DECEMBER 20th 2016

MetalTitans recent caught up with guitarist Miles Davenport whose band, We the Wild, based out of Portland, Oregon. They issued their latest effort ‘From the Cities We Fled’ in the summer of 2016. As we close the year we introduce you to one of the best bands that you’ve probably never heard of


MetalTitans: First off what is the inspiration behind the band name?

Miles Davenport: The name ‘We the Wild’ encapsulates and embodies the heart of what this band represents. Completely letting go and tapping into the unexplored. Getting to that state where all that exists around you is energy. We feed off that energy and amplify it. Whether in the studio or on stage we live up to our name.

MetalTitans: It would it be inaccurate to refer to We the Wild as a ‘melodic-core’ act, no?  There are more influences there clearly; but for the sake of simplifying the band’s sound for the readers…

Miles Davenport: That wouldn’t be inaccurate at all. There are so many genres and subgenres and all five of us draw from such a vast number of different influences; from jazz to punk to hardcore and metal. I think we’ve always prided ourselves on people not being able to make us fit into a ‘cookie cutter’ genre. It lets us know we’re doing something new and creative; but “melodic hardcore” definitely seem the most accurate.

MetalTitans: The new album is ‘From the Cities We Fled’ what was the length of time that you took to write and record that? Was it recorded in a [traditional] studio?

Miles Davenport: ‘From the Cities We Fled’ is a collection of music both old and new. There’s a few songs on the album that were written years ago; others written when [guitarist] Elliott [Sikes] and [vocalist] Ben [Cline] joined the band in 2014. A couple was even created while we were in the studio. We recorded with Stephan Hawkes and Michael Sahm at Interlace Audio here in Portland. What was originally supposed to be a four day EP turned into a 7 day behemoth of a full-length with half of us getting food poisoning and Elliott being hospitalized from exhaustion. But that beast of a man was in the booth the next day slaying solos. It was a hell of a ride.

MetalTitans: What’s the meaning behind the title of the record?

Miles Davenport: The underlying message is that Portland for decades was a mecca for alternative rock, punk and hardcore bands. While perhaps, the decline started slowly in the mid to late 2000’s, in recent years we’ve seen virtually every legendary venue that we called home close down, turned into eyesores of apartment high-rises or rebranded as nightclubs and too hip to hipster joints for an ever growing number slick folk-revivalists and Mumford and Sons clones.

MetalTitans: How is the ‘core’ scene in Portland through the eyes of a band that is playing the clubs? There are many trends [in Portland] currently; it seems like you can throw a brick on Burnside or Hawthorne and hit a ‘hesher’ that’s in a New Wave of British Heavy Metal revival act.

Miles Davenport: Despite our venues being closed down and virtually no local media coverage on some really just phenomenal bands and musicians in the ‘core’ scene here, there is a thriving community. I think this strain has put tension in the air amongst some bands but more or less there’s nothing but the utmost support and love for each other. It’s kinda like when two brothers are exchanging words and then someone random tries to interject and then we all gang up of them! [laughs]

MetalTitans: What have been some of the struggles for you in launching an all original act? I suppose it would be all too easy to play in a cover act or tribute band as there are many in Portland.

Miles Davenport: I think we’re all always amazed at how many so called “musicians” can just play half-assed Sublime covers five nights a week for 40 year old moms and pull in thousands a month. That’s not why we play music. Yes, of course we’d love to be getting paid to do what we love but our souls aren’t that cheap. Original acts are always tough because people are scared of what they’re unfamiliar ; but that’s why our scene is so amazing. We all go to each other’s shows and when there’s a ton of new faces in the room it helps to see a crowd of people that are already into it.

MetalTitans: What’s been one of the highlights of your career so far and why?

Miles Davenport: We’ve been so fortunate to be able to open for some really incredible and well-known bands. From Chon to Scale the Summit, Hail the Sun and the whole Blue Swan community. I think being able to share the stage with The Fall of Troy not once but twice in the last year was monumental. They’ve definitely been one of our biggest influences since they really changed the game over a decade ago and we were nothing but ecstatic to meet those guys and rock out with them.

MetalTitans: What’s been one of the most challenging musical experiences that you’ve had?

Miles Davenport: Well besides the 7 days of insanity in the studio, we had been all lined up to tour with our dear friends on Tragic Hero Records, Wearing Thin. For months we’d been lining up shows, talking to booking agents and venues and local bands. But about a week before we were supposed to hit the road, our main vehicle took a dive and after the expenses to get it fixed, financially a tour was just impossible. The positive is that in the process of reaching out and booking all these shows we got to meet and connect with some brilliant bands and wonderful people. It totally sucked to let all them down but everyone was so cool and understanding. It was definitely one of those ‘faith in humanity restored’ moments.

MetalTitans: What’s the last record you bought? What did you think of it? Are you a fan of physical product?

Miles Davenport: I know we’re all going bananas over the new Every Time I Die album. It’s just so heavy and brutal. They’re definitely one of those bands that stay true to their core. They just have so much attitude and it’s awesome. Physical product is great! If we could have every one of our albums on vinyl we would. But it seems to be getting exceedingly overpriced and more and more expensive to produce so it’s kinda a double-edged sword.

MetalTitans: Metal Titans: Who’s your favorite all-time Portland musical hero and why?

Miles Davenport: Well we’ve got to give a shout out to Ty from Broadway Calls. From his days in Countdown to Life he’s been putting on sick shows. His stage presence is just too good. He just rocks out so fucking hard. He’s also written some of the most heartfelt songs of all time in Broadway Calls. Now he’s back to his heavy roots in a new hardcore band called Dead Tropics who we’ve gotten to play some shows with and they are a force to be reckoned with for sure.

MetalTitans: With the current political climate heating during the course of past two years through the recent election; what’s your take on musicians sharing their political thoughts, either on stage or via social media? 

Miles Davenport: The most important thing for bands to remember is; to unify the crowd and bring everyone together in a positive way. It’s ok to be angry. It’s ok to express your opinion. But creating a safe and inviting environment for our fans to be a part of is at the top of our priority list.

We the Wild: