DECEMBER 13th 2015

Review by: YouFO

Band Members:
Jon Redditt – guitar, vocals
Kirby J Fisher – drums, vocals
Brock Allen – bass, vocals

noise rock, doom pop, alternative, new wave, grunge

Toronto/GoldCoast, Australia/Deadmonton/Calgary

Track Listing:
01. Master Blaster
02. Spell
03. No Generation
04. Spin Forever
05. Belly Ache
06. In Light of
07. Swamp Kunt
08. Throw Them in the Fire
09. God is Dead
10. Shrinking Violet

Death Sweats was recorded at the Noise Floor Recording Studio with producer Jordan Koop. Mastering was handled by Bob Weston.

War Baby comes from Vancouver, forming back in 2008, and this "Death Sweats" is their second release. With their first album they were selected for many end of the year lists. Also becoming 30th anniversary winners of Vancouver's Shindig contest. The year also saw them head to China. They have shared the stage with many artists, including Big Business, The Blind Snake, and Eagles of Death Metal.

I may not be the best person to review this, as it has some sludge and doom, not a big fan. But you can hear some rock in it, so that caught my attention. I have never heard of this band before, and I am from Vancouver. Never seen them play a local show either. I much rather catch them play a live set then review a CD, which can be so over mixed and produced that any band can sound great. But a few of the songs I took notice of, others not so much, but truthfully it really is a matter of what you are a fan of. I can tell you this though, that for 'their' sound, what they wanted to put out, it is great, and I am pretty sure that if you like this style, you would be a huge fan, they captured exactly what their genre says. Take a listen, I did, and you just might find you have found another band to your liking. 

No Generation: