JUNE 3rd 2016

Welcome to Metaltitans, Guardians of Metal Entertainment Worldwide, we are here with FALCO, vocalist for Wicked Maraya. Thank you for taking the time to do this interview.

1.  For those that are not familiar with Wicked Maraya, tell us how you came to name the band with this name ?

Hello Metaltitans!!! My pleasure to be here and THANK YOU for the interview!  
From 1983 - 1988 we used to be called Mystic, but we were told by our original record label that we needed a better name before the recording of Lifetime In Hell. So after throwing out about a thousand suggestions, Wicked Maraya just stuck and we all agreed!

2. Tell us how each of the members came to be in the band ?

We basically are either related or have grown up together since we were kids... John and Michael started the original band back in 1983 and the singer they had got stagefright before a basement gig for friends, so I jumped up and took the mic... I was always a *ham* so it kind of just fit... I couldn’t sing to save my life, but I grabbed an owl shaped ice bucket and pretended to bite the head off of it during Paranoid, so that worked! Evantually Nack and Dan joined and by 1988 we had solidified the lineup as everyone knows it today!

3. You have a new album about to be released in May through Massacre Records, “Lifetime in Hell”, this album is a new/old and the 4th album, what made you decide to do the new/old way of things ?

A few years ago I posted the song Sounds Of  Evil on one of our social media pages.  It created a buzz that Wicked Maraya had recorded a new song, which, obviously, wasn’t the case.  But once word got out that there was a never released, full length Jim Morris produced album, we started getting plenty of interest from press and labels... we decided that if we were going to release it, we wanted to have NEW material, so we got together and recorded Fall From Grace and Suicidal Dawn (which we also shot a video for) ... MASSACRE Records came forward and really shared our vision so we signed and now the music is out there!!!

4. How did you come up with the name for the album ?

Ok, you are making me go back 25 years for this memory ha ha... I honestly don’t think it was anything deeper than we thought it was a cool sounding title and could give fans a good visual in their own head as to what they considered Hell...

5. You have 2 new songs on this album, (Suicidal Dawn/Fall From Grace) what can we expect from those ?

We are VERY proud of these!!! Fall From Grace is just a heavy freight train with a very melodic chorus and break... we wanted to take the heaviness from Lifetime In Hell and bring it current... and Suicidal Dawn is, to me, the DEFINITIVE Wicked Maraya sound that continues with the vibe we set with 1994’s Cycles - a heavy groove, moody vocals and a cool hooky chorus... plus a cool vocal harmony and a bit of harmony guitar to top it off...

6. The new songs were recorded/produced by John Iadevaio at Soundmine Recording in 2014, why did John do the recording, has he done this on previous albums ?

John has his own studio in NY (Front Row Recording) and has produced many metal bands such as Eternity Fallen.  A lot was learned working with Jim Morris over the years, and since we were doing this project on our own without a record label, we did everything in-house.  John has a great ear for arrangement, melody, etc.  We felt there was no one better to produce Wicked Maraya than someone in the band; and he also wrote the song so he knew what he wanted it to sound like.

7. Daniel Malsch mixed and mastered, does it help to have band members do this work because they know exactly what kind of sound they want ?

Yes exactly.  Just as referenced in the previous question, we take great pride in how we sound and are presented.  Since we did the project at Dan’s Soundmine Recording, we had the advantage of taking the time and having everything sound the way we want.

8. Who wrote the lyrics for the songs, and where did the inspiration come from ?

The majority of the lyrics are written by me.  Inspiration comes from many  places, and I always have lyrical topics in my head.  However, I rarely write down lyrics in a book like poetry as many do.  Once I get the songs and soak them up and feel what vibe they are giving off, that is when I start to write down my lyrics, ideas, etc. I like to feel where the song is taking me...

9. Do you yourself have a favourite on this album ? If so why that song ?

Great, and VERY hard question!  I think Suicidal Dawn is my overall favorite.  It’s new, yet classic sounding and blasts us right into 2016.  However, I love the Godzilla-like heaviness, angst and groove of Lifetime In Hell, the unrelenting speed and mosh pit break of Blackout, and the cool vibe of The Calling.  I think every time I play the CD, there is a new favorite!

1. Sounds Of Evil
2. Lifetime In Hell
3. Tomorrow’s Child
4. Crash & Burn (Idiot’s Delight)
5. Seizure
6. Johnny
7. The Calling
8. River Runs Black
9. Blackout
10. Fall From Grace
11. Suicidal Dawn

10. On the song “Seizure” the backing vocals were done by Luc Lemay of Gorguts, why did you decide to have Luc do the backing vocals ?

Coming out of the late 80’s, we had a big thrash influence, and liked to write heavy.  Seizure had the speed and also the heavy chorus that we decided I was going to get even more aggressive on in the studio.  Having never really listened to bands like Cannibal Corpse and Gorguts, we were introduced to both bands as they were also recording at Morrisound at the time we were in studio.  I was seriously blown away by the style, and also how wild the deep gutteral vocals were.  After I did my track, we felt it could be deeper and heavier, so we asked Luc to come in and add his vocals... and he killed it!!! Our only venture into death metal, but it was VERY cool!!!

11. The album artwork was created by Georgi from Moon Ring Design, did you give him an idea to work with, or did he come up with his own design ?

Georgi showed us a few designs after we described what we were going for and we totally dug the artwork he presented!!!  

12. 18 years is a long break, what did you do for those years ?

Music never left our blood.  I have continued to sing in cover bands very regularly, John and Dan have their recording studios and Nack and Michael have their own businesses.  The guys have played on and off over the years, but now we all have to get our Wicked Maraya chops ready to go!!! We have always kept in touch and have always talked about getting together again... and now we are!!!

13. It must feel great to be back at it again ?

You have NO IDEA!!! 15 seconds in the studio together and it felt like we never stopped!  Re-discovering the older material and then coming up with NEW songs has us pumped and totally re-energized!  There is nothing more gratifying as a band than releasing new music and getting the amazing response like we have!!!  We are getting hungry for more!!!

14. Once the album is released to you plan on touring for support ?

We are READY TO TOUR!  Currently we are still shopping for a Booking Agent, so that has us on hold for the current time, but once we get that rolling, we hope to be out and do some festivals, metal cruises and definitely a few runs in US & Europe!!!

15. Do you have one in the works ? If you any hints as to where ?

We will let everyone know as soon as we get a Tour set!!!

16. Will you be creating a whole new album after this ?

That is the plan!  We are going to enjoy this current ride and then we will start planning for a new full length CD!!! John, Dan and me were just texting earlier and riffs/ideas are starting to come!!!

17. Is there anything that you would like to add to this interview that you want people to know ?

We just want to say THANK YOU to you - Metaltitans, ALL our fans, the press. radio and everyone out there on the internet for once again embracing Wicked Maraya and totally digging on the NEW CD Lifetime In Hell as well as our video for Suicidal Dawn!  We have been gone for a bit, and we are glad you are liking it and we look forward to much more in the coming year!!!

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Thank you so much for taking the time to do this interview, and we wish you much success with “Lifetime in Hell”.

Wicked Maraya