Nick Workman (vocals), Dan Chantrey (drums), Tom Martin (bass), James Martin (keyboards) and Marcus Thurston (guitar), tell us how each member came to be in Vega.

I was in another band at the time and Tom and James approached me and explained that they had a deal with Frontiers and they would like me to be the singer. They had tried to get me in a band about 10 years earlier but I was doing well in KICK at the time. Anyway, the stars were aligned and we started writing songs and here we are!
3. When you were younger, did you have someone that inspired you and that lead you to choosing rock style ?

100% Def Leppard. Bon Jovi were another biggie for me and Skid Row.
4. Did you ever consider any other style of music ?

No, never. Rock music becomes a way of life and it almost dictates how you live your life from the clothes you where to the places you drink. Baggy jeans look shit on me so it had to be rock with its ripped up skinny jeans lol.
5. You released your 3rd studio album “Stereo Messiah” mid month, have you had any feedback so far on it ?

Yes. This album has hands down been the best received album we have released. Its been amazing and makes all the hard work worthwhile.
6. I noticed the song titles are some killer rocker names, how did you choose the song titles ?

Whenever I get a good lyric idea or even a title I make a note in my phone. I was desperate to use Stereo Messiah. I didn’t have the lyrics, just the title but I knew when the right piece of music came along they would follow soon after. The same thing happened with my Anarchy.
7. Who created the lyrics for this album ?  Where did the inspiration come from ?

Me! Inspiration came from books, movies, The news, anywhere. Every song is a mini movie to me so it’s gotta make sense…at least in my head any way. Once again, I keep loads of notes of ideas, words or phrases and take inspiration from them.
8. Do you yourself have a personal song favourite ?  And why that one ?

Tough call. I do love Ballad of the broken Hearted and All or Nothing though but I don’t know if I could choose one fave song.
9. What can people expect from this album, that might be different from your last ?

Bigger production and more energy. It’s foot to the floor right up until the last song. I think this album ties the previous 2 albums together nicely.
10. The song titled “10 X Bigger than Love”,  Def Leppard singer Joe Elliot gave to the band and he also appears dueting with singer Nick Workman on the song, how did that come about ?
I have got to know Joe a little over the last few years. I just came across the track on Youtube and asked Joe about it because I hadn’t heard it before. He gave me the story and then said we should cover it!!! We didn’t think it could get any better until he said he would also sing on it. AMAZING.
11. Stereo Messiah was recorded over only 14 days, that is a pretty short time, how did you accomplish this ?

We did it in two 7-day sessions. It’s funny because everyone keeps saying its quite quick but we didn’t feel rushed. I guess a lot of people must take their time in the studio where as we are work horses and don’t stop. We were well prepared and we all knew our own parts.
12. Who did the artwork for the album cover ?

That is a very talented chap in Italy called Nello. We gave him a rough idea of what we wanted and he did an awesome job.
13. Tell us why you chose to have this image for your 3rd album ?

Well it goes with the title. The concept is that music is our religion and it’s music that has got us through break ups, heartache, love and loss.
14. Do you have some tours planned to support the album ?

Yes we hit the road on Nov 1st in the UK to do some headline shows. Then we go on tour with Joe Elliott and the Down n outz in December for 2 weeks. Going to be a fantastic time for us. Next year we then have a few festivals confirmed and some others in the pipeline.
15.  Tell us something that might surprise the fans/people to know about Vega?

Haha. I really can’t think of anything!
16.  If you could not be in the music industry, what would you like to do ?

Be in the movie industry.
17. Would you like to add anything to this interview that I might have missed asking, but you want the people to know ?

I think you have it covered :0)
Thank you so much for taking the time to do this interview, and we at Metaltitans wish you all the success with your new album “Stereo Messiah”.