NOVEMBER 6th 2014
Review By: Metal Mom
Photos By: Char Tupper

First, I am really surprised this was not a sold out show….Arch Enemy, Kreator, these are killer bands, and Huntress, well they have made a name for themselves, and work hard. So…..why didn’t it. Is it because there are just too many shows around the same time, people can’t afford it. Well I was lucky enough to catch this show, and what a show it was. Too bad for those that missed out. I enjoyed for you.

First up tonight is HUNTRESS, for only being around for a short time, they have gathered within their layer a huge fan base. I am one of them, this band can put on an exemplary show, energy flows and you are hooked. From the very first time I saw them, there was no mistaking the talent in this band, and I have to say Jill catches everyone’s attention, she has her witchy ways. They played a multitude of songs, old and new, to everyone’s enthusiastic cheers and horns.  Being up front is the best place to catch this band, a few times the guitarists stepped off the stage onto the rail and played, (one foot on stage and one on rail), amazing to watch, especially when it happens right in front of you. This band puts all their heart and soul into their performance, and their talent shows. I never miss Huntress when they come to town, absolutely outstanding ability, and personally live is the absolute best way to catch Huntress. What I also like best about this band, they are all about the fans. Each performance you can find them at the merch, greeting, taking photos for every fan that shows. Making for an even better show memory for us fans.

Next, from previous experience, I moved off the front rail, otherwise you would have found me flat on my face and flattened. That’s what happens when Kreator takes to the stage. This band can raise some hell for sure. I stood to the side and snuck in a few times to the barrier and watched. Now I will say, I am really not a thrash fan at all, but Kreator is the exception, they have the skill and knowledge to put it together and it’s the sound that kicks you in the ass, makes you sit up and take notice. Let me tell you the fans on that floor did, moshing happened, horns high, and look around the room, people were singing along. Definitely a good time was had by all, they also played some favourites, old and new, how do you beat that. A legendary thrash band in town that never fails to have your attention, to give you what you expect and more. Great visual as well, smoke that went up to the ceiling in spectacular fashion, and great lighting. Everything was there for you to enjoy, band members also moved around the stage, so if you couldn’t move on the floor, they came to you. Excellent performance by all members. Have to say, Kreator is the only thrash band for me.

Next, well this was what I was waiting for, ARCH ENEMY, especially since Alissa took over the vocals, and I had heard so many things, good and bad, but I wanted to hear her live to make a real decision. Sometimes an album just can’t capture the true essence of the singer. Most of the attention of course comes from the guys, well after all she is stunning to look at. But you can’t always judge by looks right. Well, you can hear, she kicked some major ass tonight, very impressed with her vocals, she has a fantastic range, and carries it all very well. Don’t forget the endless energy she has up on stage. Arch Enemy had my attention, I managed to get back up front for a couple of songs, but boy the crowd went crazy for them. I wish there had been more people to witness this astonishing act, but the ones that did, left with quit an impression. They played a variety of songs, from old to new, and they executed all their songs to perfection. Michael played some amazing guitar riffs, absolutely killer. So much talent all in one band, each and every member came to the stage prepared and they nailed it. Really, I am speechless, how do you describe such a performance. I was happy to see that Alissa did a flawless set, great choice for Arch Enemy. Incredible. 150% by each of the members, giving us the audience a show to remember for a long time. I really hope they don’t wait 3 years to come back.

Here are the remaining dates:
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Nov. 11 – House of Blues – West Hollywood, CA
Nov. 12 – House of Blues – Anaheim, CA
Nov. 14 – The Marquee – Tempe, AZ
Nov. 15 – Sunshine Theater – Albuquerque, NM *
Nov. 16 – Ogden Theatre – Denver, CO
Nov. 18 – Mill City Nights – Minneapolis, MN *
Nov. 19 – Mojoes – Joliet, IL
Nov. 20 – The Intersection – Grand Rapids, MI
Nov. 21 – Majestic Theatre – Detroit, MI
Nov. 22 – Bogarts – Cincinnati, OH
Nov. 23 – House of Blues – Cleveland, OH