JANUARY 9th 2015

Welcome to Metaltitans, Guardians of Metal Entertainment Worldwide, we are here with Erik Danielsson, vocalist of Watain. Thank you for taking the time to do this interview with us.

1. In January, you are about to take a narrow path of damnation to North America for “Black Metal Warfare”-- 18 nights of relentless Black Metal Warfare. Why only 18 dates?

I believe it's 22 dates. But anyway, this is always up to the agent that books the tour. I would definitely have gone for another month - especially with such a line up!- but for one reason or another this is what we ended up with and we intend to make the most out of it as always. I also find it intensifying and empowering to compress energy into a limited amount of time/space.

2. You also have Mayhem and Revenge on this tour-- did you pick the bands yourself?

We had been talking for a long time with both bands about doing something together and this turned out to be a suitable time for everyone. It makes sense on many different levels, having these three bands on the same bill. People throw around the word "extreme" a lot but this line up is what I would call a proper definition of the word.

3. For you Erik, what is the best part of being on tour? It’s a lot of work, so what do you get from it?

I am a quite nomadic person, so in that regard it suits me very well. I have also always valued the pilgrim-like aspect of being in a band like Watain, our tours are similar to being on a holy journey where your focus lies on the there and now, it becomes a secluded world on its own where only very important things matter. Of course there are parts I dislike about it as well, but why sob and whine about it. I tour out of my own will.

4. Is there a difference between Canadian and USA shows (the crowds, etc.)?

I guess, but metal audience are in general quite alike wherever you go in the western world. You'd have to go to places like South America or Japan in order to experience a true difference. One thing with the US audience is that they are often keen on becoming a part of the experience beyond just attending the show; they often come with gifts, bring home made flags and banners to the shows etc. That is something I appreciate a lot, when peoples level of involvement transcend the usual. They make it into something bigger than just going to a rock show, a bit like it was in the 1980s.

5. In our last interview you mentioned, "Don't forget that every person at least one time in their useless life should set fire to something as big as a house." Have you yourself ever burnt anything?

Of course, and it is a great feeling doing so! And this could also be interpreted symbolically, as in using whatever is in your hands to distort and wreak havoc upon the status quo. Fire is a tool usually within an arms-length reach for most men.

6. Why do you think it's something people should do? What does it give to that person?

It makes you into an adversary instead of a follower, an activist instead of a pacifist, a wolf instead of a sheep. To me these are all good and sound qualities that strengthens the inner fire and the power that it holds. A power available for those that have got what it takes to nourish from it instead of getting severely burnt.

7. What in your life is the worst thing you have ever done? That you can tell us about ;)

Worked on a normal day job, paid taxes, taken the safe path instead of the challenging one. Fortunately these things constitute a very small part of my past.

8. I am going to ask a question, that many have asked me, because I’ve seen you guys every time that you’ve come to town (in fact we covered 7 of your shows on the Decibel Magazine Tour in 2012)…Some are curious as to whether there are any drugs involved when you first come on stage? You don't have to answer, or you can say mind your own business.

You don't have to tell me whether or not I "have to" answer, thank you. But no, drugs are definitely not something we do before we go on stage. For a variety of reasons, mostly inherent to the fact that we need to be clear and focused on stage, in order to let go and let the energy of our songs overtake us.

9. Have you ever attended church? If so, what did you think of it?

Yes I have. I wasn't particularly impressed. Luke warm, tender hearted, mild and inconsequent. I have much more respect for those that have a harsher way of working with the divine. These days there is not much of that to be found within christendom. It is a dying corpse, veiled in cob-web and wasted semen.

10. Have you ever had protestors at your shows?  Do you go out and try to converse with them at all?

Unfortunately most of our "enemies" are weakened pacifists who do not dare to confront anything face to face. And who can blame them? It's pretty stupid for a sheep to run into the wolves den and voice your opinions. Watain is an apex predator in this regard, and they seem to be quite aware of that. But the few times it did happen we did confront them, yes. It was all over and done with quite fast, to put it mildly.

Thank you Erik for taking the time to answer our question, and we wish you much success with your tours. 

Thank you. See you on the road amidst Metal and Hell!