JUNE 7th 2016

Welcome to Metaltitans, Guardians of Metal Entertainment Worldwide, we are here with The Ginger Tornado (DJ Temple) from Without Mercy, a metal band out of Abbotsford.
1. To start, tell us how you came up with the name Without Mercy ?

I wish there was a cooler answer to this... But after a few hours with a thesaurus, that's what I came up with. Wouldn't ya know? It wasn't taken!
2. I remember you guys playing long long time ago in Abbotsford, in a tiny venue, did you ever think you would still be at it today ?

Playing live as a band? Absolutely! I'm in love with this profession and all the aspects that come with it. It's been very good to me and afforded me so many life experiences that I never would have had otherwise.  This October is going to be our 10th year as a band. Wouldn't have it any other way.
3. Tell us how each of the members came to be in the band ?

I started the band back in 2004 but it wasn't until Matt (drums) joined that we had a clear path in mind. Then I Found each member individually and reworked the lineup until we had a cohesive unit.
4. What made you start up the band, where did the inspiration come from ?

I had played instruments all my life and had done tours with high school band class. The idea of starting your own band just really rung out in my head. I found some like minded people and we have it a shot. Abbotsford has a small enough music community that we were able to help each other out a lot in the beginning. A lot of great opera unities were presented to us from that local community and we grew from there. Dreams totally come true!
5. When you first started out, did you have support from your family ?

Kind of a weird one for me. My family was not into the idea, at all. Even to this day they are reluctant to accept my shift to a full time musician. Ironically enough, my in laws and my wife are the most supportive people in my life.
6. Did you take any kind of music classes in school, or after to help you?

I took band classes all through high school and then guitar lessons after that. To this day I still take guitar lessons and I've recently been studied voice. It's let of what I feel helps me to stay humble and grounded. Here's a wealth of knowledge out there that I'm stoked to tap into.
7. What inspiration did you have to name the album "Mouichido" ?

When we went through some difficult times with previous members, their departures came at difficult times and with difficult challenges. We were left broke and pretty fed up with our status as a band and recording artists. I have a long history with Japanese culture given my martial arts background. I retreated back to the mindset that took me through my years of training. I found peace and a clear path to the answer. Given that the new ep is a re release, I chose the Japanese word for "repeat" or "to do one more time".

8. How did you decide on the album cover, and who created the artwork ?

My company, Temple Entertainment handled all of the artwork and the cd layout.  The cover was the perfect representation of the meaning and purpose behind the album and allowed me to pay homage to my past.
9. Do you personally have a favourite song of the 4 on there ?

I'm a huge fan of Burn. It's my favorite guitar part on the record and is definitely the most fun to play.
10. I know this is an EP, but why not put those songs, and add to them and make a full album ?

We like to write songs for an album and tell a story or a general theme. These songs were released on a previous ep but the were re done with our current vocalist. It was a way for us to tell a new story that became evident once he laid down his vocals to it.
11. What has been the best part about being in Without Mercy ?

The realization of a dream that I can share with my friends. I've met so many amazing people in this journey that I never would have met without this band. Because of that, I've made some of the most amazing friendships that will last a lifetime. Even now, I'm answering these questions from the passenger seat of our van on the way out to our first show of a 5 week cross Canada tour. Life is pretty awesome right now.
12. The worst part ?

The tours bring us away from our families for extended periods of time. It's always tough to be away from your loved ones. But we push onward and keep living the dream!
13. You have a day job ? What is it, and does it have anything to do with the music industry ?
My wife helped me to make the difficult decision and leap of faith to leave my day job. I now own my own music lesson school where I teach guitar and a multitude of other instruments. Without Mercy is my main focus, and my students love to hear about their teacher that tours.

14. What do you hope fans will get from this EP ?

It's my honest hope that the message and the story comes across. That the themes of the record become transparent enough that they will draw similarities to their own struggles.  Realize that it's these struggles that can force us to come out the other side more stronger and more wiser.
15. Do you find that being in the band, it takes up most of your time (in a good way) ?

Absolutely. I think that anything you're passionate about will take up the majority of your time. It's like that old phrase, " whatever your doing to procrastinate is what you should probably be doing with your life."  
16. Do you ever regret the band life ?

In the early days I might have said that but not now. Regret is a powerful word hat I would draw from by telling you the stories of. It being able to provide my wife with things like a house or a vacation but now it's turned to being grateful. I'm truly grateful for all of the experiences and lessons I've received from the band life.  Now that my mindset is there, those things I haven't been able to get for her are very clear and very possible. It just requires a different party to get there.
17. Will you do a tour to help promote the EP ?

Of course! June - July! Across Canada.
18. What might surprise people about the music you listen to, compared to the music you produce with Without Mercy ?

I'm a huge fan of classical music. Beethoven is my favorite composer and I really enjoy Itzak Perlman's playing. My musical tastes are quite eclectic and we'd have to spend a while to cover everything that I'm into haha.
19. In your opinion, who do you find is the most talented guitarist today ?

I'd throw any of my students names up here if they wouldn't get embarrassed haha. The truth is, they've blown through some seriously difficult stuff very quickly and that's not only caused them to beat the learning curve, but it's earned my eternal respect.
20. If you could play on stage with another guitarist, who would it be ?

I'd love to share the stage with my friend and mentor Chris Broderick.  I'm sure it's going to happen sooner than later, because i keep challenging him to an arm wrestling match.

Another great friend of mine is Max Dible. The guy is a monster player and such a cool guy.
Is there anything you would like to add to this interview that I might have missed asking ?

Believe in your dreams.  Work hard and be nice to people and amazing things will happen.  Just remember to be the change you want to see in the world.