OCTOBER 27th 2015

Review by Metal Mom
Photos by Char Tupper


Well it has been a long time since I have seen these 3 bands, at least it feels that way. So up first tonight are two local bands, which I didn't really watch, so I won't do a review, other than to say, Thou Shall Kill (Death/Thrash/Black Metal) did kick some ass.

Opening the tour is The Kennedy Veil from Sacramento, CA (New Wave of Modern Brutal Death Metal), they put on a good show, kept the fans, a total of 25 on the floor, and maybe 10-15 up in the bars attention. There are a lot of tours on at the moment, and I think this affected this one. Too bad, because they gave it their all. I do prefer to hear a bit more of the clear vocals, but with brutal death, you are not going to get that. That being sad, The Kennedy Veil held the attention and gave the crowd what they were looking for.

Up next, is actually who I came for, and I was a little, well actually very disappointed to only be able to catch one show, normally it's 3 shows. Yes, because Necronomicon (Canadian black/death metal) deliver exactly what I like, and respect what they do. Over the years I have grown more to appreciate the talent behind this band, they may be death and black, but they have created their own style of it, and giving us so much more than just that. Sadly they had some issues while setting up and so the set was cut short, but it was nice to see the floor filled up a bit more for them. They really do weave so much into their music, there is so much to pick out, so much thought in each and every song. This is what I like, something that has a lot of variety, not something that all sounds the same and I can't tell the difference where one song ends and the other begins. You will not have that problem with the music from Necronomicon. And to tell you the truth, it amazes me, because there are only 3 that make up the band, Rob "The Witch" (vocals/guitar), Rick on drums and Mars on bass. This is talent at it's best. Make sure to check them out, because I know that you will be hooked and not look any further than Necronomicon for Black/death metal. Can't wait to catch them next time around.

Last up tonight is the headliners, Vital Remains, pure death metal from Providence, RI. Make no mistake, they are death metal to the bone. A variety of songs were played, a few more people filled the floor, and the headbanging began. The executed their set to perfection. My only problem was that if I looked away to watch the crowd, at times you would almost think it was Cannibal Corpse up there, vocals were very similar, I understand that it is death metal, and the brutal growls will sound alike, but I do like a bit of variety from band to band. I still enjoyed though.

I am still disappointed at the crowd, it should have been filled with this line-up. I know there were other tours coming through, even the next night. But consider that these guys all drive themselves, that they all man their own merch tables. When there are as few as 25-30 people on the floor, they are not making any $$, especially when the venue takes a cut of their merch as well. So please when you are out to see the bands you like, make sure to buy some merch and help them get further down the road. Support the bands.