JUNE 13th, 2014

Welcome to Metaltitans, Guardians of Metal entertainment worldwide. We are here talking with Erik, vocalist for Watain. Thank you for taking the time to do this interview with us.

1. You were young when you started Watain, did you ever expect it to take you where you are today?

When you are 16 years old you don't really have plans for where you are going to be in life in 15 years. I honestly think most of us thought we would not even live this long. But we knew that what we got into was something very serious, that is for sure.

2. Can you look back at your career and say, this is the turning point, a time that propelled you over the top?

Not really. What you have to understand is that we view Watain from within, not from the outside. Being on magazine covers or headlining a festival might hold significance to people who deem such things "successful". But the spirit of Watain is fuelled by things of more profound nature, things that are not necessarily perceived by outsiders. But all that aside, Watain has always been a fire with a lust to spread, consider us eager arsonists with the entire world as our target. Each time the fire spreads, we are doing something right.

3. You mentioned once that Black Metal doesn’t have anything to do with the world as we know it, can you explain what you meant by that?

I mean that Black Metal should be void of earthly influence, its fruits must come from plants with roots beyond the physical world.

4. A question I just have to ask you, is it hard for you to cross between the USA and Canada when you have such a strong smell to your equipment trailer?

It can get potent from the blood and such. Considering what amount of putrid human scum that must pass over that border daily I would expect the custom people to be immune to smell by now. So don't you worry.

5. Watching you on stage it’s really a ritual, kind of spiritual stage presence-- how did you come to realize this is what was needed for Watain?

We always strived for the concerts to be a seamless coalescence of our music and our physical manifestation, meaning that everything on stage should constitute an overpowering organic union of rampant Chaos. It is really not that complicated you know. If you play white gospel music for example, you might employ bright shiny colours, urine-warm scents of sweat and wool, heaving masses of moist flesh joyfully lashed by instruments of flagellation etc, to reach the intended result of the music. While if you play the kind of music we do, with the intent that we have, you might choose other things.

6. The last show in Vancouver last year, Alvaro Lillo had visa issues and couldn’t enter Canada-- meaning you took over guitar. Does that change your performance at all, your mind set?

Yes a little bit, but certainly not in a negative way.

7. You have a show on Jun 15 at the Brooklyn Bazaar, how did this show come about?

Some people got in touch about a month before this was actually going to happen, and said they could fly us in for this one show at a venue that allowed pyro and other things that the average conservative American whore promoter would not dare to allow. So we took the chance and went for it. We have been wanting to do a more elaborate show in the States for a long time, but have been prevented by your country’s moral and ethical codes. Codes that we with this show hope to utterly humiliate, rape and shatter.

8. It must be expensive for the band to travel from Sweden to the USA for just one show, I am sure many are wondering why you didn’t continue a North America tour if you were already here?

We are doing a festival tour in Europe over the summer and did not have any plans whatsoever to come back to the States this year, much because of said rules and regulations in regards to fire, etc onstage. So this is just a one off show. It is always expensive for us to do anything, this show is no exception. We just rely on people actually showing up. If they don't, it would not be the first time we lost money on a show. But such things become insignificant when placed in relation to the sacred nature of our work.

9. There is a lot said about Watain, good and bad-- tell us what is one of the craziest things that you might have heard about the band.


10. Is there ever a time where you thought just for a moment that you might have wanted to do something else?


11. Tell us what is next for Watain?

Summer festival tour, 11 headlining dates on festivals including the mentioned Brooklyn show.

12. Is there anything that you would like to say, that I might have missed asking, or you think people should know?

Yes, quite some things indeed, but this will do for now. Oh yea, one thing, buy your merchandise from our own webshop http://www.wolfwear.net/ and don't forget that every person at least one time in their useless life should set fire to something as big as a house.

Thank you ( Tack ) Erik, for taking to the time to talk with us here at Metaltitans.