MARCH 28th 2015

Welcome to Metaltitans Guardians of Metal Entertainment Worldwide, we are here with Chris Gutjahr, guitarist for  "Voices of Destiny" out of Germany.

1. Tell us how you came to name the band "Voices of Destiny" ?

It was in our early days, when we were looking for a new and better fitting name, after Lukas joined. Because then we were heading for a more symphonic sound and a new name was due.
It was Erik (our former drummer) who came up with the name. When he suggested it we all were like “hey, that sounds cool”.
2. Who created the band back in 2004 ?

Jens and I started to play together before that. But we never had that kind of music in mind. Actually we were doing covers of Limp Bizkit and so on. But out of all that “Voices of Destiny” is the result. So Jens and I started the band.
3. Was it an easy process to be a symphonic metal band in Ludwigsburg ?
I think it was or still is not easy. But I guess that has nothing to do with Ludwigsburg but with the genre itself. Of course it is not mainstream so that makes it “harder” to find fans. On the other hand this genre in particular is considered to be so flooded with bands and a lot of critics and listeners don’t even try to differentiate and you are just labelled.
4. What made you choose a symphonic metal style over other genres ?
I guess we never really went straight for a special style or genre. After Erik joined, we were starting to write songs on our own that were influenced by Blind Guardian. Finally Lukas joined and we were heading into a more symphonical direction. But in the end we were not really about “hey let’s do this style”. It just developed from what we liked to listen to ourselves and still is all about what we like and what feels right.
5.  What did you family think of you being in a band like this ?

My parents were always really supportive. They even stood our early beginnings and I think every musician knows that the first steps just sound aweful ;-) Also they always supported me or even the band financially. We are even still rehearsing at my parents house. I think since we started to record our songs more professionally they even liked listening to it in the car.
6.  Did you take courses in school to prepare you for the band life ?
I just had a normal music course, but that didn’t really help me. I just started out with the “trial and error” philosophy. If something helped then it was the experience I gained in our school’s Big Band.
7.  Tell us how each of the members came to be in “Voices of Destiny” …
Ada Flechtner (vocals): Ada is the newest member. She joined in the beginning of 2014 after we parted ways with Maike. We knew Ada before since we were friends and she helped on the choir on Power Dive. We just liked her powerful sort of “rock’n’roll” voice and knew we would get along on a personal level as well.
Lukas Palme (keyboards and shouts): Lukas joined quite early. He went in High School with Jens and we knew he used to play the piano. Since we wanted to have keys in the band, Jens asked him. Actually that’s the reason why Lukas started to play again after all.
Chris Gutjahr (guitars): As I said before, I’m a founding member. So I’m in from the start.
Jens Hartwig (bass): Jens is also a founding member.
Klaus Ackermann (drums): When we were touring Europe with Epica and Xandria, we parted ways with Erik just a couple of months before. So we had Jan helping us out on the drums, which was always supposed to be just for the tour. At some point during a party night in the tour bus I talked to Manu (Kraller) and she said the a really good friend of hers is playing the drums, even studying it. She said he is a cool, funny dude that also really likes Metal. His name was Klaus and she gave me his contact data. Klaus joined as for a try-out rehearsal and the rest is history.
8. You have an 3 albums (From the Ashes-2010 / Power Dive-2012 / and your newest Crisis Cult-2014) out now, do you have a favourite among them, or do they each have something unique to them ?

It’s really hard to pick a favorite from his “babies”. I guess I like Crisis Cult the most since it was a huge step forward concerning the songwriting, the performance of each single member and especially the sound (mix). But of course I like the others as well, since they have awesome songs on them. I still listen to them and can’t wait to play songs off of them live again as well.
9. Tell me, Sua“sbalac”Balaç created the artwork for Crisis Cult, that is such a unique image, human with a wolf head, and a spear with a skull, where did the idea come from, did you supply the idea or the artist ?

Since Crisis Cult was supposed to be a concept album we had the story right from the start. So we also started to think about a fitting (cover) artwork. After some discussion we came to the idea that you can see on the CD now. For us a shaman immediately came to mind, when thinking about a crisis cult. But we just sat together with Sua and told him that idea. It’s insane what he created out of it. A true talent! - So the basic idea came from us, but all the details and the whole idea for the pictures in the booklet came from Sua.
10.  Was it a long process to complete this album, from start to finished product ?
Even though we are not extensively touring (unfortunately) we always like to take our time to create an album. We rather need more time than having to compromise. Also we are studying or already working, so you have to schedule everything around that as well.
After Lukas and I wrote all the songs, or better said the basic construct, we sat together and worked on the songs together as a band (which was new for the album). Although I did a year abroad in Sweden we managed to get together occasionally. Also thanks to the digital music production possibilities we could mail some ideas back and forth and finally started recording the demos for all the songs.

After the pre-production we directly headed for the studio. The pre-production really helped us speed things up in the studio, when recording the final album version.
So you could say all in all it took us more then 1 year. So it depends on your point of view, if you think it was a long process. Concerning the circumstances I think it was quite fast, but compared to other bands it is long. Anyways it was worth every second and we just have a different philosophy, as I already said before.

11.  Did you ever doubt doing this album once you started the process of recording ?

Nope, not for a second.
12.  What can the fans expect to hear from Crisis Cult ?

You can expect awesome songs that still can be listened to independently, although it is a concept album. Furthermore an awesome sound and last but not least our new, powerful voice, Ada.
13.  Do you yourself enjoy any song more than the others on this album ?

This is really hard to answer as well. But I have to say no. Of course there might be a song that fits my mood better than another, but I love every single second on this album.
14.  Who creates the lyrics for your songs, and where does the inspiration come from ?
Lukas writes the lyrics for all songs, except for two songs on “Power Dive“, where I’ve written the lyrics for 2 songs.

I think the inspiration for Lukas comes from own experiences as well as certain things you can observe in our society and so on.

Since “Crisis Cult” is a concept album, Lukas wrote the lyrics (story) first. After that Lukas and I wrote the music, fitting the mood of the lyrics. This time I would say the lyrics aren’t that personal as on the other albums, but of course there is still a lot of experiences in them.
15.  Your album was produced, mixed and mastered by Andy Horn at Red Room, tell us why you chose Andy for this album?
We were introduced to Andy right in the beginning when working on “From the Ashes”. So we recorded our debut album with him and worked with him ever since. He is just a fantastic, funny guy with a lot of experience. Also he brings some fresh ideas since he doesn’t have that total metal background. Plus we really like to record the guitars, bass and keys in our own studio since we are more independent and flexible concerning the time and  Andy really supports us with that. Last but not least he is really supportive, even after the recordings ended. I would say it has become more a friendship than a business relationship.
16.  For you, what’s the best part about being in Voices of Destiny ?

I would say first of all the guys (and girl of course) are like a family to me. We experienced a lot together and still can have a lot of (sometimes childishly stupid) fun.
Secondly Voices of Destiny offers me to express myself in a musical way and to be creative. For me it’s really important to have that and not just studying, work or going to the cinema for example.
17.  After the release, do you have plans for a tour to support your album ?

Of course we would love to tour again. But for us it is still hard to find suitable gigs or even a booking agency that will help us to book tours. So we try to get on a tour as a support again.
18.  When do you find you are the most creative when working with the band ?
That totally depends on my mood. Sometimes I’m the most creative, when just sitting in my room with my guitar. But sometimes it is a real creativity boost to practice with the others or discuss parts with them, like we did a lot for “Crisis Cult”.
19.  If you could not be in a band, what would be your choice of work ?
Unfortunately the band is (still) more a hobby since we can’t live off of that. So right now I’m studying to become a lawyer with a focus for media and copyright law.
20. Is there anything that you would like to add to this interview that I may have missed asking you, that you want fans to know ?

I think you covered all of it. At least what I can think about right now myself.
So maybe just: Thanks to everyone who supports us and I really hope you like “Crisis Cult” as much as I do. But I’m sure it will blow your mind!
Thank you (Danke) very much for taking the time to do this interview with us. We wish you much success with Crisis Cult.
Thank you so much for the interview.