FEBRUARY 9th 2018


Welcome to Metaltitans, we are here with John Klagholz of Vexes, who are about to release “Ancient Geometry” February 23rd. Vexes was formed from the ashes of previous projects including: A Life Once Lost, Vessl, Fury of Five and Downstage. Check out our interview below, for more information and facts about Vexes and more.

Interview By: Metal Mom

Lift: https://youtu.be/CqP5lt-6AyQ

1.  First question, how did you come up with the name for the band?

            Basically, we struggled for quite a while coming up with a name that 1), gave a proper description of the music, the feeling that someone might get while listening, and 2), a name that wasn’t already taken! That was very important to all of us, being able to describe the band and the music in one or two words. To “vex” is to disturb, distress or torment, and that is most often our mindset when writing; to make music that incorporates a fair amount of dissonance and uneasiness for the listener.

2. Tell us how each member came to be in Vexes:

Charlie Berezansky - Vocals/Guitar/Keys

John Klagholz - Guitar/Keys

Bobby Carpenter – Bass

Justin Graves – Drums

            Charlie and I were both in a band called Vessl prior to beginning this project. The band had dissolved, and we were left with a few ideas that wouldn’t have normally fit the style of Vessl. We got together over the span of a few months and started organizing ideas and looking for members to fill out a new lineup. Justin had left A Life Once Lost and had put out a few posts on social media looking for interesting projects that he might become a part of, and Charlie sent him a few rough ideas that we had tracked. Justin saw the promise of these ideas and agreed to join us, at which point soon after he contacted Bobby, who had also left ALOL, and who agreed to join us on the bass. There is such a phenomenal chemistry with the band, and we’re extremely excited for what the future holds for us.

3. I imagine you have all got different types of music experience, so how did you nail it down to a Rock, Metal, Experimental, Ambient genre?

            I don’t think we actually set out to compose songs that fit into a certain genre, it’s just basically what comes out when we write. Obviously, we like these specific styles, and we do try and employ a semblance of a “pop” sensibility in terms of song structures, but at the end of the day, we’re not trying to fit into a specific genre or subgenre. We write music that is appealing to us and pleasing to our ears personally, and hopefully people feel the same when they listen.

4. You are about to release ‘Ancient Geometry’ February 23rd, tell us what we can expect to hear from this album?

            We are all so excited for the release, and can’t wait for everyone to hear the album as a whole. We’re hopeful that people might hear a “fresh take” on this type of music, one that might call to mind our influences, but in turn take those influences and expound on them. We’re not out to bludgeon anyone with overly technical arrangements or instrumental gymnastics, and we hope that we’ve created something that is accessible to a wide variety of listeners.

5. Who writes the lyrics? And where does the inspiration come from?

            We all had a hand in writing the lyrics for this record, and so obviously most lyrical content comes from personal experiences and viewpoints, whether it’s commentary on the state of the world, relationship issues, feelings of hopelessness/hopefulness, etc.

6. Was it a long process from writing the songs until the finished album?

            Yes, a very long process actually. This project is a textbook example of “DIY”, from the production, to the recording, to the engineering, etc. Charlie produced and engineered the record, and the recording was split between my home studio and his, and we couldn’t be happier with the final product. Not recording at a studio away from home offers so many advantages, no time constraints or pressures to finish under a certain budget or timeframe. We were able to really take our time with everything and make sure that the finished product was exactly what we all heard in our heads.

7. Any issues while recording/mixing?

            Nothing overly concerning. As mentioned above, obviously doing the recording etc. yourself offers a wealth of advantages, but one of the pitfalls of not having a specific timeframe in which to complete a record is that you might not always know when to say “enough is enough”. In other words, you can sometimes second and third and fourth guess yourself on guitar parts, vocal melodies etc., but at the end of the day we feel the finished product is an excellent representation of the energy and personality of the band.

8. Do you yourself have any personal favorites? If so, why that one?

            As far as personal favorites for a song on Ancient Geometry, mine would have to be a song called “Decisions Are Death Here”. This might be our most expansive song in terms of heavier parts, lighter parts, dynamics, etc. It really brings to mind all the variations that I want to hear in a song.

9. What do you think draws people into your music?

            So far, I think people have been drawn to the music by what we hope is the overall quality of the songs in general. We tried to incorporate a huge amount of honesty and vulnerability to these songs, and I would like to think we achieved that goal. There are certainly heavy doses of our influences and bands we’ve looked up to over the years, but we’ve done our best to take those and put our own spin on them.

10. I noticed you don’t have a record label, how did you go about putting your album together without one?

            There was much less pressure in the creation of the album without a label, from the material to the artwork and layout to the promotion. It afforded us a freedom that I’m not sure we would have if there was a label involved.

11. Are you in search of one, if so, what do you look for?

            It’s not to say we aren’t in search of a label, but we don’t feel any internal pressure toward with one. We’ve done our part in creating the best possible product that we can, and hopefully there is a like-minded label out there that will be willing to work with us. Ideally, the label would exist more as a partner to the band in creating and achieving a common goal, rather than just being a “dictator” in the process.

12. What studios did you use to record/produce and mix in?

            We recorded equally between my home studio, Skywire Sound Studios, located in West Creek, NJ, and in Charlie’s studio Rival Sound, located in Manahawkin, NJ. Most if not all of the instruments were recorded at Skywire, while a very large chunk of the vocals were done at Rival Sound.

13. How did you come up with the artwork for the album?

            We were looking for something that was a bit more abstract than the usual album art, something that we thought really encompassed the dreamy, ethereal aspects of the record. We came across an artist on the web names Andrew Herndon from Oklahoma. He had produced a series of imagery based on the digital art realm, and a few of the pieces really spoke to us. My personal favorite is the front and back of the CD booklet, with the “floating girl” images. The colors in those are particularly amazing.

14. What will be next for you, do you plan on touring in support of your album?

            As of right now we have a few other items in the works, including releasing a fourth single from the record, “Decisions Are Death Here”, as well as an accompanying video. We’re anxiously awaiting the release date of 2/23/18, so we can share our creation in its entirety. Once the record comes out and we can adequately gauge the interest in people seeing the band, we will look to strategically visit those locations.

15. Tell us something about the band that we don’t know?

            Not sure that there’s a good answer for this! We’re not the most secretive of people or bands…

Is there anything you would like to add to the interview that I might have missed?

            Nothing that I can think of at the moment! We would ask that everyone visit us at:
People can also visit our Official Merchandise site at www.vexes.bigcartel.com.

Thank you very much for taking the time to do this interview, much appreciated. We also want to wish you all the success with your album “Ancient Geometry”.

            Thank you very much for the opportunity! We appreciate all of the support that we’ve received thus far from people all over the globe. We can’t wait for everyone to hear Ancient Geometry!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wearevexes/

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